Culpepper unhappy that Stafford is healthy?

Fans at Ford Field gave a loud cheer when Matthew Stafford was introduced as the Lions’ starting quarterback today.

But one person in the stadium wasn’t cheering: Lions backup quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who did all the work with the first-string offense all week and got to the
stadium this morning thinking he was going to start.

Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver said Culpepper didn’t take the news that Stafford was starting well, and that he told her, “You know what, Pam? I don’t even want to talk about it.”

Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew appeared to be lecturing Culpepper
on the sideline, and Culpepper was shown on TV looking rather unhappy
and sitting by himself on the bench.

Culpepper has started two games for the Lions this year, completing 56.5 percent of his passes, with one touchdown and two interceptions.

47 responses to “Culpepper unhappy that Stafford is healthy?

  1. This is news? The guy obviously knows that a nationally televised game could set him up well to further his career. Audition process for other teams…I would be upset as well…

  2. Culpepper was pretty good in his prime.
    The problem is that he’s well past it.
    Once he his knees were shredded and his mobility was limited. He became another Byron Leftwich.
    Moss didn’t make Culpepper, he had a great college career and a very solid Viking career. Took us to two NFC Championship Games.
    Not even Randy Moss could help T-Joke achieve something like that.

  3. What a great “team player”! Way to go, asswipe. You’re lucky to even be in the league at this point, and you display this kind of anti-teammate attitude? Memo to Lions GM: Please cut this JAMF immediately. Disgusting.

  4. And Daunte didn’t want to rehab his knee properly in Minnesota when Childress took over. Hmm. Kinda screwed the pooch on that deal, eh?

  5. tell Dante to shut up, grab the damn clipboard and to write LEGIBLY. And our apologies to Dante for making him practice all week (um that would be 2 days max) with the starters.
    What a Flaming POS
    Dante,after the game walk over to Charles Woodson and see if some of his class might rub off on you.

  6. Did you see Stafford on the last play of the half pull up and try to set up to make the Hail Mary?
    Why couldn’t he have made that throw on the run?
    Let’s have the Pepper

  7. “Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew appeared to be lecturing Culpepper on the sideline…”
    MM: Well, um, you know Duante…you don’t deserve to be a starting QB and I really don’t deserve to be a GM. Trouble is my dumbass broadcaster pal drained this team of so much money that they can’t fire anybody any more no matter how inexperienced or unqualified they are. So sit there and collect your paycheck with a smile…I know I am.

  8. This is a another non-issue. Every NFL player should want to be on the field. All week Culpepper was led to believe he’d be starting this game. A nationally-televised game. He was disappointed. I’d expect exactly that if I were Jim Schwartz. And saying he didn’t want to talk about it? Please. Florio’s grabbing at straws trying to make this an issue.

  9. I like Culpepper and he was always a strong force in the league, but like the other senior QBs in the league, he’s reverting back to childhood about being replaced by the younger more agile. Kerry Collins is acting the same way about Vince Young coming in down here in Tennessee.
    They’ve had their day…time to move aside. Look, Stafford got hurt twice and is STILL generating excitement for the Lions…if nothing else, let Stafford start for THAT.

  10. Hey Culpepper, just zip it there dumb dumb! Today, you should be Thankful you even have a job you slap nuts!

  11. he’s upset because he was already to start and that little bitch stafford decided he was gonna play after all right before the game.I’ll be back on this stafford topic when he ends up being a bust he is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overhyped.

  12. they were on the 24…..and have to hit the endzone….what QBs even bother making that throw on the run minus favre

  13. I truly hate NFL halftime shows…….With all the idiots dancing around the stage…….What a waste of time……

  14. I really wish that more players on offense other than Kevin Smith, Calvin Johnson and Stafford actually looked like they were trying.
    First pick, great defensive play. Second pick, what was Nortcutt doing again. Nice route and way to hang your rookie QB out to dry. Nice catch on the previous drive for the first down as well.
    Then, the last drive, only CJ was running around with a sore knee trying to get open. Everbody else, including O-line just standing around watching the rookie QB run for his lif and look for a WR.
    Good job Lions. I hope Schwartz gave you all a screaming to at halftime. Lucky to be in this game right now, for sure.

  15. Duante blew his own career—I saw every Vikings game he ever played and once Moss was gone he was lost……he couldn’t read coverages and didn’t want to put in the work like Manning or Brady. The Lions sure don’t need this big baby around with his pouting act.

  16. Pullpecker was never that much of a qb. cant read defenses. fumbler. bad decision maker. cant do a thing without a star studded supporting cast, like he had in minnehaha.
    and now he is in denial, old and slow.

  17. Nice headline: “Culpepper unhappy that Stafford is healthy?”
    Way to phrase it in the most misleadingly provocative way.
    Yup, Culpepper prayed that Stafford would die in his sleep last night — solid read by PFT all around.
    Fact is, ‘Pep has always been a class act. Whatever disappointment/frustration he might have is assuredly related to his not getting a chance to finally show he can help this team (and further his career elsewhere if necessary) —- and NOT even close to being a function of how he resents that Stafford might be “healthy” (and
    Stafford isn’t even “healthy” either — he’s just a gamer willing to play with compromised health).
    PFT goes into conniption fits and hammers lots of sites and networks for not owning up to things like piggy-backing stories, plagiarism/lack of attribution, phonying it up or whatever.
    PFT themselves should apologize to Culpepper, the Lions and the readers for such an intentionally inflammatory headline — it’s garbage meant to incite the non-thinking idiot.

  18. Culpepper is a bum. “Upset.”
    He should be THRILLED just to still get paid to play football. 1) He has ridden the coattails of Randy Moss (and that offense) his whole career… I’ll say it another way: if he hadn’t gotten to play with the young Randy Moss, he’d be driving palette trucks at Walmart right now.
    Any talent that he had went away too, when he got his knee blown out. If that hadn’t happened, at least he could’ve filled a Wildcat role. As is, he is a liability at QB (no brains).
    Again, just be happy to have a QB job, and STFU.

  19. Fumblepepper has never been an adequate QB.
    He was a failure everwhere he played, Miami, Oakland, Detroit, and the viklings.

  20. Man this quality of readers (and posters) when right down the toilet once this place was bought out. Talk about the lowest common denominator in the pro sports fanbase. I’ll spell it out for the intellectual midgets who seem to have selective and short memories.
    Culpepper was promised a fair shot at the starting job by the Detroit Lions. He busted his ass to get in shape over the offseason and came to camp only to find himself involved in an “open competition” that was a total sham. The Detroit FO decreed, via the coaching staff, that Stafford be the starter to in order to excite the fanbase and sell tickets. Matt Stafford suffered a concussion last week. He should NOT have been playing this week. But we all know the NFL couldn’t give half a shit about the players’ health or concussions in general. And lo and behold….Stafford is having an absolutely terrible game. So yeah, Culpepper is justified in being pissed.
    Seriously, start paying attention and stop being such lemmings that believe everything you hear on E!SPiN. And most of all start using your brains before you post.

  21. can’t blame a guy for being unhappy and wanting to play in a nationally televised game.
    That doesn’t mean he is ” unhappy that Staford is healthy”, as you guys wish to put it. It just means he is disappointed he isn’t getting to play.
    stop reading so much into nothing.

  22. Of course it’s an issue, that’s what this site reported on it… When was the last time a QB was visibly angry over the starter being able to play?
    Wick, put your panties back on and go to espn to get your news.

  23. Hey CaptainFantastik,
    He has gotten a fair shot at the job. If he was appreciably better, a professional football team starving for wins would be playing him.
    Fact is, he isn’t CLEARLY better–that’s why they’re giving the ball to the young kid. You’re not comparing Spud Webb to Kobe Bryant (in terms of their talent). It’s more like Kobe Bryant(Pepp) and Joe Dumars (Stafford)… (and where Peyton Manning is Yao Ming.)
    So why not play the young guy, the guy who has the upside. I pay attention, and I do know more than you about the game. So STFU.

  24. @ WICK
    Quote “Fact is, ‘Pep has always been a class act.”
    HAHAHA! really?
    was he a class act on the so called love boat?
    was he a class act when he preteded to give the disabled kid his necklace, and once the cameras went off he took the necklace back?
    how is either of these things classy?
    you have just made yourself look so stupid!

  25. @The Real Deal,
    Please check your facts before you call out someone on this site. Culpepper charges were dropped. Seems to me that Pep didn’t really have much to do with anything or else he would’ve got fined, charged, etc… As for the necklace incident, I believe his intentions were to let the person just wear the necklace during the conferance and that’s it. It might’ve been awkward, but that’s how it happened. If I remember correctly, Pep did send something out to the kid as an apology for the incident.
    The Lions are still a messed up team. Stafford is highly overrated and they need some work…But why in the world would Jimmy S, go ahead and put out Stafford when he is trying to heal up. Why not start Pep? Instead Stafford gets banged up a little bit more. Great Coaching!

  26. @ the real deal:
    What did Culpepper actually do on the love boat? What did he do personally? Culpepper was on a boat with a bunch of teammates – a segment of whom got their groove on with hired help. It got out of hand – but Culpepper wasn’t one of the drivers behind the debauchery, was he?
    Quite frankly, “real deal,” you sound like a miserable venting hypocrite not used to engaging women in social settings – clumsy and resentful of dudes who easily score chicks with a smile and joke or ten. Are you a virgin, “mr. real deal”?
    Be honest with us – the truth shall set you free.

  27. If this were a normal Sunday game being blacked out and Detriot and only being shown in the other team’s market, they would have started Culpepper. But, because this is a national TV game, the Lions can’t have the nation thinking its QB is black. Racism is the only possible explanation for starting the awful white QB who can’t even use his left arm over the perfectly healthy black QB with a long track record of success.

  28. @ DJSlyBri :
    you really should let Al Sharpton know about this…obviously a blatent example of racism..
    I’m sure Al can straighten this out

  29. @ WICK
    no-one actually knows what Culpepper did on the boat.
    but here is a FACT!
    He was on the boat! he could of got off at any time! But chose to stay aboard.
    Fact is he stayed on this boat and chose not to get off, he knew what he was doing when he boarded the boat as previous unidentified players stated this is not the first time this happened…
    OJ got off murder charges, it seems cuntpepper got off these charges..
    he is a fat whiner

  30. @ the real deal
    The boat was out in the lake, how would he get off? You try swimming in Lake Minnetonka in October.

  31. You can’t really blame Daunte. That was a great opportunity for him to go out and totally suck on national television.

  32. Daunte Culpepper is his own worst enemy. He could have stayed with the Vikings but because he was his own agent, he had a fool for a client.
    So his negotiating ability moved him from NFL starter to out on the street. What a brilliant move!
    And he went from starter on a perennial winner to playing backup behind the #1 pick in the draft on the worst team in football. It was an amazing journey. With an agent like that anything is ……..impossible!
    Way to go Daunte! Are you still acting as your own agent? Have you learned anything yet??? Well I have. This whole mess is of your own making.

  33. @ bumkz
    he knew what was going on before he got on the boat, so he should of just never boarded, this was not the first boat party of its kind in minny and if he did not know and was not informed of what goes on he is ignorant and stupid, actually he knew what was going to happen and is still ignorant and stupid

  34. @ all of you who are criticizing the Boat Party!
    I happen to personally know a few of the boyz on the infamous “Love Boat”. I have spent alot of time partying on Big Island in Lake Minnetonka, MN. I can assure you of several FACTS.
    1. Any Heterosexual male with any sort of a Libido, would have enjoyed the festivities on the “HIGH SEAS”.
    1a. So quit hating. (the women were amazing) most of you guys would cut off your right arm for that tail.
    2. Isnt that what partying like a ROCKSTAR is all about. I can tell you, if I had millions and the Stardom these guys have, there would be some way sicker shyt going on than that. Call in the hookers, a keg of Dom, jumper cables, a lighting rod, and a cornfed field mouse, and we have ourselves a party…
    SO, please dont hate the player, hate the game!
    Daunte gave us some really great years and his probowl year was amazing, wasnt it like 37 touchdowns and like 7 rushing tds…..not bad

  35. Didn’t daunte also set the turnover record with 23 interceptions and 23 fumbles? IN ONE SEASON!
    and yeah I agree, hookers are awesome, just don’t get caught,
    but what makes it disgusting is he was in a relationship at the time I believe, I may be wrong but I thought the guy had a family…however i don’t know and don’t care about a fat ass qb qho can’t play with out MOSS

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