Seven years later, Ricky Williams is offensive POW again

On Tuesdays, we often post the identity of a few of the league’s players of the week.  The information comes from the teams on which the award winners play, who often let the cat out of the bag in advance of the official NFL release on Wednesday.

This week, we’ve already acknowledged Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, Pats cornerback Leigh Bodden, and Chiefs kick returner Jamaal Charles.

The other three players of the week are Dolphins running back Ricky Williams, Giants linebacker Michael Boley, and Saints punter Thomas Morstead.

For Williams, it’s his first such award since Week 14 of the 2002 season, his first year with the team.  He earned the recognition through three touchdowns and 119 yards rushing in Thursday night’s win at Carolina.

And with Ronnie Brown out for the year, Williams has an opportunity to build on that performance as the workhorse for the team’s running game.

33 responses to “Seven years later, Ricky Williams is offensive POW again

  1. Good for Ricky, he deserves it
    I keep telling people he’ll be good until he’s 35, those couple years off the field did him a great deal of justice
    Smoke’em if ya got’em!

  2. Ricky has been playing well and he certainly had a nice game. However, it seems that T.O. getting 197 yards and a T.D. for the lowly Bills might have been the greater achievement.

  3. bobinpuertorico:
    Last I checked, 3 TD is preferred to 1 TD.
    The rules may have changed, though. Anyone feel free to correct me.

  4. Remember the days when he wouldn’t do an interview without his helmet on? Those were the days…..but glad he’s doing well.

  5. He smoked pot, big deal. Didn’t Ray Lewis obstruct justice when his thug friends knifed someone? He still plays, doesn’t he?
    Not like pot is a performance enhancer for sports

  6. Note to Bird Man:
    Seriously? Mike Vick killed dogs. Ray Lewis killed people.
    Get off your “high” horse.

  7. “This guy shouldn’t even be in the league. He SMOKED POT for crying out loud!”
    I seriously hope this is a joke! I don’t know if you’re aware but pot is not exactly a performance enhancer!

  8. My best guess would be that every player in the NFL has smoked pot, 1/3 still do and even the commissioner has smoked pot at one point.. in fact judging by the humor on this board I wager that many of you still smoke pot.
    its the biggest lie in America that. I can’t believe that Alcohol is legal and Marijuana is not.

  9. I don’t like the fact that all this is somehow overshadowing Saints punter Thomas Morstead’s POW accomplishment.
    Shame on all of you.

  10. @Champ Kind with Sports says:
    November 25, 2009 2:23 PM
    Last I checked, 3 TD is preferred to 1 TD.
    The rules may have changed, though. Anyone feel free to correct me.
    I had the same math teacher you did.
    (197 – 119) – (3-1) = POW

  11. Ricky deserved that. He had a solid game on a short week against a decent defense. He also did it as the starting RB; a roll he hasn’t been used to in the past few years…
    Stafford played against one of the worst defenses in the league, and TO was supposed to have been doing what he did last week all year long in Buffalo.
    Good job Ricky!!

  12. @BirdMan
    if they allowed more people in the league to smoke pot, there would probably be less sexual assaults, less DWI’s and less dog fighting
    not to mention a certain WR from KC was doing PED’s and got a mere 4 game suspension

  13. Bird Man says:
    November 25, 2009 2:09 PM
    This guy shouldn’t even be in the league. He SMOKED POT for crying out loud!
    You’re an idiot.

  14. Bird Man,
    Quit being such a hater! Ricky Williams has served his punishment. Do you know how many people in and outside the league smoke weed? Matt Jones got caught with cocaine last year and kept playing in the same season!
    I don’t know how your math skills are, but where I come from 3 is a bigger number than 1, therefore if a player was to have 3 touchdowns as opposed to a player with 1 touchdown, the player with 3 td’s would have had the better game. Also, the Bill lost, while Ricky Williams lead his team to victory.

  15. I’m not sure allowing people to smoke weed is going to decrease DWI incidents… I’m pretty sure you can actually GET a DWI from driving high.
    And as for the dog fighting… Vick’s always been a pretty big fan of the herb as well.
    Not that there’s any connection between the two.
    Rashaan Salaam once blamed him fumbling problems on marijuana abuse, claiming it lead him to forget he was carrying the ball. True or not… it clearly never HELPED Ricky Williams on the field.

  16. Bird Man says:
    November 25, 2009 2:09 PM
    This guy shouldn’t even be in the league. He SMOKED POT for crying out loud!
    At least they know 1 person took the Refer Maddness movie seriously. Are you that shallow and thick?
    Ricky deserved the POW award this week, always had much respect for this guy. I think the time he took off actually helped his body in the long haul. Dont forget this is a guy who set the record for carries in a season 2-3 years in a row…

  17. lol at everyone who didn’t catch birdman’s obvious sarcasm
    good for ricky. great story, glad to see him still dominating after all these years.

  18. So he smoked something that should be legal anyways. So what!
    If they kicked everyone out that had broken the law… They would have enough to field MAYBE one complete team.

  19. Asa Ricky Williams fan, it is nice to see him get back to playing football well and not smoking pot.

  20. i’ll be pouring out a little bong water for my homey this turkey day. gobble gobble ya’ll.

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