Early results put pressure on Giants

The early games on Thanksgiving were ultimately as lopsided as football fans and executives feared.

The Packers pulled away in the second half, and the Cowboys 24-7 over the Raiders was never in doubt.  Those results put more pressure on the Giants Thursday night to keep pace in the NFC.

A loss would put the G-Men two games behind Dallas with only five to play.  It would also likely drop them behind Philadelphia, who is a heavy favorite over Washington this week.  The Giants host the Cowboys and Eagles in the first two games of December.

Of course, the game is also rather big for the Broncos.  The AFC playoff picture is even more crowded than the NFC.

More than anything, one of these teams has to show they are still capable of playing like they were early in the season. On October 11, the Broncos and Giants combined for a 10-0 record.  They are 2-8 since.

9 responses to “Early results put pressure on Giants

  1. I realize the game is on a cable network, & it is available over the air in Denver & NY too, but Josh McDaniels cussing out ( MF’n this & F’n that) his team on national tv was too much. Shame on him & the NFL for letting that get out, w/ so many young ones watching this game I’m sure. How about the fact that thiswent out on over the air stations in those 2 markets. Bob Papa’s apology doesn’t cut it, that was really bad. Happy Thanksgiving to all the little kids out there from Josh McDaniels & the NFL.

  2. Coach Josh is dropping Mother-F-Bombs and his team is leading. Gotta love that.
    They need to fire the grounds crew that put that M-F design in the endzones. Looks like the local high school field.

  3. It is nice to see that the NFL wants to fight childhood obesity.
    In one PSA, Coach McDaniels tells all the little M-Fers to get their little M-Fing fat asses outside and f-ing play for at least an f-ing hour.

  4. I’m sure little kids everywhere were turning to their parents and saying “what do those words mean?”
    Giants look worse than the Redskins.

  5. as a Denver fan i would like to apologize to all the little kids in New York who heard that word for the first time..

  6. I’m recovering from a ruptered(sp) ear drum to find out my NY football Giants are failing. Worst Thanksgiving. Ever. Aside from the family and food aspects.

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