Steelers sign Rocky Boiman, Corey Ivy

Amid reports that the Steelers will be signing quarterback Tyler Palko to the practice squad, they haven’t.  Yet.

But they have added two players to the active roster, dumped two, and swapped out a player on the practice squad for a new one.

Specifically, veteran linebacker Rocky Boiman and veteran cornerback Corey Ivy have joined the team.  To create spots for them, linebacker Donovan Woods and cornerback Keiwan Ratliff were cut.

The Steelers also released running back Justin Vincent from the practice squad, replacing him with guard Jonathan Palmer.

20 responses to “Steelers sign Rocky Boiman, Corey Ivy

  1. I’m a bit surprised these two were available. They’re both decent players…now can any one of them take snaps while drama queen is sidelined?

  2. Surely there’s a new head floating around the waiver wire they can pickup for Meathea….Roethlisbagger.

  3. I’ve always liked Corey Ivy, he’s a good tackeler for
    someone with his speed. Almost certainly to help on special teams. I liked Ratliff, he’s made some big plays for me in Madden so sorry to see him go. I doubt this has any merit but it is interesting that they bring in Ivy right before they play the Ravens.

  4. @ this class sucks
    You must not be very familiar with the work of Corey Ivy because it is an absolute anomaly to every Ravens fan why he is is still playing in the NFL. He makes Frank Walker look serviceable. What speed are you referring to??? He gets burned by TE’s play after play.
    Ivy gives all of us hope that we may be able to play in the NFL someday.

  5. The Steelers can take Ivy all they want. Honestly he is the only past Raven who may be worse than Chris Carr. Ivey made 2 great open field tackles last year and that was it, the rest of the time he was getting beat all over the field. He is terrible

  6. I can’t believe they haven’t signed Garcia yet or that they are allowing Big Ben to play with a concussion. A good hit in the head Sunday and his career could be over.

  7. Florio, the Steelers are going to sign Tyler Palko, but there is a 48 hour waiver with the CFL…so that answers your “yet.”
    We’re only going to have 2 QBs since Palko is going to the practice squad.
    Jungle Juice, your comment is correct–and it makes me nervous for Sunday. Then again, the Ravens did knock out Maddox and Big Ben started his career because of that, so you never know…..
    Still, I don’t want any players getting hurt.

  8. Since when did the Steelers start picking up garbage that the Browns got from the Ravens? Just asking.

  9. Steelers special teams is getting some special attention. Two good additions. Who knows maybe we can get a ring for Corey Ivy?
    It’s good to be hated.

  10. HAHA God my steelers are terribly desperate!! Seriously Corey Ivy???!!?? The dude couldnt tackle my wife! They should keep Woods he is a good player, if I remember correctly he is the only guy who got a hand on Charles last week.
    They need to put Harrison and Keisel back on ST. Everyone says that they dont want their starters to get hurt?? Well if I were coaching I would prefer to risk it and WIN than not risk it and lose!!! That 2 straight games that if you subtract the return…..the steelers win. William Gay and Ike Taylor are on special teams, if you ask me…..Taylor is playing at an extremely high level (despite his terrible hands, I think he makes snowballs out of butter with Sweed before the games) losing him would be a tremendous hit to our secondary, which is already suspect without Troy…..Saying that, why not put your most intense player on special teams???
    For the 1st time in years I am questioning the Steelers coaching. Bruce Arians trys entirely too hard to go for the big play, and Tomlin lets him. Tomlin should know better…..and should open his eyes and play his good players where we need them, regardless of the risk of injury……ITS FOOTBALL!!! ANY PLAYER CAN GET HURT ON ANY PLAY!!!!!
    But thats why I am a fan and not a coach….I would play harrison on offense if I could.

  11. Corey Ivy was toast as a DB. I have no idea if he can play special teams or not but they couldn’t have signed him expecting him to be a DB.

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