Belichick won't say whether Vollmer has a concussion

During a Saturday press conference conducted in advance of Monday night’s game at New Orleans, Patriots coach Bill Belichick opted not to talk about whether the “head” injury from which rookie left tackle Sebastian Vollmer is suffering is actually a concussion.

“Whatever’s on the injury report, that’s what it is,” Belichick said with a smile, per Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.  “Does that help?”

So then the question became why Vollmer re-entered last week’s game against the Jets, after that apparent “head” injury.

“All the medical decisions are made by medical people,” Belichick said.  “The doctors don’t call plays, and I don’t do surgeries. . . . They don’t substitute players and call plays.  I don’t get involved in surgeries.  That’s a little deal we have.”

We already feel sorry for the independent neurologist who’ll someday have to tell Belichick that one of his key players won’t be cleared to participate in an important game due to a “head” injury. 

Indeed, at that moment Belichick decide to get involved in a surgery.  Without anesthesia.  On the indepedent neurologist.