Al Harris heads to IR

As expected, the Green Bay Packers have shipped cornerback Al Harris to injured reserve, due to a torn ACL suffered on Sunday against the 49ers.

His roster spot has been filled by cornerback Trevor Ford, a street free agent from Troy who has spent 11 weeks on the Packers’ practice squad.

The Packers also lost linebacker Aaron Kampman to a torn ACL in the San Fran game.  He likely will land on IR at some point in the near future, too.

The Packers play the Lions on Thursday.  It’s Green Bay’s 33rd Thanksgiving game, and their 19th against the Lions.  Detroit currently leads the fourth-Thursday-in-November series against the Packers, 11-6-1

34 responses to “Al Harris heads to IR

  1. As a Vikings fan, I’m sorry to see the Packers lose these two guys.
    Don’t get me wrong, I pull for them to lose most Sundays. But I like the way Harris and Kampmann play the game, the same as I like Driver, Clay Matthews, Woodson and some others. Hate to see those guys go down.
    I’d rather the Packers just lose due to bad coaching than due to injury to the guys who play the game the right way.

  2. Spleen injury last year; ACL this year. That could about do it for a rather elderly guy – by NFL CB standards. Of course, people have been writing Harris off for the last 3 or 4 years, so who can say? Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even Bear and Viking fans. Be safe and enjoy the important things in life.

  3. Always been a Harris fan. Well it is more of a hatred/respect type situation. I’m sure he’ll be tough to replace. I think they’ll survive against Detroit though.

  4. Considering it is always at Detroit and it includes all those year pre-1992 when the Pack was the worst team in the league, also in the 90’s the Lions where an above average team with Sanders.
    12-6 is nothing to be ashamed about.

  5. Some nice comments from respectable Viking fans on here…except for Pervy. I love it how he needs to rip on the Packers’ losing record against the Lions which by the way is because Thanksgiving is the Lions’ superbowl of the year, but yet he is somehow oblivious to what really matters: championships.

  6. We’ll see if this Ford guy is decent or not. I really don’t know anything about him, but I hear he has played football before, so that should at least make him better than Jarrett Bush.
    Pervy-The Packers haven’t always been the dominant team you know them as. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, they were actually pretty terrible.

  7. I think Pervy’s post is more of a joke about the Lions than it is a dig at the Pack. I guess a season full of disappointment and unfulfilled expectations has turned some (note I say some and not all) Packer faithful bitter and angry.

  8. Hey Pervy,
    Who leads the Vikings Packers series all time? I mean if were discussing overall statistics?
    Go ahead with your “Who swept you this year” or “Who is going to win the division” BS but the Green and Gold still lead the lifetime series.
    A Big SUCK IT to you my friend.

  9. The following is off the GB web site:
    “Alltime on the holiday, Green Bay is 12-18-2, including a 6-11-1 mark on Thanksgiving in Detroit.
    “Green Bay owns a 87-64-7 advantage over the Lions in the regular season and have won both playoff matchups.
    “- Green Bay’s current eight-game winning streak over Detroit is the longest in the series in over 50 years, dating back to Detroit’s 11-game winning streak from 1949-54.
    “- Head Coach Mike McCarthy is 7-0 against the Lions since taking over coaching duties in 2006.
    “- Overall, Green Bay has won 16 of the last 18 games in the series, including six of the last eight matchups in Detroit. “

  10. @ Majik Man – Exactly!! I’m glad someone has a brain. Packer guys getting pms sensitive! Geez
    BeerCheeseSoup – Thanks for that hilarious post! LMAO Dominant?? lol
    @ Supersuckers – We all know nothing,remember??
    Packers,do us all a Favre,and make the playoffs. Would love to beat you up again!

  11. PurpleIsForGays says:
    November 25, 2009 4:55 PM
    A Big SUCK IT to you my friend.
    Sorry,I’m very hetrosexual. By your user name and fairy post, please ah…you know. Keep away. No disrespect.Just not my thing Spanky.

  12. You gotta wonder if this is it for Harris given his age and position, maybe he can recover and play the nickel role. Even though I didn’t like his tackle on Peterson two years ago, I always have liked his game, and Kampman’s game even more. These injuries won’t hurt the Pack a bit tomorrow.

  13. @ PuroleGay guy – Oh,wow! The Packers lead the Vikings 49-47 with one tie. I call that even. You proud or something? That is not very good for a team with like what?? 86 Championships and 200 years of history. Please.

  14. Kampman, It’s sad that the last time you will have played as a Packer you had a forgetful year and you broke half way through. Good luck on whatever team we trade you to. You will be missed.

  15. Do you a Favre?
    OK, Imight quit, wait for me to decide, I quit, no I don’t, wait for me, I quit, I’m back, I quit, no really I quit, I’m done. I’m back…what do you mean you moved on? Trade me to your biggest division rivalry, why not? The Packers screwed me, I want revenge. I don’t care what that organization and fans gave me for so many years, I want revenge.
    There you go, I did you a Favre.

  16. All the rest of the BS aside, those are both quality players. They call Harris a cheap shot artist, unless he’s on your team, and then he is hard hitting guy with a nose for the ball. Kampmann is one of the best, even this year when he was learning a new position on the fly.
    I’m a MN guy and a big Vikings fan, and some of the low brow nonsense goes beyond trash talk and gets pretty dumb. I hope the Pack can pick it up and fill the gaps left by two outstanding players. Rogers is always worth the price of admission. He takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.
    Thanksgiving blessings!!!

  17. Good Bye Al, better luck with your next Team. Who knows, when Thompson refuses to pay you maybe the Vikings will give you a shot ?

  18. The thanksgiving day massacre 1962..Packers only loss all year (im sure Pervy remembers this one)…2001 near comeback for winless Lions….2003 Favre flat out sucks loss….2007 Packers and Favre torch the Lions….1986 shootout. Lots of good memories on T-Giving…win or lose.

  19. I’m a Vikings fan. I always liked these two guys. Never like to see guys who have been such great models at their positions go down. I hope they recover and come back fully capable of playing at their high levels.
    My favorite Packers are Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, along with Al Harris and Kampman.

  20. All kidding aside, Happy Thanksgiving.Yes,even to you Packer guys. I need the Packers. I need the Packer fans. Would be boring without you. I don’t hate the Packers,just want to beat the shit out of them every year. Cowboys on the other hand…hate them SOB’s. Cheers to you Pack fans with thick skins who can sling it back without crying like a lil girl!

  21. PervyHarvin says:
    November 25, 2009 4:03 PM
    Detroit leads the Thanksgiving series 12-6? LOL …That’s one to be proud of !
    Green Bay leads the NFC North in Super Bowl Rings
    Chi-Town – 1
    Detroit – 0
    Queens – 0 –> One to be proud of!
    You want to bring up history, lets have at it douche!

  22. GBPackers says:
    November 25, 2009 7:10 PM
    You want to bring up history, lets have at it douche!
    Ok M&M nuts, Vikings love boat.Grown ass men with grown ass women…..Chmura on the other hand? 17 yr. old babysitter???
    Yo’ turn chodis!

  23. Pervy,
    I like how when you “copy” a blog you have the need to cut out the most important part, but oh well–>Queen fans do that. I heard the whizzinator sold for 750 large? Nice. Im sure the guy who bought it can afford it(Kevin or Pat Williams?)

  24. Whether a player is on a rival’s team or not, I don’t like to see good players go down. Both of these guys play hard and lay it on the line. Tough break GB fans. Wish them both a speedy recovery so they can entertain us all in the future.
    greenngld –
    I’m a Viking & Favre fan, but DAMN that was funny stuff!!! lol

  25. @GBPackers
    Hey the Big guys were just trying to cut some weight,bet you wish yo’ wife had some?? Then we have….Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Johnny Ray Jolly Jr., 25 was arrested July 8 in Houston for possession of at least 200 grams of that “purple stuff” (codeine). WTF? Let me guess…he is a doctor too? Sucking syrup for kicks??? What a DOUCHE!!

  26. SKOAL VIKINGS!!!!!
    (Sung to theme from Gilligan’s island)
    Come sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
    A tale of fateful trip
    That started from a small lake town
    Aboard two tiny ships
    The mates were a bunch of pole dancers
    But the waitstaff was too pure
    The Vikings team set sail that day
    For a three hour tour, a three hour tour
    The action started getting hot
    The dancers strutted their stuff
    If not for the prudes in the fearless crew
    There wouldn’t have been such a huff
    The boats turned around and went back home
    The authorities came aboard
    But fear not friends, ’cause all’s not lost
    The Vikings finally scored!

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