Fassel says he plans to return to UFL

As part of the same FanHouse.com article in which Florida Tuskers coach Jim Haslett says he already has been contacted by an NFL team, Las Vegas Locomotives coach Jim Fassel says he plans to return to the UFL in 2010.

I loved this,” Fassel said.  “I loved coaching in
this league and I just had a ball coaching these guys.  You saw the
character and the toughness they have.”

Translation?  Fassel, who coached the Giants from 1997 through 2003, knows he’s got no chance of getting an NFL head-coaching job.

Or maybe Fassel has realized that he needs to play it cool in order to generate NFL interest.  Indeed, he tried out a very uncool approach last November, sending a “please hire me” letter to Raiders owner Al Davis.

Fassel says he won’t rule out a return to the NFL.  But he says he wouldn’t want to “go there and be miserable and lose.”

In other words, he has decided in the past 12 months that he doesn’t want to coach the Raiders, after all.

6 responses to “Fassel says he plans to return to UFL

  1. Geez Florio. What do you want the guy to say? ‘F-off everybody. Take your league and go straight to hell. I’m out of here.’
    He’s not stupid. He’ll take an NFL job if offered but he’s not going to unnecessarily burn bridges for no reason.
    And why wouldn’t Fassel have a shot at an NFL job? He’s mentored some excellent NFL QBs. He’s been to a Super Bowl in this decade. He just led his UFL team to a championship. He was the NFL’s Coach of the Year in the late 90s. He’s got a winning career NFL record.
    I’d take him over a lot of current NFL head coaches, that’s for sure.

  2. In other more important news….I have decided to continue being an electrician and won’t be pursuing a head coaching job in the NFL.
    However, if they do call, I will listen.

  3. He needs to take an OC job if offered one and ease his way back in if thats what he wants to do. As was already mentioned, he’d be a great QB coach for some young kid just starting out.
    Only thing is, he’s very much a ‘players’ coach. Whats bad about that, you may ask? Watch the end of the 2003 Giants’ season for your answer

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