Big Ben remains on track to play

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is another step closer to playing on Sunday night in Baltimore, despite sustaining a concussion (or something close to that) against the Chiefs five days ago.

According to Chuck Finder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Roethlisberger practiced on Friday with the team.

Roethlisberger reportedly has passed all tests regarding whether his eggs have sufficiently unscrambled after taking a knee to the noggin during overtime of Sunday’s loss.  On Thursday, Charley Casserly of CBS reported that Roethlisberger planned to re-enter the game if the Steelers had gotten the ball back in overtime.

But Casserly also pointed out that the league’s new sensitivity to the concussion problem will result in more stringent rules regarding a player’s ability to return after getting his bell rung. 

Currently, players who lose consciousness aren’t permitted to come back.  But guys like Raiders linebacker Jon Alston, who returned to the November 15 game against the Chiefs after suffering an apparent concussion, are still slipping through the cracks.

The problem is the absence of a clear, objective test for determining when a guy can or can’t come back.  Eventually, someone will come up with a medical device that immediately can be used to determine a guy’s status in this regard, and whoever invents the process will probably make enough money to buy an NFL team — and then rig the thing to consistently give his team’s players the green light. 

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  1. Hey Florio, I have a medical device that can determine if he can play… common sense. He suffered a concussion and as a result should not be allowed to play. But that would obviously not mean anything positive for the Steelers chances of winning a wild card spot so the NFL has kept quiet and will let him risk his career and life just to sell some tickets. Pathetic

  2. better win any rings you planned on winning sooner than later benjamin, because that body of yours is going to be a sad pile of goo soon

  3. Its funny how it doesn’t occur to anyone that he’s really OK. Perhaps he was fine and the team was going through the process to make sure he wasn’t concussed.
    And now we have the NFL medical term ‘Apparent Concussion” to be used when the team states a player is fine. Awesome. We might as well get some nationalized health care since we’re all doctors.

  4. @running’ outta fingers – you hit it right on the head.
    Its called speculation people. Just because the media wants to say it was a concussion does not mean it was. The Steelers are not going to risk Ben’s future over one game, albeit an important division game vs an arch rival.

  5. Someone please tell me now where the same story about Kurt Warner is. He says he had a concussion last week, removed himself from the game, and even further, the team has listed him as ‘questionable’ but he is expected to play.

  6. Ben is fine. He will come in and play Sunday night. The only concern I would have as the steelers or fans is the fact that the steelers lost an OL last week as well. That cant be the best thing for keeping him upright.

  7. I dislike the Steelers….not a Big Ben fan…but for the love of God…..will someone use common sense and STOP this guy from playing Sunday …for his own good and the sake of anyone who cares about him.

  8. Odds are Mr. Jefe de Acero and his side kick Sonrie will dash Raven playoff hopes to little bits while scoring on long third downs and broken plays.
    Ben will have a big game, concussion or no, because that’s what he does against Baltimore. The Ravens have shown a tendency toward choking in the big games.

  9. Facts are being left out of this one he never lost conciousness, he said he knew full well what was going on, I really dont think it was his head , i think it was more on his neck.
    I think given how Tomlin has handled other players with injuries and so on, Clarke for example,, I do not think Ben would be playing if Tomlin did not think he was able. I think he would take it out of Bens hands just like he did Clarkes.
    I have had a concussion and If Ben had a bad one he would not be practicing everyday like he has been without any symptoms.
    I love how this is spun into it is a bad decision by people and writers on here that are not DRS and medical personell. Yes that includes you Florio, I didnt know you had a medical degree to make this determination.

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