Vikings' Peterson limited in practice

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was limited in practice for the second consecutive day today.

Peterson, who suffered an ankle injury in Sunday’s win over the Seahawks, is expected to play this Sunday against the Bears. But the ankle injury is keeping him from getting the usual practice reps.

Peterson is third in the league with 999 rushing yards.

Vikings wide recever Bernard Berrian (hamstring) and Antoine Winfield (foot) were also limited in practice. They’re both expected to play as well.

32 responses to “Vikings' Peterson limited in practice

  1. Peterson is picking up on Favre’s habit of faking injuries so he has an excuse when the Bears shut him down.
    Now we just have to wait for the usual Favre report.

  2. Oh for the love of Goodness, Peterson you are my only hope in Fantasy this week. Suck it up, rub some dirt on it, take a few pills, have a shot, rub Chilli’s head do whatever you have to but play dammit……PLAY!

  3. when the bears shut him down ? is this a joke ? If that has ever happened i might agree , But even when the bears defense was good , ALL day made them look silly, This bears team isnt even the shadow of what it once was. But you keep up the hope

  4. Bears shut him down. Teams are letting Favre kill them just to try and stop A.Peterson, and they can’t stop him. Bears are a joke. Maybe there do for a lucky game.

  5. SmackMyVickUp says:
    November 26, 2009 2:13 PM
    Peterson is picking up on Favre’s habit of faking injuries so he has an excuse when the Bears shut him down.
    LMAO 175 yards and 3 tds for Peterson

  6. Peterson may be breaking down sooner than expected.
    Really hope not, but it happens, especially at RB.

  7. “Peterson is picking up on Favre’s habit of faking injuries so he has an excuse when the Bears shut him down.”
    Really SmackMyVickUp
    Here you go:
    AP game stats
    10/14 224 Rush Yards 3 TD’s
    12/12 78 Yards 2 TD’s
    10/19 121 with 2 TD’s
    11/30 1 TD’s
    Do you really think this older slower bears d is going to shut peterson down. Your crazy.

  8. @SmackMyVickUp
    You’ll never hear AD make excuses, and there’s no chance they’ll shut him down anyway. Even if they do “limit” him, Favre will pick the Bears apart…

  9. The only chance the bears HAD for shutting down AD is standing on the sidelines with his hand in a cast! Beyond that, the only Peterson that will get shut down on Sunday is the BEARS running back Adrian Peterson!

  10. The guy takes enough hits during games. No need beating him up in practice. By rules, you can rest him (sit out of practice) and list him on the injury report because he technically is missing practice.
    Doesn’t mean much. Really what do reps in practice do for him?

  11. One difference between Peterson and Hester is:
    When Hester’s pants were pulled down he said
    “” (I’m not sure what he said)
    Peterson in the same situation would say, as he runs into the endzone
    “How’s my ass taste”

  12. 1mge says:
    November 26, 2009 3:46 PM
    Chicago 24 L.A. Vikings 17
    Hey dipshit, the whole L.A. thing is both old and stupid. Come back when you have a fresh take that doesn’t suck!

  13. AP probably thinks he’s playing the Oakland Raiders practice squad when he comes against the Bear’s Defence.

  14. Hey Bob
    Ball control drill is a soccer term. You probably meant ball protection drill or ball security drill you football moron.

  15. @ Pervy…. your an idiot! Just following your lead spewing bullshit wherever you can. The thread starts out with Packers/Lion & here come you L.A. Viking idiots making comments every chance you get.
    Why don’t you find some other threads to post your Lions 24 Packers 17 line but don’t come back until you have something fresh! By the way how did your prediction work out?

  16. @Pervy… A new thread just started “Another big day for austin.”
    Why don’t you quick jump on that Dallas/Oakland thread with some dribble about how the Packers suck.

  17. @1mge
    The day the Vikings move to LA is the day you grow a set and STFU. Oh wait, you can’t grow a set…..but you can still STFU!

  18. @ 1mge- My prediction? Oh well, You guys show up sometimes against shitty teams. Don’t worry what threads I post on dipshit, obviously I hurt yo’ fragile little feelings. Damn,Packer guys are so sensitive. Don’t worry lil’ 1mge,I won’t pick on you anymore. Now go play!

  19. nothing to do with this thread, but pervy is my fav. I had no clue there was someone in the world better at talking smack than I am…

  20. EAT SHIT AND DIE PACKER FANS – lmao Pervy sure knows how to motivate
    I don’t mind packerfans as I personally know some who are friends. I just hate idiots.

  21. Pervy,
    Take your crystal ball back. Yor predictions are all wrong. Why are you typing like a brotha’ talks?

  22. To all my Riled up Viking Brothers……
    Chill…baby…chill……do you realize, childress’ master plan is working to the T…….He is monitoring the reps for both Adrian and Brett….We need them fresh for the NFC Championship game and the SuperBowl….Cmon, is there really a question as to who is the Most talented and Dominating team in this league…We have more weapons, and depth than anyone….
    Adrian will casually sneak out 145 yds…and 2td’s against the Windy city Bear Bait…ChillAx….
    Can you say…
    M. I. A. M. I.

  23. @ Supersuckers – It’s all subliminal bro..putting together the Viking team. I’m a mad genius who has the right crystal ball!!!

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