Broncos dominating Giants

Before tonight’s game, we talked about the pressure on the New York Giants.  They aren’t responding well.

Denver leads New York 16-0 at halftime, and Big Blue is lucky it’s that close.  Denver kicked two short field goals after stalling the red zone, but has dominated the game on both sides of the ball.

The Broncos have 213 total yards to only 38 for the Giants in a game that has been an old fashioned beatdown thus far.  Kyle Orton’s ankle looks just fine; he has 159 yards passing. 

Eli Manning is getting no protection, and the Giants defense looks just as bad as it did last week against Atlanta.

8 responses to “Broncos dominating Giants

  1. eli manning is THE most overrated qb in the league, it’s a shame he swindled the giants with that giant contract

  2. Every time I Matt Millen say something dumb i just think about what it would be like if Bryant Gumble was still calling these games, I then try to be happy that at least Matt Millen has a general idea of what is happening.

  3. The OL is old except for Snee. The DL is either overrated or began reading too many press clippings telling them how good they are.

  4. Phokus says:
    November 26, 2009 11:18 PM
    eli manning is THE most overrated qb in the league, it’s a shame he swindled the giants with that giant contract
    This whole eli blame game is getting boring already, did you even watch the game? how was any of this his fault? Last wk when he threw for 390 and 3 tds w/ No turnovers people blamed eli bc it was close. The truth is he has had no run game all season, the O line is not the same O line, he was being chased the whole game, his recievers dropped at least 5 passes, although they havent been an issue this yr. Gilbride is an atrocious play caller, he never uses the PA bc it works, nor the no huddle bc that works too and sheridan is awful, last i checked manning doesnt play defense. i dont know what kind of scheme it is out there, seems like they play a prevent all 4 qtrs. there is never a pass rush on the QB, they play some bizarre zone coverage that is soft all the time and they NEVER make a stop. Kenny Phillips was a huge loss for them but it wouldnt matter. this is an awful, awful defense who cant make stops, miss tackles and never pressure a qb. They didnt even blitz, they never do. this is an awful defense and has had a horrid run game all yr too. All summer it was eli is going to have 30 picks, they have no wr;s but a great run game and defense, its been the opposite. lets call it for what it is.

  5. Eli didn’t play well at all, he over shot a lot of wide receievers.
    And all those excuses you gave for Eli are the exact same thing McNabb has had to deal with, he finds a way to win a lot of games.
    It wasn’t Elis fault they lost, but he damn sure didn’t help.
    And with regards to the run game, Jacobs was never good, so I don’t know why anyone is disappointed. Hasn’t been the same since he got his bell rung in the playoffs last season.

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