Antoine Winfield plans to play

The Minnesota Vikings are already one of the league’s best teams. They may be about to get better.

Vikings Pro Bowl cornerback Antoine Winfield, who started the first six games of the season but has missed the last four with a foot injury, says he’ll be back on the field Sunday against the Bears. And although Winfield is listed as limited in practice, he says he’s completely healthy.

It feels 100 times better. I have no issues,” Winfield said today, per the Pioneer Press. “I’m looking forward to getting out there on Sunday.”

Winfield said he’ll get right back into the starting lineup and get back to being the every-down player he was before he got hurt.

“I plan on playing the whole game,” he said. “Ain’t no spot duty.”

Benny Sapp has stepped into the starting lineup the last four games with Winfield out.

27 responses to “Antoine Winfield plans to play

  1. It will be a happier thanksgiving weekend if he does play. Let’s just hope he doesn’t work too hard and re-injure his foot.

  2. We need him. I can’t stand to watch Karl Paymah blow another coverage scheme or get called for pass interference… Hes disgusting. I definately think Asher Allen and Benny Sapp should be getting more playing time than Paymah who should be STUCK on special teams, because all he can do is be a gunner.

  3. No need to rush this guy back. The Vikes are better at ensuring that he is completely heathly for the playoffs. Division is over, home-field is within range, the Vikes should be more concerned with him being ready on the road in the playoffs than half-assed at home.
    This is not the year to rely on a field goal kicker. No what I’m sayin’?

  4. Nice. Although, Sapp and Allen hasn’t done too bad filling in for him.
    Paymah, on the other hand.. Not so much.

  5. He’s been out 4 weeks.
    It sure as hell wouldn’t be rushing him back.
    This is a division game against the Bears. Sweeping all the division rivals would look pretty impressive.
    I’m impressed that we’ve been winning without Antoine in there. Before we acquired Jared Allen. Antoine was our defensive MVP.
    A beast against the pass and the run. I think we would have beat the Steelers handily if Winfield was healthy at the time. It was horrible timing. We had just lost Winfield when they got Troy Polamalu back healthy. If our Palamalu was playing, we win that game easily.

  6. Wow, I didn’t realize he’s missed so much time. If you calculate it from the point he got hurt in the Baltimore game, he’s played about 5 1/4 games and missed 4 3/4 games. It will be good to have him back in any capacity. Other than the Baltimore melt down his replacements have held their own. Good experience for all of them.
    By the way, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  7. Does this mean I should drop Hester from fantasy this weekend? And replace him with Chris Chambers (KC@SD)? I also picked up Rock Cartwright from waivers; could play him flex if I dropped, say, Meachem. Love some thoughts.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with CanadianVikingFan, go figure.
    I watched that seahawks game and they played awesome but i found myself yelling at Karl Paymah. The dude is horrible, multiple times he gets locked on the reciever and doesnt watch the ball which is a sure bet for PI. He just is so bad and winny couldn’t be welcome back more.
    Asher Allen has stepped up, so has Sapp
    Karl Paymah will be inactive if not cut, just get him off the field.

  9. I would say that they need Winfield to cover Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, et al, but they won’t get past Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

  10. “37th best CB in the league. ”
    Yeah, kind of hard to be in the top when you’re out 4+ games, now isn’t it?
    Why the hell do you always have to be so negative?

  11. As I’ve said before, just ignore Bob Nelson! He’s a bitter GB fan…so is Fire Ted. Won’t get past ‘Zona. Vikes are going to smoke the Cards both in the regular season and in the playoffs…just like they did last year in Arizona.

  12. “No need to rush this guy back.”
    I don’t think they are. He could have played against Seattle, but they sat him as a precaution.

  13. Funny Bob Nelson! That 37th best CB in the league bated your QB Aaron Rogers into a key red zone INT in the Monday Night game.
    You lost any credibility long, long ago with your anti-Vikings statements that even 99% of Packers fans know aren’t true. Learn to pick your arguments to those that are believable and maybe people will take you serious. Otherwise you’re just the drunk at the end of the bar blabbering nonsense that everyone else is laughing at. And I bet that you are that guy at the bar in real life.
    The truth is any casual NFL fan realizes that Antoine is built like an 8th grader yet is the surest tackler in the NFL. He isn’t afraid to tackle anyone, almost never misses a tackle or needs a teammate to help bring the runner down, and even takes on offensive linemen to get to the ball carrier. In pass defense he’s smart, fundamentally sound, plays with great technique, and rarely gambles (thus he’s rarely burned). His only weakness is that he’s 5’8″ and can be beaten on a jump ball.

  14. It is easy for Bob Nelson. Did you all see him condoning the rape charges on the other threads? Bob Nelson is disgusting. He has no respect for women.

  15. Fire ted is busy like Boob, also forgiving Fudgepacker players that rape girls. What a disgraceful organization with fans like FireTed and Boob Nelson. They rather induct rapist into their hall of fame and defend them blindly when called out on it.

  16. Look at what the Vikings did in Arizona last year? We are a better team this year anyone who thinks Arizona will win is kidding themselves.
    The only way the Vikings do not go 15-1 is if we have nothing to play for in week 17.

  17. @ Fire Ted & Bob Nelson- Get your lil smokies out of the turkeys cavity! That is for the stuffing. Has caused salmonella of the brain on you two already.

  18. Wanted to pad his stats playing against Cutler.
    Until Cutler gets a real O-Coord, running game or a coach that can get him under control he is always going to play at a poor level in away games.

  19. Bob Loblaw –
    “Otherwise you’re just the drunk at the end of the bar blabbering nonsense that everyone else is laughing at.”
    Damn that made me laugh. Great line! Oh so true and accurate when it comes to that knucklehead.

  20. Just ignore bob “WISHBONE” nelson. Whatever credibility he may have had (very little) went away with his preposterous comment on the wishbone injury. What a bonehead! He and little jimmy smith are the most pathetic trolls on here and I can’t help but wonder if the two of them are Florio shills who attempt to irritate true football fans into page responses for his NBC cronies to see what a great site this is.

  21. Winfield is the BEST tackleing corner in the league. He is also a great cover guy, making him one of the top corners in the entire NFL. That is why he was voted to the Pro-bowl, and that is why anyone who says differently is ignorant.

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