Report: Stafford to play on Thursday

Well, the early Thanksgiving game has suddenly gotten more interesting.

Though listed as doubtful for the home game against Green Bay due to a shoulder injury suffered on the last timed down in Sunday’s win over the Browns, Lions quarterback Matt Stafford will play, per Philip Zaroo of


The first overall pick in the 2009 draft saw his stock rose in the eyes of NFL fans with a gutty performance after getting injured, evading team doctors to get back onto the field and throw the game-winning touchdown pass on the untimed down that came from the end-zone pass interference penalty that ended regularion.

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  1. I’ll just say this. I thought it was very very stupid to beat Cleveland. Detroit needs lots of help mainly on defense and need the highest draft pick they can get to take Tsuh from Nebraska. Letting Stafford go back in with an injured shoulder could have come back to haunt them if he would have taken another shot on that shoulder. Maybe surgery would have been needed. Tank the season Detroit and stock pile draft picks. You’ll be better next year if the owner is willing to sign top Free Agents

  2. Not a good idea, he is the franchise player. Get him healthy before putting him out there. Could cause more serious damage if one of those big boys on the GBs d-line plant him on that shoulder.

  3. scrapdawg12 says:
    You’ll be better next year if the owner is willing to sign top Free Agents…
    I’m sure the Fords would be more than willing to sign some big free agents. The problem is that big time free agents don’t want to go to Detroit, because they don’t want to play for a loser. That’s why tanking games would be idiotic. They need to show they can win some games, and show that they still have some fight. Stafford trudging back onto the field to win the game like that could be huge in trying to lure in a potential free agent. That display of fortitude isn’t often displayed by a QB, very reminiscent of a certain gray bearded QB a couple hundred miles to the west.
    It’s a very deep draft, and they’ll get a good player whether they pick 1st or 5th. Winning a few games is very important to this young team and coaching staff.

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