PFTV looks at whether the offseason workout rules will change

Commissioner Roger Goodell recently told Peter King of NBC that the offseason workout rules could be changing.

So Joe Brocato, who takes the first crack at coming up with topic ideas for me to reject, suggested that we talk about this possibility.

And even though I told him “no,” he kept putting it on the list.  Eventually, I lost interest in fighting about it.

Now, what the hell was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  PFTV topic.

2 responses to “PFTV looks at whether the offseason workout rules will change

  1. They need to work out alot in the offseason to avoid injuries in camp. The biggest scam ever is the no-contact practices that always have contact anyway against the rules.
    Expose that more.

  2. I think they SHOULD limit the contact more in off season stuff. What I think would really benefit the teams more would be a more cerebral training session in the off season. This where the teams have a week or two to really go over some of the more mental aspects of the game, learning and drilling the Xs and Os. I think the whole game would improve if more teams emphasized the more cerebral aspect of the game, learning not only their duties, but the duties of the other players on the field in each situation. In the past decade the most successful players have seemed to be those with the best knowledge about the game and the position they play, not just by being the biggest, strongest, fastest person on the field.
    I think also the players could benefit from learning other things that would translate to better on field play. Wes Welker, who is known for his ability to get open and especially for making yards after the catch, gives a lot of credit to his years playing soccer, where he learned the footwork that allows him to fool defenders. If more receivers and running backs learned stuff like that, they would be much better on the field.

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