Runyan on way to San Diego

Jon Runyan’s congressional career may have to be put on hold for a little while.

The former Eagle is headed to visit the Chargers Tuesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  The Chargers need help at tackle with Jeromy Clary sidelined indefinitely, and could finalize a contract with Runyan shortly if all goes well.

Runyan has been readying himself to play football again after undergoing microfracture surgery last year, but hasn’t yet found a suitor willing to offer him a contract.

17 responses to “Runyan on way to San Diego

  1. Wondered when the call would come, been long overdue from any team, not SD in particular. Dude’s tough and would be a good OL addition.

  2. As a long time Eagles fan, I just want to say to the Chargers fans: This guy is a warrior, he plays hard, he plays hurt, you now have a leader that will help your OL big time down the stretch. Give him the same respect as we have for the last 9 years. I wanted him back in Philly, but I’m happy he found a team.

  3. Smart call by the Chargers. Especially with the running game showing signs of life. Especially smart to bring him in this late in the season in case he wouldn’t be able to hold up for a whole season. This way, he can contribute into the play-offs instead of having his ability falter toward the end of the regular season.

  4. Dear Chargers fans:
    If your team signs Jon Runyan, be very happy.
    I can tell you that I always loved Runyan and thought I appreciate his 10 years of starting every game but this year I realized I did not appreciate him enough. A warrior and a leader in all respects.

  5. Psyched if this signing happens & Jon is healthy. We really need the attitude & nasty that he brings to get our OL going. Can teach our RG Vasquez a lot. Could be huge for getting us over the hump.
    Pass that physical & welcome to San Diego, Jon!

  6. I hope Runyon does well. One thing is certain. The Chargers won’t be getting short changed on effort and dedication. The guy played with a broken back fer chrisake.

  7. the guy is a throwback, he plays with attitude and he plays hurt, i can’t believe someone didn’t take a chance on him sooner [49ERS???] he’ll make those other guys better just by the example he sets, GREAT MOVE, Chargers

  8. Wow…great pickup SD…OL help has been a weak point. Now all we need is Hardwick healthy and we’re back in the running game business again

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