Hall of Fame semifinalists to be revealed Saturday

In the past, the announcement of the 25 semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame induction consisted of a simple list distributed to members of the media.

This year, the announcement will become an hour-long TV special.

NFL Network will show the announcement of the 25 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2010 on Saturday at 1 p.m. Eastern, with host Paul Burmeister, Hall of Fame voter Rick Gosselin, NFL Films writer-producer Ray Didinger and Hall of Fame executive Joe Horrigan participating in a panel discussion to go over the merits of each of the candidates.

The show will also include a feature from NFL Films president Steve Sabol comparing the career of former Broncos running back Terrell Davis with three Hall of Fame running backs who had similarly short careers: Ernie Nevers, Gale Sayers, and Doak Walker. And NFL Network’s Rod Woodson, the great defensive back who was inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, will break down next year’s defensive back and wide receiver candidates.

The 25 semifinalists will come from a preliminary list of 131 candidates. That preliminary list is available on the Hall of Fame’s web site.

23 responses to “Hall of Fame semifinalists to be revealed Saturday

  1. The fact that Roger Craig isn’t in the hall of fame is the biggest abomination to the process. Craig won Super Bowls, had 3 2000 yard seasons in a row (still a record) and is high on the list for most all purpose yards. As a 49er fan I would rather see Craig go in this year than Jerry Rice. I am by no means saying that Craig is better at RB than Rice is at WR but I doubt they will let to 49ers in the same year and we all know Rice is getting in. My apologies to Ray Guy btw who also deserves to get in as do Tim Brown and Cliff Branch but in all likely hood two of those guys are going to get short ends of the stick. Furthermore how is Chuck Knox on this list, at all? The same with Art Rooney Jr. I am a Steelers fan as well (everyone is allowed an AFC team and an NFC team) and I love Art 2 and think he is a great owner but he is a little young to get in when their are guys like Eddie De Bartlo jr. are yet to enter the hall. In conclusion, the whole hall of fame process is stupid and should be abolished and redone in a manner that doesn’t screw over linemen and doesn’t count so much on the opinions of a bunch of moron sports writer, no offense to Florio (I don’t consider you a sports writer even though you probably write more word for word, and with no lapse in comparative quality than any other sports writer).

  2. I fully believe Terrell Davis is a HOF-er.
    Two rings, MVP, MVP of the Super Bowl [with migraine headache, no extra charge], 2000 yard season. More than Sayers, actually.
    Sayers averaged over 5 yards per carry, Terrell is 4.6. It’s not the Hall of Averages, though. It’s the Hall of Fame. Terrell is a Hall of Famer.
    And if he’d played in New York, he’d already be there. Don’t get me started on Steve Atwater and Dennis Smith…

  3. cris carter better not get screwed out of it again, the dude is as worthy as anyone else out there. art monk can take a flying f$%^ for all i care, its not about feel good stories, its about talent and skills, the truth is that carter was better than monk, but didn’t have the sorry votes.

  4. I took a look at the list they have and it saddens me that Bo Jackson isn’t even on it while backs like Mike Pruitt and Leroy Hoard (no offense to those people but neither one touches Bo’s jockstrap in the Fame department). During the few years that Bo played, he was the most electrifying and talked about player in the NFL.
    This halfwitted concept that people have about playing a long time and the undue weight given to career stats is senseless. A player like Bo or Gale Sayers that comes around once a decade and lights up the league but whose career is cut short by injury should nevertheless rightfully should be inducted.
    Bo had an impact. Bo left an indelible mark on the league which will live forever on NFL Films. Future NFL fans born next month may someday hear the words NOBODY CATCHES BO. I doubt anyone will have ever heard of Mike Pruitt or Leroy Hoard 25 years from now.
    It just goes to show what a farce and joke this process is. To leave him and others worthy of consideration out on account that they don’t have fat career stats or a long career makes a mockery of the word FAME and of what a great player worthy of recognition is.

  5. Terrell Davis is not a HOF-er.
    He can be in the Hall of very-good-on-a-team-with-a-HOF-QB-and-a-dominate/dirty-OL-for-3-years.

  6. Sorry to break it to you guys, but the HOF is not the Hall of the Very Good. Roger Craig is not a Hall of Famer…and in fact, neither is Terrell Davis.


  8. Note to this class sucks: Art Rooney Jr. is not the current president of the Steelers….that’s Art Rooney II. Art Jr. is the retired personnel director of the Steelers in the glorious 70s decade and led the drafts that separated the Steelers from everyone else. In 1974 they had 4 hall of famers come out of the draft…..Swann, Lambert, Stallworth and Webster. Second best is 2 in one draft…and Art Jr had one of them with Bradshaw and Blount in 1970. Steelers were one of the first to scout the small black schools and the likes of Stallworth, Shell, Dwight White, L.C. Greenwood and many others are the tale of the tape. There’s always a lot of confusion about the Rooney Arts and Dans. Founder Art Rooney’s father was named Dan. It’s been Dan, Art, Dan, Art ever since…and Art II’s oldest son is named…..you guessed it, Dan! Irish tradition is name your first son after your dad. Art Jr. deserves to be in the Hall!

  9. According to NFLN, the greatest LB core of all time was the Dome Patrol. Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, Vaughn Johnson and Pat Swilling. None of which are in the HOF. Pure bias because of who they played for.

  10. Niner fan–
    Roger Craig is at best marginal.
    Ken Stabler remains the biggest oversight in the HOF voting.
    Most people react with “He’s not already in the Hall?”

  11. How is Ken Stabler not on that list?!! Is numbers are almost identicle to those of Namath and Griese. That’s not right.
    And Im tired of hearing Peter King’s lame excuse, “This is not the Hall of the Very Good” whenever he gives an excuse for why a guy isnt in the HOF who deserves to be. Lynn Swann is in and his career numbers are horrible. Playing great in thse Super Bowl doesnt excuse a mediocre career. That’s just a obvious bias toward Pitt.
    The HOF process is a joke. A bunch of pansy and very bitter writers who never played a game in their lives and got picked on in high school gym class are the ones decided on who gets in? What a joke.

  12. I’m not a Niners fan at all, but I’ve been saying Craig belongs in the HOF. To me, he’s the NFL equivalent to James Worthy. Like Craig, Worthy didn’t have huge stats (I don’t think he avg 20 pts a game) but he was a huge contributor to the Lakers (who I hate, but respect).
    Craig was an extremely integral piece to the Niners successful run in the 80s.

  13. Good to see some Stabler push here…a complete travesty this man is not in the NFL Hall of Fame.

  14. “their are guys like Eddie De Bartlo jr. are yet to enter the hall.”
    They’ll never induct that criminal.

  15. C. Carter was, well, awesome. His drawback is how many of his great games were with white shit dripping out of his nose? Finding God(dell) doesn’t automatically place you in the HOF, just on TV.
    I digress, he should be in though. I don’t personally like his demeanor or his choices in the past, but thankfully, I’m not the one to draw the line. If I did, he’d snort it.

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