Matt Stafford, mic'd up

When the then 1-8 Lions came from 21 points behind to beat the 1-9 Browns on Sunday, we didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

After all, the two teams were only playing for the right to screw up the first overall pick in the next draft.

But we were impressed by the courage and spunk displayed by rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford, and some think that in that one moment, which has no relevance beyond possibly keeping the Lions from having to fork over another $60 million contract to an unproven commodity in 2010, Stafford got himself pointed in a direction that will lead the Lions out of a decade-long valley of darkness.

We’re not sure whether we agree that beating the lowly Browns put the franchise back on the right track.  Still, Stafford was wearing a wire during Sunday’s game, and the end result is compelling.

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  1. Vikings fan here.
    It reminds me of Kellen Winslow (Sr) in that Chargers playoff game against the Dolphins.

  2. They only beat the Browns. I know they aren’t there yet, as does everybody. But finally I saw the heart needed to get on the right track. That was one of the gutsiest plays I’ve ever seen, let alone by a rookie.

  3. He called Shaun Rogers “Boy” Mike, I think you’d better call him a racist as soon as possible.
    Did you vote for Robert Byrd?

  4. I totally agree with simple_simon1. That was great. Detroit may well have a future. Heart like that can go a long way.
    I also find it amusing that Rev. Dr. Hollywood doesn’t understand the concept of “talkin $h!t.”

  5. I hope for the sake of all Lion’s fans that Stafford can lead their team out of their perpetual funk. Kudos.

  6. For 60 million, I’d let someone cut off my leg.. I’d then go out there on a bloody stump and throw the TD – with a smile on my face.

  7. Wow, he got crushed. I mean biblically smote. That’s impressive that he even had the presence of mind to know after the Browns’ time out that he could go back in let alone go back in take a snap from center and drill in the game winner. Party-boy Stafford got’s some brass ones.
    Good for the Lions.

  8. I love the fact that all his teammates are banging him on his HURT shoulder!! That made me laugh… Sure was an impressive performance to play hurt, but at the same time remember he was playing the Browns.

  9. CJ Mosley drilled him good. Mosley used to play for the Vikings, the most awesomelynest team in the NFL. Brett Favre.

  10. I hope he does well in the division and has a great future. I really think he’ll make his name known and won’t turn out to be another Joey Harrington. I just hope he loses to the Vikes every time. And comes second in the division to the Vikes. But ya, he showed alot of leadership and courage and competiveness out there, good on him.

  11. Yes Popeye, I’m sure you did much better when you played in the NFL and a 300 pound behemoth of a man landed on top of you while driving you to the ground, separating your shoulder in the process. You big ol’ man you…

  12. Playing hurt should be a given but I am really impressed by the way this rookie takes charge of the huddle and screws with the defense. Kids got character,Aaron Rodgers should study it. Wish we had him on the Vikes learning from Brett,has a bright future. Favre said the kid is good. Says it all.

  13. If you pause the vid at the 5:53-5:54 mark, you will note how some bonehead comes up to him & says “Way to go!”, and pounds Stafford right on his injured shoulder.
    “Way to go”, genius.

  14. I can’t say that the Lions are going to be a good team any time soon (next few years), but if they are I am pretty sure we just witnessed the event that marks the starting point. For those of you who say this wasn’t a big deal, it was. The money matters not, because his contract isn’t contingent on him playing hurt. Most people, including most all of you reading this (and myself) would not have even CONSIDERED going back on the field. It says a lot about this kid. 1. He is tough and gutsy, good things to have in a quarterback. 2. Even though he was hurt, he had the presence of mind to realize the situation, that he could return to the field. This kind of football smarts, especially when hurt, is a sign of a good quarterback. Talk about situational football, this kid understands the situation.
    During the draft many people were talking about this kid and Sanchez, and which one was the better pick. I think we have our answer, even though it is only the first year of their careers. Even if Sanchez hadn’t tanked so badly, Stafford really separated himself here as the better QB. I think he has what it takes to be one of the better quarterbacks in this league, and that is the first building block of a great team. Now if the Lions don’t waste him away by not building a good team around him it will be a shame. Hear that Lions? Don’t waste your excellent draft pick next year by drafting receivers. Get this kid some protection and a good line in front of him, and you will be rewarded.
    Keep your eye on him, he is gonna be good, even if he has to wait 4 more years to get to a good team. Hopefully he won’t have to.

  15. Pretty obvious the kid has guts. As far how he sounded when he was on the ground….you’d sound the same way Popeye!

  16. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. Go Stafford. This should shut up evryboy that said not to draft you and should even further shut up all those that said to play Pulpecker. Still early in his career but he couldbe really good in the future.
    Also, once again, you can’t teach smarts. You can teach playing, and you can coach but a QB has to be able to lead his team, read defenses and learn from his mistakes while having a short memory. Stafford seems to have that already. Sanchez needs more work. Also, the hardest thing to teach a young QB is to not stare down the receiver. Early on Stafford was doing a lot of that. He’s learned now and hardly ever does it. Sanchez still does. Sorry but I’m using Sanchez as a measuring stick because they’re both rookies.
    Also, when are people talking about the Lions, ever, before this point. That’s worth it in itself.

  17. hahahahahahahaha lions fans you are so pathetic before those 5 tds he had 6 tds and 12 picks on the year. Your team sucks there for he will suck he was way overhyped coming out of college can you say Joey Harrington part 2 .

  18. Well he has 11TDs and 14INT now.
    For all who wanna make Joey Harrington comparisons…
    I just don’t see it. He’s Bizarro Joey actually.
    Joey wouldn’t have gone back in thatgame and those last 2 plays in regulation when he came back out with a separated AC joint put to rest all questions about his heart and courage
    Sanchez is/was more hyped actually.

  19. You can put this one down as one of the great NFL moments. I am certainly not a Lions fan.. but that commitment from Stafford could be a HUGE wake-up call to the Detroit organization. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Detroit put up another couple W’s… most likely the last two games vs. S.F. and da Bears.
    Congrats on becoming the true team leader there in Detroit.

  20. @jkr
    No what is really pathetic is that unless your 12 your education level is that of an extremely deficient grade schooler. You probably feel so good about yourself because you can tell a bunch of people they are pathetic on a comment board using a while remaining nameless and faceless. And you feel that way because in real life there is nobody below you enough for you to call them pathetic or are too cowardly to say anything to peoples faces. It’s probably a combination of both because you are posting at 12:49 on the biggest party night of the year. What, no friends? Nobody to hang out with except your computer and your hand? Even the biggest losers i knew were out tonight so that must say a lot about you. Do everybody a favor and go back to your World of Warcraft life where you live through a fake character and leave the normal real life people alone because we are all better than you. I’m surprised you took a long enough break to type that. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m taking my drunk ass to bed.

  21. I’m not going to lie I was a arron curry guy in the draft but I wasn’t mad at the stafford pick and I’m glad I was wrong….if I was the owner it would be a gt 500 in his garage win he got home…or a ford gt
    Crap as good as he played id buy him a corvette if he wanted it lol

  22. That is why I absolutely LOVE this game! It is my duty to show this to my sons.
    Why doesn’t NFL films show this kind of stuff on the NFL Network- at least?
    As for Stafford, great job. But he reminds me of those old throwback QBs that I used to watch as a kid: Rocket arm, great leadership ability, and all grit.

  23. Yeah, JKR. The kid has comparable stats to Peyton Manning at this stage in his career. I will ignore that though because of your thoughtful and well stated analysis of Stafford’s future.

  24. Amazing. He’s got a new fan in me. That play reminds me of McNabb’s infamous 14 second scramble vs. the Cowboys.

  25. Well said Swive. Pretty sure jkr is simply an idiot who can’t judge talent or something special when he sees t. Or, as I do sometimes, he’s trying to get a rise. Either way, who cares?
    I can’t wait to see this kid when they put some more people around him. And I can’t wait to see him get smarter at reading defenses. He has the talent and now we know he has the heart.
    Now I know why Peyton Manning and Brett Favre were so high on this kid in the draft this year. Funny to see Mayock eating his words too as he didn’t think he was ready for the NFL.
    People have to keep in mind that it’s a completely rebuilt team, from GM to coaches to players. It takes a while to learn a new system, even for a veteran.
    Please Lions, aside from your special teams coach, please keep your coaching staff together this year. They’re doing a good job with a young team. Will get better but the coachs need support to install their schemes and the players need time to learn it.
    And for those, jkr, making fun of Stafford. The kid is the youngest QB in the league, and the second youngest in history. He’s played in 8 games and has respectable stats. He’s won over his fans and team. He’s won over the media. He’s put Detroit back in the talk of footbal other than the 0-16 talk.
    At 21 years of age, Stafford has done a whole lot for Detroit. He’s brought back some fans in only one week, and he probably isn’t even playing. Just wait until you see all the love on the signs this week. Paper bags are gone and it’s nice to see.

  26. “Kids got character,Aaron Rodgers should study it”

    Aaron’s got the Championship…..stafford (aswell as the vikings) should study it.

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