Freeney out for Colts

Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney, who usually finds a way to overcome injuries, won’t be playing on Sunday against the Texans.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Freeney stayed home in Indianapolis, due to an abdominal injury that had rendered him questionable.

The 10-0 Colts face the 5-5 Texans at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Six other Colts are listed as questionable.  It’s not known at this point whether any of the other six stayed home.  They are cornerback Kelvin Hayden (knee), linebacker Ramon Humber (calf), tackle Charlie Johnson (foot), tight end Gijon Robinson (concussion), and quarterback Jim Sorgi (right shoulder).   

14 responses to “Freeney out for Colts

  1. Jim Sorgi (right shoulder).
    Does not matter he could not carry Paytons Jock let alone the team

  2. Well, this sucks. Freeney out, Johnson more than likely out. That means backups starting at right defensive end AND left tackle. Hard to win a game like that.
    Oh well, I’d rather Freeney get healed up than risk further injury in a semi-meaningless game.
    Coyer better dial up some pressure tommorrow.
    Go Colt’s.

  3. Only if the “good” Texans team shows up to play they could hand the Colts their first loss. If the same “bad” Texans show up that played the Titans, Freeney’s absence won’t make much difference as the Colts glide to an easy win.

  4. does anybody have any idea of Anthony Gonzalez’s injury status ? he’s been missing for 10 games(or 9 games + some quarters) but is not on the IR :S

  5. The Texans have lost four starters to injury this season.
    They lost their starting free safety for the season last week. They lost both starting guards and a Pro Bowl TE earlier in the season.
    Texans TD production is way down as they continue to adjust to the loss of Owen Daniels three games ago.
    Ask Peyton how he would like losing Dallas Clark. That’s the impact of Schaub losing Daniels.

  6. Guatam:
    Gonzalez was originally scheduled to come back after the bye, but had a setback and had his knee scoped on the bye week. They’ve been pretty quiet since then. I think they’re keeping him around for the playoffs, rather than bringing someone else in that doesn’t know the system.
    Sorgi’s been inactive for the last two games with the shoulder injury. I’m surprised it’s gone so under the radar, because that makes Curtis Painter the backup if Peyton gets hurt.

  7. roe says:
    November 28, 2009 6:59 PM
    How did Sorgi hurt his shoulder? Pounding off on the couch?
    It was the Sorgi sandwich from Ray and Ed’s deli.

  8. If Texans don’t pull this one off they are officially a lousy team that will never contend….

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