Mangini clears the air with Schwartz

Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini said this week that he suspected the Detroit Lions of faking injuries to slow down his team’s no-huddle offense.

Lions coach Jim Schwartz didn’t take kindly to that suggestion, saying Mangini was “way out of bounds.”

Today Mangini said he talked to Schwartz, whom he’s known since both of them were just breaking in as assistant coaches, and came to an understanding.

“I talked to Jim for a while,” Mangini said today, per Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We cleared the air. I like Jim. Always had a good relationship. The bottom line is we didn’t do enough to win the game. Jim and I are fine.”

Mangini’s comments came across as sour grapes after his team blew a 21-point lead against one of the few teams on the schedule it had a legitimate chance of beating. But Mangini said he wasn’t intending for his comments to come across like he was making excuses for the loss.

“It wasn’t like I was trying to shy away from accountability,” Mangini said today. “At the end of the day, we’re accountable for losing the game. [I was] frustrated with the situation. I probably expressed that more than I should. We had plenty of opportunities to win the game and we didn’t. That wasn’t good enough.”

For Mangini, clearing the air with Schwartz was probably a good idea. He’s already burned his share of bridges in his coaching career, and he’s going to need some good relationships with some other head coaches around the league, unless he wants the Cleveland job to be his last.

23 responses to “Mangini clears the air with Schwartz

  1. Has he ever cleared the air with the guy who got him in the NFL or has he realized the guy doesn’t care what happens to him even if Mangini gets face cancer?

  2. Fatzo Mangini is a mirror image of Rex Ryan both ex-Jets jerks. Nice to see two men whose mouths are five miles in front of their brains.

  3. How does someone with so little talent get so much coverage ? Mangini is the Britney Spears of the NFL.

  4. Mangini is an absolute moron in way over his head as a head coach in the NFL. I’ll argue he’s in over his head as a coordinator as many of RoboCoach’s coordinators have proven to be without the genius there to guide them. Holmgren will be here soon and expect a guy like Gruden or another of the Walsh/Holmgren tree to be named the new head coach in January. They should hire Larry Kehres from Mount Union. 23 years as a head coach, 21 losses, and 10 National Championships (they are 11-0 this year in the 2nd round of the D-III playoffs). Kehres was college roomates with Packers D Coordinator Dom Capers at Mount Union in the 70’s. He would have no problem whatsoever winning games, at a much lower rate of succes I’m sure, but his style would translate perfectly to the NFL. He has won games running for 500 yards and others passing for 500 yards. Let’s just say that Coach has seen plays he ran first in Mount games run later in the NFL and D-I. Browns fans would be in heaven with this guy, but getting him to leave his cushy situation in Alliance would be tough.

  5. I’m starting to figure out the code. When Mangini fibs, he drops his pronouns. Makes it less like real lying. Likes to do it that way. Been doing it more and more each week. Might not ever stop.
    You are, Eric. You know you are. Stop surfing the interwebz and get back to your Timeouts For Dummies book with the unbroken spine.

  6. yeah, i’d like to hear Schwartz’ comments on their supposed phone call…….Mangina is an asshole, no way they are fine

  7. somebody needs to tell mangini that you can put lipstick on a turd but he’s still a turd.

  8. “It wasn’t like I was trying to shy away from accountability,” Mangini said today.
    Well of course he was, that was the whole point of what he had to say. They lost a close game but it really wasn’t his fault because the other coach was smarter… wait minute…the other coach was more willing to bend the rules to his advantage.

  9. get this dude a muzzle for himself and his dwindling NFL career
    this guys personality screams insecurity
    everyone knows he certainly wont get another interview anywhere after 09….not even at ESPN
    even after he wasnt ever supposed to get another interview ever…. and didnt until Randy Lerner’s agoraphobic ass called him up to gift some more cash via a doomed hire Browns style
    they are paying like 4 coaches and 3 gms…still
    add mangina to that list of NFL welfare recipients
    he already had his ass hangin out too much, too long…pissed off too many but Lerner must be the exception
    pointing fingers in the direction of the Lions is what i would call not being accountable in the worst way, they are the Lions for Christ sake, you lost b/c you have failed to beat
    hey Lerner, I went to paint my house walls red over the brown and decided it really sucked bout midway, looked like saggy ass, everyone said it sucked, my girl hated it, my neighbors hated, my fan club hated it worse
    ….i didnt finish painting it red
    you need to get a jump and clear the slate ……right now, and fix that damn thing, the fans and city need it more than they need a guy like Lebron anyday, i have to live here and it’s killin Browns people for good…not just til 2010

  10. At this point Mangini needs to work with making friends with college ADs, or at least not offending them.
    There’s no way he works in the NFL again. And he won’t coach at a major college either. I think I read on PFT (one of the posts begging us to read CFT) that Jerry Glanville is getting fired from Portland State.
    Portland State! Quite a fall from the NFL. That’s what being an abrasive, arrogant jerk will do for your coaching career. Getting banished to an insignificant college to wallow in obscurity.

  11. There shouldn’t be a college anywhere that has Mangini on their radar…. Unless they want to get “Weis-ed”

  12. Never mind the obesity jokes, let’s stick to the football matter: Mangini is no genius, he has lost this team and he needs to go. Don’t pay his contract either, citing failure to perform. He has put the final touches on the ruination of what was once a premier franchise.
    Thanks for nothing, numb nuts!

  13. thekillerkeller says:
    November 25, 2009 2:53 PM
    What’s his excuse going to be for losing by 50 to the Bengals? Forgot to board the plane?
    Beat the Browns by 50? The Bengals must have gotten so much better in the last few weeks, considering the last time they could only manage to barely escape with a THREE point victory after 5 quarters. Since then, they’ve gotten good enough to have been beaten by the freakin’ RAIDERS. So why 50?
    More retardation from the mouth of giddy Bangles fans. I seem to remember this happening around 5 years ago. The Bungholes had one good year, their fans started thumping their chest and jumping around like apes in a Samsonite commercial- and the next thing you know- it was back to mediocrity for the next 5 or 6 years. I’d bet anything that’s exactly what will happen again this time.

  14. Shouldn’t “fatsto’ be working on his up coming game rather than dwelling on last weeks game? This is why the Pats never lose two games in a row, As soon as the prior game is over they move on to the next game.

  15. Mangini’s got a heckuva network of “friends” from his time with the Browns as an assistant under Belichick.
    First he stabs Belichick in the back ratting him out
    Then he stabs Kokinis in the back, his former roomate
    Now he accuses Schwartz of cheating too
    Who else was Mangini “friends” with back then… and who’s next?

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