Billick a candidate at Notre Dame?

If Notre Dame was going to hire a former NFL head coach who has a Super Bowl ring and currently works as a TV analyst, most people thought it would be Jon Gruden.

But could it be Brian Billick?

As John Taylor writes at College Football Talk, Spencer Tillman of CBS Sports identified Billick, the former Baltimore Ravens head coach who led the Ravens to the Super Bowl XXXV title in 2000, as a candidate for the head-coaching job at Notre Dame.

Billick has some experience in college football, both as a player (first at Air Force and then, after transferring, at BYU) and as an assistant coach (at Redlands, BYU, San Diego State, Utah State and Stanford). But he hasn’t been involved in college football in any capacity since 1991.

Still, Notre Dame is said to want a candidate with a proven track record as a successful head coach. Billick’s status as a Super Bowl-winning head coach could make him seem like a credible choice for the decision-makers in South Bend.

12 responses to “Billick a candidate at Notre Dame?

  1. who the hell would want to go to notre dame that program has been in a tailspin since the mid 90’s .
    its not just charlie weis ..i’d rather coach in buffalo or Cleveland than at Notre dame

  2. He’d probably be a pretty good fit. He always enjoyed using large syllable words in press conference, etc. which earned him the nickname “Brainy Brian Billick” amongst Ravens fans. Notre Dame is a school which prides itself on academics as much as athletics. Plus he is a good coach…just as long as he’s not responsible for overseeing a franchise QB. ND just needs Jimmy Clausen to stick around. Maybe Kyle Boller can be ND’s QB coach one day…

  3. I don’t think it is going to be Brian Kelly. That would be a major mistake for Notre Dame. Brian Kelly has won, sure, but he is a terrible recruiter. I live in Cincinnati and he couldn’t even keep his top recruit, Alex Smith (#6 tight end in the country), committed to UC because it is so unattractive. THe kids that are leading this team are still the kids that the previous head coach, mark dantonio, recruited.

  4. Sure, blow it again. As if it’s not hard enough job being Notre Dame coach, you hire guys who clearly shouldn’t be doing it!

  5. He couldn’t get the Fresno State job back in the day, but hey, Notre Dame would be a good second prize.

  6. Child, please. Billick didn’t win crap in Balt. since the Superbowl. And he did it with a great defense and, at best, a very mediocre offense. As Minn. OC, he had Cunningham to Moss who put up historic numbers, but he couldn’t transfer that offensive success to Balt. even though he had a reputation as an offensive guru. ND needs a Lou Holtz type who found great asst. coaches that allowed him to focus on building a sustainable program that could win every year. He was a unique personality, not so much an X and O guy, as a leader who put great people in place to do the coaching. He inspired players to play hard in each game and to believe in themselves. A great leader and motivator who brought out the best in people. He had the whole package, a rarity in the rock star, personality-driven world of head coaches that pervades football today.

  7. You mean Brian Billick, the OFFENSIVE GEINUS who won a superbowl because his defense was unbeatable.
    You mean Brian Billick who was only given a HC job because of his offense in Minny? Ya know, when Culpepper threw jump balls to Randy Moss…again and again and again. I will give him credit for sticking with what worked that year.

  8. I think i’d rather see Billick there at least he knows about DEFENSE….again he just needs a Offense Coordinator and that team can kill.
    But i think i’d rather be punched in the nuts everyday for the rest of my life then be the ND coach for one day

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