Schwartz doesn't regret starting Stafford

Four interceptions by Matthew Stafford hasn’t caused Lions coach Jim Schwartz to rethink his decision to start the rookie on Thanksgiving. 

“No second thoughts at all,” Schwartz said Friday. “Him throwing the interceptions had nothing to do with his

Stafford looked to be in pain late in the game, and Troy Aikman of Fox was critical of Schwartz for playing Stafford after Detroit fell behind 34-12. Schwartz said the kid felt “no ill effects” of playing.

It’s hard to be too critical of Schwartz here, especially after applauding Stafford for playing through pain at the end of the Browns game.  The result was different Thursday, but provided a learning experience for Stafford.  And that’s what this Lions season is mostly about.

The Lions have found their quarterback.  (Now they just need more players to help him.)

17 responses to “Schwartz doesn't regret starting Stafford

  1. Stafford is hurt. They are going to get him killed. If he comes through this year and isn’t shell shocked, it’ll be a miracle.

  2. Really Lions??? Really??? You totally suck…your supposed FRANCHISE QB is injury/in pain…u have a more than capable backup(especially if u r the lions) in Culpepper. YOU seriously sit Culpepper for a kid my age that is injured? Really???? Lions…we r like 21/22…we will play if we can..but sit us if i know it is for our long term best! Wow…….

  3. i don’t really care about the lions, but it would be a shame to see matt stafford get david carr’d. they better put together an offensive line for him soon.

  4. They break first round QBs. It’s what they do. They threw Harrington to the wolves too. They’ll break their own QB mentally by the end of his 2nd season.
    Great job you clowns. Keep it up even after Millen is gone!

  5. Schwartz is a good guy and a heck of a coach. It’s only a matter of time before the Lions, yes the Lions can start playing w/the big boys. Stafford will be fine there. Schwartz needs time to get his defensive players in there, and when that happens you’ll see the offense benefit greatly. Just ask the Titans how they’re doing this year w/ out Schwartz as their DC.

  6. If Culpepper doesn’t throw a fit before the game he would have came out and played at halftime. Stafford showed toughness and all that brooha, give him some rest.

  7. They threw Harrington to the wolves too.
    Yeah instead of being a bust Joey would’ve had a bust, were it not for actually playing him his rookie year.
    This argument can kiss my rear end.
    Anyone that lived through the Joey Harrington debacle knows it’s plain on its face there is no comparison between Stafford and Harrington. The distinction being a spine and a pair of onions.

  8. I’m surprised someone created a helmet large enough to encompass Stafford’s fat face.
    So, how did his parents’ divorce affect him?

  9. The more experience for Stafford now, the sooner we will start winning games. No sense in starting Culpepper, when he’s not even going to be on your team the next year. The more picks he throws now, the less he will throw in the coming years. I think this kid has got what it takes to be an elite QB in this league. GO LIONS!

  10. I agree with everything said about Stafford being a good kid and will be a good QB, but there’s no way that I would have had him start Thursday after having his shoulder popping out on Sunday. That’s just plain-old stupid.
    You have invested all this money in a guy that can lead your franchise out of the doldrums and you let him run out of the field- hurt as all get-out, and allow him to play a game? See that’s why you pay money for a backup QB. That’s basically his job. If he can’t do his job; which is play better than a 21 year-old, one-handed rookie, then take him off your roster and get you a lineman.
    I tell you: I can see no excuses for having him out there but to try to ruin him. He’s already tough- you’ve seen that. Now prove to him that you care by benching him. And if he complains- tough! Let him know that he’s the franchise- and you’re not going to jeopardize the franchise to win a meaningless game on Thanksgiving to a team that you really had no chance of beating in the first place.
    If I was in the management office, I would have had a long conversation and basically told Schwartz that Stafford’s not playing that game. I would have forbidden him from even dressing out. If need be, I would have had him sitting with the owners.
    That was one big, dumb move!

  11. being a good kid in the nfl will get you nothing but early retirement. nobody will care if you’re a good kid with a bum arm.
    secondly, if the 4 INTs had nothing to do with his injury, you got bigger problems.
    third, i don’t care WHAT culpepper said before the game or any other time. he plays, stafford sits. sombody needs to look out for stafford’s future, which if he’s lucky, WON’T be with the lions.

  12. “They break first round QBs. It’s what they do. They threw Harrington to the wolves too. They’ll break their own QB mentally by the end of his 2nd season.”
    You could compare him to a Lions bust, or you could compare him the Cowboys legend that was calling the game. Looks like Troy’s concussions are making him forget Jimmy Johnson also threw him to the wolves first season and let him go winless (and let another rookie, Steve Walsh, start a few games over him). It all depends on Stafford’s resilience and the cast they put around him.

  13. ………says all the keyboard warriors who have probably never coached a popwarner game in their lives, let alone any sort of professional sport

  14. Fumblepepper always was a terrible QB with a low wonderlic, and no leadership qualities. All he does is commit turnovers.
    Stafford injured is far far better than playing no skills Fumblepepper.
    Fumblepepper would have had double the turnovers.

  15. 1. Culpepper is horrible, fumbles, ints, etc.. look it up.
    2. Stafford needs all the ups and downs he can get. Throw a game winner one week, throw the game away the next week.
    3. The more experience he has, the better…..and the more he learns, the more all of you get nervous.
    4. An AC sprain on a non throwing shoulder is not a significant injury.

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