Amani Toomer: Kansas City didn't feel like pro football

After spending 13 seasons with the New York Giants, Amani Toomer wasn’t ready to retire this off-season. So in August he signed a one-year, minimum-salary contract with the Chiefs.

After less than a month in Kansas City, Toomer got cut. And now Toomer says he thinks he’s done playing football, and he doesn’t look back with fond memories of those last four weeks of his career with the Chiefs.

“I feel like it was a mistake going to Kansas City,” Toomer said, per Alex Marvez of “I played 13 years in a great organization like the Giants. I was in a preseason game with Kansas City and it felt like it wasn’t pro football to me. It kind of made it easy for me [to walk away].”

At the time he signed with the Chiefs, Toomer said, “If you look at the situation here, with a new coach, a great quarterback, it’s just a good situation for me to be in, and I’m happy to be here.”

It didn’t take long for Toomer to realize that he wouldn’t want to end his career on a bad team.

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  1. oh wait I got a better one…
    So did it not feel like “Real College Football” when you played in the Big (Pre)Ten(d) Conference??? OOOHHHH BURN AMANI!!! That’s right Big Ten. The BCS should revoke your membership….

  2. Sounds to me like it was a little too tough for the old man… I think he forgot what compitition and earning a job are all about… That’s why he was done in NY… Sorry Amani, even grizzly veterans have to earn their keep in Todd Haley’s regime!

  3. I am a Chiefs fan (insert whatever joke you want to throw at me) and I didn’t like the way they were treating the free agent signees. Toomer, Engram, Z Thomas all released. Not to mention many others that came through the door only to be cut a little later. It will amaze me if next year they can sign any top free agent after what the treatment they gave to this years free agents. Players talk to each other and just like a job search, they mention whether it’s good to play or not to play for a certain organization. They really shot themselves in the foot.

  4. If they cut him, they must have thought he “didn’t feel like” a pro football player. In the end, they’re even.

  5. It’s not like the guy is lighting it up for some other team. They cut him…sounds like sour grapes.

  6. The Giants did him wrong. Its a wonder that he even says anything remotely positive about the team. Just goes to show how much of a class act he is and always has been

  7. I’ve found in the past that the easiest thing for me to do when I get fired from a job is also to walk away. I love how he acts like it was his decision. He didn’t retire, one of the worst teams in the NFL determined he was no longer talented enough to make 500,000 to be a backup.

  8. “It kind of made it easy for me [to walk away].”
    -This cracks me up. Im sure getting cut by the Chiefs did make it easy to walk away. when you cant make that team, thats a tell tale sign to hang up the cleats. Its always funny that these guys feel like this right after their cut. no sour grapes there at all.

  9. ummm……… did any of you brain childs think he meant walk away from the NFL and not the Chiefs?

  10. Haley said about Toomer and other free agents that were signed:
    That they are going to find out if some of these veterans are retired and just don’t know it.
    Well, Haley knew he was retired, the rest of the league knew it too. He just didn’t. Now he does.

  11. He didn’t walk away from the NFL. He didn’t sign with the chiefs because he had options, and kc didn’t cut him for playing well.

  12. A friend of mine was on the Chiefs a few years ago, it was his second team, and he said the atmosphere was completely unprofessional compared to his first team. He’s now been to 2 other teams and says the Chiefs are by far least “professional” team he’s been around.

  13. A friend of mine was on the Chiefs, the Cardinals and the Redskins… He told me that each of those teams had some version of the color red in their uniforms. Also, he said that the Chiefs were the best organization around and that he loved them. Then he got cut; after he got cut he said that he hated them.
    We weren’t great friends, we were pen pals and he wouldn’t tell me his name, which means that I can’t give any of you his name. I know that he played for those three teams though, because I wouldn’t tell a lie and I know my good friend wouldn’t either.
    My friend also played for the Bears (when they were the New York Bears, of course) and he said that they were definitely bears. He told me that he got all confused one time because the coach gave the team the day off but he was really motivated so he went to the zoo and started scrimmaging with some of the bears at the zoo. I guess they didn’t want to scrimmage because it was their day off and he wound up getting bit so he didn’t like playing for the Bears anymore after that. He told me that any team that lets their players bite other players isn’t a team that he wants to play for. I agreed with him.

  14. Toomer is a good guy and hopefully he can pursue a career in TV. yeah he was pretty much washed up but he was always a quiet guy who just went out and played the game. I wish him luck

  15. # JDOGG says: November 27, 2009 7:11 PM
    Haley said about Toomer and other free agents that were signed:
    That they are going to find out if some of these veterans are retired and just don’t know it.
    Well, Haley knew he was retired, the rest of the league knew it too. He just didn’t. Now he does.
    Or is it that Haley is just such a bad talent evaluator that he doesnt know when he has a good player

  16. Bendak,
    You’re an idiot. There are lots of players in the NFL, and they do have friends that are outside of the NFL. I’m not gonna say his name, or the other teams he played for because he’s still struggling to get on an active roster. Even though I doubt the NFL employees that read this blog actually read the comments, but I wouldn’t want to risk anything for him.
    I understand you’re not very trustworthy of the internet since you found out your internet girlfriend wasn’t actually Hedi Klum, but not everyone is a liar.

  17. If the Chiefs are an unprofessional organization, it’s news to me. I say this because they always seem to be one of the classiest clubs around. They seldom have trouble players, with the exception of Larry Johnson, because they tend to sign guys with class and integrity. Also, the guys who do stick around and enjoy good careers with the Chiefs always seem to have fond memories of the place (ie. Tony Gonzalez).
    Of course, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never played for the Chiefs, nor have any friends of mine; however, i would like to know what it is the Chiefs do (or do not do) that makes them so “unprofessional”.

  18. Amani Toomer thanks for the great years as go to guy I am happy you got your ring with the Giants.
    You always were a classy guy maybe you will go to TV or maybe the NFL will hire you as a life coach for all the trash that is on the feild today
    Good Luck and thanks again I do wish you could have played one more year so that you were still a Giant when the Swamp is torn down

  19. Yeah, I don’t think he was referring to the level of play with the “professional” comment…seems like he was referring more to the organization (management, coaching, etc.)

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