McDaniels takes a shot at NFL Network

The most exciting moment in last night’s 26-6 snooze fest between the Broncos and the Giants came when NFL Network aired a recorded clip from Denver coach Josh McDaniels, during which he yelled at his offensive linemen, “All we’re trying to do is win a mutherf–king game!”

After the game, the drama hadn’t fully subsided.

Asked about the incident, McDaniels showed the back of his hand to the broadcast operation owned by his boss, Pat Bowlen, and the 31 folks who hold the keys to NFL teams.

“It’s the NFL Network,” McDaniels said, according to the Denver Post.  “It doesn’t surprise me.”


McDaniels didn’t elaborate, but we wish he would have.  Sure, the NFLN game broadcasts have left something to be desired at times, with Bryant Gumbel breaking out his Kermit the Frog pipes to apply names like “Al” to 49ers running back Frank Gore and to inexplicably refer to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo as “Rick.”  Earlier this year, an audio glitch gave many fans an announcerless game for much of a full quarter.  And we still can’t process words uttered by Matt Millen into any message other than “I was the worst executive in the history of organized sports.”

Still, it’s NFL Network.  Our single favorite non-NBC channel.  So we’re willing to tolerate a periodic glitch, and we don’t think anything NFL Network ever has done would make last night’s mistake something other than a surprise.

Meanwhile, NFLN executive producer Eric Weinberger reiterated the on-air apology that accompained the accidental “F” bomb.

“We wish we could have caught it,” Weinberger said, per the Post.  “We
apologize for ever airing anything like that, absolutely.  Especially on
Thanksgiving.  It’s a mistake.”

The bigger question that someone will have to answer internally is whether NFLN “should” have caught it.  And it’s the kind of question that could be resolved with someone who was gainfully employed on Thanksgiving looking for work by Christmas.

The silver lining in all of this?  DJ Steve Porter now has some great ammunition for an update of the best sports mash-up we’ve ever seen.

67 responses to “McDaniels takes a shot at NFL Network

  1. After watching the NFL network do a game for the first time this season, I will not be watching another game on there. Matt Millen is terrible, Papa is terrible everything they did was terrible down to how the scroll the starters for each team at the bottom of the screen. The only thing the NFL network is good for is the off season and the Rookie combine. Everything else is terrible.

  2. Deion looks like a clown with a shaved head and little white patch under his chin. Millen is tolerable for 1/4 of a game.
    The f-bomb was just another fu**up in a long list of screw-ups. Not something I’d pay for an extra package onto cable or satellite until they make quite a few changes.

  3. It appeared like someone did it on purpose because they were returning from a commercial, and this replay had obviously been cued to demonstrate McDaniels’ anger.
    It wasn’t like an accident where the live mic caught some inadvertant cursing.
    Must see tv though.

  4. Also from the Post article:”
    ” While we all know pro football ain’t church, McDaniels got burned by a league-partner network that committed a major blunder. If the tirade had been caught live, the mistake could be excused for a sport played on television without a seven-second delay. But get this: The NFL Network came back from a break in the game action to show McDaniels chewing out his players on videotape. Shouldn’t somebody listen to this stuff before it’s aired? “

  5. Can someone please answer me why the hell all you bloggers like this absolutely garbage piece of shit network. They never do a damn thing right. Can’t even catch an expletive as loud as that, are you serious. Employing Matt Millen, Deion Sanders, and Michael Irvin. I mean how do you open a topic showing the networks garbage, and then praise it. Do you have inside information from them? At least then id understand instead of just calling you morons, yet again, for the millionth time…

  6. The NFL network just goes about everything all wrong. There is a tremendous amount of commentary talent out there that is yet to be discovered, yet they only go for the biggest name they can get. Which ends up being people that can’t get a job at ESPN, CBS, NBC, or FOX. So they always end up with rejects. They could even make a reality show for the contest to become the next announcer and I guarantee anyone who won that would be better than Gumbel or Millen or even Collinsworth.

  7. Florio says, “it is favorite non NBC channel”, — Florio do you every get tired of sucking up to NBC?

  8. So Rosenthal is offended by hearing that vulgarity – likely the first time in his life – and Florio fans the flames. Who cares about his language: never heard of a coach keeping his job because he always talks like he’s touring a convent.
    I don’t watch the NFL network for the production, commentators or anything else. I watch it when they have a game on. Everything else is pap. Maybe the network executives might consider concentrating on the actual game instead of the amazing pre-game analysis and predictions.

  9. I’ll say it like this….and someone said it on another post. 5 second delay NFLN! Learn to USE it!!! This stuff happens all day long on the other networks, but they have people WATCHING for it and they (for the most part) CATCH it and keep it clean! If you think it doesn’t happen, you’re on a desert island!
    Now as far as the quality of the broadcasters/announcers…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, just because you played for 5-10 years and had some “superstar” status doesn’t mean you’re a natural for sitting in front of the camera…at least not to host the show…guest, yeah, but let someone who knows what they’re talking about host the show.

  10. I love it. They should just put a censored commercial up before a game that you may hear language like no other show. Part of the game is the sidelines and the sidelines is where guys blow their top. I would really be interested watching a game and during commercial timeouts, a camera on the sidelines is live with audio. I would like to hear what the guys scream and yell. I don’t care what the language is. I curse on a normal basis and cursing is just part of the game that keeps these guys pumped up. Amen for the NFL network and Redzone

  11. This type of coverage just reminds me how much of a Puritan country we remain to be. I mean, we watch large, angry, violent men collide…we watch grown men stomp on the heads of other players…we watch murderers roam the field head-hunting for cheap shots (RAY RAY!)…
    Just words, everybody. Just words.

  12. The only way this is even semi excusable for the network itself is if they are using a delay and someone fell asleep on the switch and they didn’t “catch it”.
    Somehow, I doubt they were doing that though, with all their other problems, I don’t think NFL Network would put up the $$ needed to make that delay possible.
    Someone needs to lose their job over this one……

  13. Can’t blame the coach for this one…even though he looked like an A-hole during the rant.
    Does the NFLN not use a delay?
    Being 5-10 seconds behind live action will not hurt the braodcast.

  14. Maybe everybody should go back and listen to the question that was asked at the press conference.
    I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like: “What do you think of the NFL Network HAVING TO APOLOGIZE for the accidental airing of your sideline expletive?”
    His COMPLETE answer (again paraphrasing): “THAT’S FOOTBALL.” (i.e. cussing and football go hand in hand) and then the “It’s the NFL Network. It doesn’t surprise me.”
    Might it be that he was commending the NFL Network for apologizing not only for their goof, but also for his “goof”? He wasn’t about to apologize for something that’s part of the game (That’s football), but fully expected the NFL Network to do so. Like he said, it didn’t surprise him because he feels the NFL Network would own up to their mistake.
    That’s just the way I see it.

  15. Snore…..
    A football Coach cusses during a Football game, I’m shocked and appalled. I thought it was all kittens and gumdrops. Who would of thunk these guys use such words ?
    Go listen to your kids rap music and you will hear much worse.

  16. This is out of control. Was anyone killed or seriously hurt upon the utterance of those words? Did an angel lose its wings? Did grandpa fall down and not have the capability to get back up?
    What in the world are we doing in this country? We have people who are selling the children to pedophiles; we have people who eat out of garbage cans and we have senators selling their votes on socializing the healthcare system! All of this and more is happening and we have people issuing sincere apologies(well thats what THEY said) in a quiet somber tone of the word Mother-effer? Please someone bitch-slap anyone who wrote – called and texted a complaint on this issue. If you had to spend 20 seconds talking to your children that you should not use that type of language or at least when you do, consider your company, then what happened was good. Just simply pathetic, just simply pathetic.

  17. I have 1 word for all my Brothers……
    M. U. T. E.
    This word will solve many of your issues…..I use all the time…..Since the last crop of announcers retired, we have a new wave of awful announcers.. Collinsworth…(could he be any more negative, the guy bums me out)…Millen ( wow , what a failure) Troy the homo , AIkmen, (states the obvious) JAWS , (total doorknob),
    Honestly, Jon Gruden is refreshing, and Joe Buck is Steller, start with those 2 and AXE the rest….
    LOL, how about Shannon Sharpe….azibbadabadoozibabazadazoboby….can anyone understand a word he says???

  18. Can smell McDaniel’s insecurity through the TV – but NFL network does suck. Try watching the game online….. You have morons chiming in on the game, while the game is going. There’s what 45 seconds between plays and they’re cutting to sideline updates when the plays are in progress? I don’t think I’ll be tuning in online anymore.

  19. @bloodystupidjohnson:
    Liberals never get tired of sucking up to their leaders! As for the F bomb. The last time I checked NFLN is a cable channel and they can air that if they want to. It may have been a test to get reaction from the audiance. Really Mike should we fire everyone. Man you would be a prick to work for. People are humans, not computers Dork.

  20. Bad as Matt Millen was, I don’t think he could rationally be declared worse than Isiah Thomas with the Knicks.

  21. Telecast wasn’t that bad. I was hoping to hear Matt’s comments on another Lions embarrasing loss earlier in the day… no such luck.
    It wasn’t John Madden and Al Michaels, but not too bad. I just want to watch the games and retain a lower expectation of the commentating.

  22. The NFL needs to apologize for the three crap games that fans were subjected to all day. If the tryptophan and carbs didn’t put you to sleep then the games surely did.
    As for the NFLN, Eisen, Faulk and Woodson are worth watching.

  23. I thought this was great and people should see the game for what it is and what really goes on. Stuff like this takes you deeper into the game.
    F*CK the whiny christians who can not handle real life!

  24. Besides the horrid commentating on the NFLN, it truly seems like Florio Jr and his rug rats schoolmates are running the camera’s and production room.
    The UFL puts on a better production, and definitely have better men working the camera’s

  25. Maybe Josh meant that since NFL Networks have mics everywhere that these things are going to happen…..or he meant it as a huge dig at the network. Tough call, but I think Josh’s paycheck will be a little lighter in the coming weeks.
    I have to say I love the NFL Network, except for their football game broadcast. I love Rich Eisen and I even like Deion and his act.

  26. With the loss of Schefter NFLN is sinking fast. He was their best guy and having guys like Matt Millen come onboard to fill the gap destroy any credibility they have.
    Not to mention the anti-trust issues of broadcasting their own games on a network you have to pay for. That has to violate the anti-trust exemption.

  27. “And it’s the kind of question that could be resolved with someone who was gainfully employed on Thanksgiving looking for work by Christmas.”
    Happy holidays to you too Florio- man with the easiest job in the world. Didn’t you or someone on your staff mistype pubic for public in one of your thousands of posts? Was there any discipline for that?
    NFL network is not the only one to do this. Pretty much every other week you can pick up foul language in the crowd noise, but that’s ignored.

  28. I’ve always known NFL network has the worst Marketing department around. How they can f-up presenting the best game around is another story. To say the network lacks professionalism is an understatement. They should leave it to some network that is able to do their product justice. NASCAR learned that ESPN does that for them.
    The media shouldn’t complain about anything. Compared to them, lawyers are truth seekers.

  29. @ fanoffour
    amen on the rap music comment, dont forget video games, movies, msnbc liberal bias, and all of the other forms of crap that kids are subjected to on a daily basis.

  30. It was not live. They came back from a commercial and the intro stated clearly, “let’s show you how Josh McDaniels addressed his offense moments ago…”…
    Great to see a guy get passionate about his team’s poor execution in the red zone.
    He’s right. They have lost 4 in a row (including one to the Deaskins). They’re trying to win a MF game. Let’s do your job.
    Seemed to work.
    Why is this McDaniels’ problem? He’s just a guy trying to get the most out of his team.
    NFL network screwed up. Again. He’s not surprised. Next story.

  31. I hope NFL network loses the games from this. Not because of the swearing, because who cares about that? Except for the 5 year old that was up past his bedtime watching the Broncos Giants game…and even he doesn’t care. He thinks it’s funny…but anyway, I hope they lose the Thursday night games so I can actually watch them! Time Warner sucks, but that’s what we’re stuck with.

  32. more than the vulgarity, it’s to bad the NFL doesn’t feel compelled to apologise for the crappy quality of football they put on Thanksgiving day, it’s a shame the NCAA doesn’t feel compelled to put games on Thanksgiving day so football fans have a choice, the games sucked, so it’s doubtful many people even heard the comments, my God, how many people can sit thru 3 games like THAt, in one day?

  33. “Earlier this year, an audio glitch gave many fans an announcerless game for much of a full quarter.”
    What a blessing…too bad all televised NFL games don’t have this problem. I would never need to use the mute button again.

  34. Real emotion on TV?!? OMG! Now that’s reality television.
    I love Bob Papa, but I’m biased b/c I listen to “The Opening Drive” w/ him on Sirius Radio every morning. But Matt Millen? What credibility does this guy have besides putting a franchise 15 years behind with terrible draftpicks?
    The shows on the NFL Network are awesome, especially “Playbook” and “NFL Replay.” Because of this channel I no longer have to listen to the idiots over @ ESPN who talk out their asses.
    Rich Eisen > ESPN

  35. Gee; I didn’t see it, In fact I couldn’t see it.
    My Cable Company (Cable One) doesn’t carry it. I have no access to Dish/Direct TV, I never get to see NFLN.

  36. will McDANIELS get fined for his backhanded swipe at the NFL Network? he can’t have a lower opinion of the NFLN than I do, but his comment is refreshing for being candid, an NFL Coach SWEARING on the sidelines during a football game, bet that’s NEVER happened before???

  37. Rich Eisen is AWESOME!!!!
    Marshall Faulk is a douche who still can’t get over the Pats upsetting the Rams in SB XXXVI. He is so biased and should not even be allowed on the network.
    Hopefully they will bring back that great segment where Jamie Dukes was a little kid. Not!

  38. While the game-time coverage from NFLN is terrible, no doubt about it, Playbook and NFL Total Access are quality shows using quality people that KNOW what they’re talking about because they’re almost all former players, half of whom are HOFers.
    Maybe some of you dickwads out there that think the utterly mindless dribble on ESPN, with all its hype and bright, shiny segues is good stuff, well, it’s hardly surprising to hear uninformed comments like needing to pay for it (its free on Comcast now), which is not a blanket mandate from NFLN, mixed with comments that slam the NFLN as a whole when it is OBVIOUS the majority of you wagging your tongue have never watched any of its regular programming… y’all are the old school fan and I’m embarassed to patronize the same online blog you do (nomatter how fickle the posting approval process may be around here in a given day/hour/minute/moment).

  39. president charlie, I’m not fan of the guy, but I think Millen’s credibility stems from two things: his fairly successful career as an NFL linebacker, and the fact that he was widely regarded as the best up and coming analyst before he left to see how deep he could bury the Lions franchise.

  40. NFL Network is awesome most of the time but their game broadcasts need some work. And Deion is annoying. Who ever decided that Matt Millen was a great color commentator. When the Lions canned him all the networks were tripping over themselves to get Matt Millen on board. Why? I never thought he was anything more than a grade C broadcaster.

  41. The NFL Network is operating at about 20% efficiency. How funny is it that they copy the ESPN format, showing Total Acess over and over the way ESPN shows Sportscenter. I believe the head douchebag at NFLN came from ESPN and apparently he’s out of good ideas.
    It could be and should be so much more. It’s an embarassment to the greatest League in the country. And my comments have nothing to do with last night’s blunder, which I couldn’t care less about.
    The NFL Network should change it’s name to “The NFL Since The NFL Network Came Into Existence Network”. Then maybe we could get another network that actually covers the NFL the way it should be, past and present.

  42. OMG
    The world is ending, life as I know it is over.
    Fan_of_Four has made an intelligent post. One I agree with. Listen to your kids rap music–it’s much worse.
    You go girl

  43. Doesn’t surprise me. One time Bryant Grumbler referred to me as Hank Stram’s toupee.
    An Idea for NFL Network. Have the radio teams from both cities announce the gams.
    Get rid of grumbler et all.

  44. C’mon..really?…is it that big of a deal… its freaking cable television..there is more cursing going on regular televison programming. Don’t mike the players and coaches up if you don’t expect to hear some vulgar language, especially on the side line when the coach is pissed as hell they just had 3 offside penalities on the same drive….as far as Matt Millen he is ok, but how many freaking times did we hear him talk about Orton calling out the Mike LB……

  45. NFLn spent an entire offseason mocking and ridiculing the Broncos– Josh McD and Kyle Orton in particular. They’d sit around and have circle jerks on how incompetent McD was and how worthless Kyle Orton was. They’d just stop short of lighting each others farts and punching each other in the shoulder. It went well below the standards of acceptable journalism– even when you factor in the NFL media qualifier. It was clearly personal and it went unabated. Anybody that paid close attention would realize that it exposed the utter lack of talent and character on that network, and any success of McD or Orton is a frontal attack on the very credibility of the operation. Yet the rest of the NFL media lemmings are far more interested in covering each other’s six and agreeing in mass– I guess its a risk aversion tactic; the idea being that when y’all are wrong you can declare ‘everybody’ wrong– than they are regulating themselves. Long story short, its not surprising that the rest of the media is already accepting the network’s ‘apology’ at face value and subtly suggesting that Crazy Josh is paranoid or something by ignoring what is clear: This was yet another calculated attempt to embarrass a man that’s made fools of the whole lot of you. It seems to have backfired.
    What’s funnier is the inability of the NFL media to pick up nuance…like how Rich Eisen, right after McD’s comments, immediately understood exactly what he is saying: “If by any means McD is insinuating…” It reminded me of my potty training daughter, who likes to say, “I not have poop in my pants, daddy”, just after she has loaded a diaper with the smelly stuff.
    The NFL ought to be ashamed of its network and maybe this incident will finally start opening some eyes.

  46. A few years ago a game was broadcast without the constant idiotic and useless commentary from the “men in the booth”. The fan heard the sounds from the field and the sidelines. At first I thought that there was a glitch but the play by play announcer spoke a few words at the end of the half. This continued in the second half. It was great. We need more sounds from the field and less from the booth. We need more video coverage of the field between plays during change of personal and less of coaches and players showing emotion. There is to much time away from the big picture of what is happening on the field and too much showing the predetermained script of the network and their storyline stooges. If a coach swears at the players, well that is a part of the game.

  47. Who cares! The game was late at night and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time an “innocent” child would have heard those words! It’s not like showing bombs flying all over the place and killing thousands of people on prime time…. oh yeah, shock and awe! My bad!
    You got to love hypocrisy!

  48. reading these comments about the NFL Network makes me wonder WHO has more douche bags talking about football, NFL Network OR ESPN?

  49. purplepuzzyeatrz said:
    “LOL, how about Shannon Sharpe….azibbadabadoozibabazadazoboby….can anyone understand a word he says???”
    hahaha it’s funny cause it’s true!
    and yeah, I want to pull my hair out listening to Collinsworth. He makes playing Madden 10 just a little less fun.

  50. Jon Snow says: November 27, 2009 10:21 AM
    Maybe everybody should go back and listen to the question that was asked at the press conference.
    I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like: “What do you think of the NFL Network HAVING TO APOLOGIZE for the accidental airing of your sideline expletive?”
    His COMPLETE answer (again paraphrasing): “THAT’S FOOTBALL.” (i.e. cussing and football go hand in hand) and then the “It’s the NFL Network. It doesn’t surprise me.”
    Might it be that he was commending the NFL Network for apologizing not only for their goof, but also for his “goof”? He wasn’t about to apologize for something that’s part of the game (That’s football), but fully expected the NFL Network to do so. Like he said, it didn’t surprise him because he feels the NFL Network would own up to their mistake.
    That’s just the way I see it.
    Good point, I hadn’t thought of that.
    I like JM but sometimes he does come across as a bit cocky though.

  51. Hey Florio, The NFLN is a cable channel, so they can get away w/ foul language o ver the air, but did this “recordered” piece aair on the over the air channels in Denver & NY? That is the big question Florio because that invites in the FCC, can’t believe you didn’t catch that!! Also, since this was recorded, why wasn’t it caught? The regular Thursday night football employees had off for Thanksgiving so they brought in temps to do the job? Come on Florio, I realize it’s your favorite channel after your BFF’s @ NBC, but you need to go after them on this 1.

  52. I’m an NFLN addict so it hurts to say that the broadcasts suck. Eisen is getting old. He’s like an annoying chihuahua, yapping on and on. They should turn the whole network over to the Playbook crew. Mike Mayock is the man. I could listen to him talk about knitting. Put him and brian billick in the booth for three hours and you’ll know more about football than Al Davis has forgotten the past three years. Through in Sterling Sharpe for color commentary and you’ve got a great team.

  53. How didn’t they catch that? Did I read that was pre recorded on top of it all?
    What kind of network lets that happen on Thanksgiving? How many young adults look up to these players and coaches and think thats cool now? I guess this place needs to keep the future trolls coming….

  54. Come om, Mike. You like NFLN because they “interview” you on those “Best 10 whatever of all time” shows.

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