Steven Jackson sits out practice

The burden of carrying the Rams may be catching up to Steven Jackson.

The league’s second leading rusher missed practice Wednesday because of back spasms.  He says the injury is just normal “wear and tear” and still expects to play this week against the Seahawks.

Jackson is enjoying a remarkable season for a running back on a truly awful team.  He leads the league in rushing attempts despite always playing from behind, and also has 35 catches. Only Chris Johnson has more yards from scrimmage.

Players from one win teams don’t get MVP consideration, but Jackson should at least be in the conversation for the best running back in the league this season.

For his next act, Jackson will have to continue putting up huge stats with Kyle Boller at quarterback.

9 responses to “Steven Jackson sits out practice

  1. What a shame that Steven Jackson’s career is gonna go to waste with a pathetic franchise. They will franchise tag him for 2 years, and by the time he leaves St Louis he will have NOTHING left in the tank. The Rams should’ve traded him at the deadline and used what they get in return to start re-building this pathetic team.

  2. Jackson is a beast, it’s too bad he’ll never be recognized for something like MVP since the Rams will be crappy for the next couple years no doubt, and by then Jackson will be all used up.

  3. Thanks for this post b/c it made me think. You forget about Jackson b/c hes on the Rams but what he has done this year is truely remarkable.
    Think about it every oppossing team that has played the Rams knows they cant throw the ball. So what do they do? They stack the box to stop Jackson and the running game. Add in their horrible offensive line and wow that is amazing. When the defense knows what your going to do and you still rush for over a 1000 yards in 10 games, that is domination.
    Imagine if Jackson played for the Vikings or a team like them with an outstanding line and a deadly passing attack. He would be unstoppable. He might very well be the best back in the league. You might wanna say Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson but for him to be the second leading rusher on a team like he’s on its kinda hard to argue against him.
    You’re right he has taken a beating over the years and he might only have a year or 2 left. So I hope Spags and the Rams F.O. do the right thing by Jackson this offseason. They should trade him or release him. That way he can show everyone how truely great he is and possibly compete for a title.

  4. Thank god he’s hurt , now I can play ricky williams worrie fee! Can’t make a bad call if the guys hurt! Thanks Jackson u never seem to let me down with ur injury pron culo!

  5. Kyle Boller is banging Carrie Prejean.
    The Rams should trade Jackson for draft picks, and then sign Larry Johnson in the off season. I’m sure Boller and Johnson would get along great.

  6. “Players from one win teams don’t get MVP consideration, but Jackson should at least be in the conversation for the best running back in the league this season.”
    nope. it’s a very short conversation this year. It’s Chris Johnson. End of conversation.

  7. Jackson has consistently put up big numbers for the Rams and hasn’t been a diva about it or complained about his bad team. It the Rams win over the Cowboys and Redskins last year he was a major factor in controlling the clock.
    Really doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his great play or great attitude.
    Calvin Johnson for the Lions deserves credit as another great player on a bad team, but keeps a good attitude.

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