Hall of Fame announces 25 semifinalists

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has whittled its laundry list of 2010 modern-day nominees down to 25 semifinalists.

They are, as listed right here, receiver Cliff Branch, receiver Tim Brown, receiver Cris Carter, coach Don Coryell, running back Roger Craig, running back Terrell Davis, center Dermontti Dawson, defensive end Richard Dent, defensive end Chris Doleman, linebacker Kevin Greene, guard Russ Grimm, punter Ray Guy, defensive end Charles Haley, cornerback Lester Hayes, linebacker Rickey Jackson, defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy, owner Art Modell, defensive tackle John Randle, receiver Andre Reed, receiver Jerry Rice, tight end Shannon Sharpe, running back Emmitt Smith, Commissoner Paul Taglabue, receiver Steve Tasker, and cornerback Aeneas Williams.

Mail ballots will be used to trim the list of 25 to 15, with results announced on January 7.

The list will then bulge to 17 with the addition of the Seniors Committee finalists — Dick LeBeau and Floyd Little.  Up to five modern-day finalists may be elected for enshrinment on February 6.  One, both, or neither of the Seniors Committee nominees also may be Cantonized at that same time.

No-brainers for enshrinement are Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice.  Tim
Brown might have to wait until Carter gets in.  Reed arguably should
get in before either of them.  Sharpe also has a strong chance of
making it through.

As to the Seniors Committee nominees, there’s a strong sense that LeBeau will make it.  Even though, technically, he’s being considered only for his efforts as a player, LeBeau’s decades of work as an assistant coach — and his role in the two most recent Super Bowl wins by the Steelers — is giving his bid the same kind of boost that John Madden received from his stellar broadcasting career and the profound impact of his Madden video game series, which made pro football more understandable and accessible to young fans, many of whom can now manage a clock much better than half of the men who work as NFL head coaches.

69 responses to “Hall of Fame announces 25 semifinalists

  1. andre reed should get in before tim brown? and cris carter? and tim brown should have to wait for cris carter? am i missing something? tim brown is a first ballot hall of famer… he never had a quarterback until he was 35 years old! this is ridiculous…. he has always gotten hated on and this is no different… tim brown should have to wait for cris carter… and andre reed should get in over carter and tim brown?! ARE YOU CRAZY?! in the words of ochocinco, C’MON SON!!!
    (by the way, 5 raiders on that list, more than any other team)

  2. Cliff Branch, receiver No.
    Tim Brown, receiver Yes, he deserve to be in.
    Cris Carter, broadcast consultant No.
    coach Don Coryell, maybe
    running back Roger Craig, No
    running back Terrell Davis, No
    center Dermontti Dawson, No
    efensive end Richard Dent, close or maybe
    defensive end Chris Doleman, No way
    linebacker Kevin Greene, Maybe
    guard Russ Grimm, Close
    punter Ray Guy, a punter?!! Never
    defensive end Charles Haley, unlikely
    cornerback Lester Hayes, should not.
    linebacker Rickey Jackson, No
    defensive tackle Cortez Kennedy, No
    owner Art Modell, Yes his longevity and history are worthy
    defensive tackle John Randle, Never did anything
    receiver Andre Reed, maybe
    receiver Jerry Rice, Sure bet
    tight end Shannon Sharpe, No
    running back Emmitt Smith, I don’t like him but can’t keep him out.
    Commissoner Paul Taglabue, Never!!
    receiver Steve Tasker, undeserving like a punter. cornerback Aeneas Williams, No
    Can’t have more than 5.

  3. ya thats ridiculous that hes not in, or even a semifinalist… you think the league has something against the raiders?

  4. Duh for smith and rice. Carter is a no brainer as well, you’ve got to wonder if they didnt make him wait because rice wasnt in allready, which is complete bullshit imho. sharpe deserves it less than carter, randle doesnt have much of a shot, but he did a hell of an impact and there are no other DT’s (not that it matters) Ray Guy should be a lock too, need a good punter to get in now and then.
    Every year carter doesnt get in is a huge loss to canton and a slap in the face to one of the most dominate recievers of his time. the guy was maybe even better than rice. if you put carter on the same team, his numbers would be as good or better…. think about it.

  5. Carpetbaggers like Art Modell don’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.
    Add into the fact that Modell wouldn’t pony up to buy the name, colors, and history of the Baltimore Colts from Jim Isray (who was another P.O.S. in my opinion. Great midnight scamper out of Baltimore, dude. Total class.)when offered (Modell offered 10% of Isray’s asking price, smooth Art.), was sued, drug through the mud, let the National Football League take a horrible beating in PR on the national media, by Cleveland fans after his sucker punch, and more, I don’t see why he should get in.
    His good does not outweigh the bad at the end of his career.

  6. Think about it, Andre Reed was just a step behind Rice for a few years as the best receiver in the game, and Rice is the best all time.
    A lot of people dont realize it, but Reed came from an offense that was much heavier on run balance than anything Tim Brown or Jerry Rice ever played.
    No extended handoffs to Andre Reed, like we see so often today in West Coast type offenses.
    Reed had to earn every catch, especially over the middle.
    The game has changed, they throw the ball more now, Reed should not be penalized because of that.
    Its not all statistics, YOU HAD TO BE THERE!
    Chris Carter was cut for being an alcoholic, and was never really a game changing receiver like Reed and Rice.
    Were any other hall of famers cut in their prime for being an alcoholic???????????????????????????????

  7. How is Ottis Anderson not being considered and Roger Craig is?! Compare the stats! They aren’t even close! Plus, Ottis has the MVP on his resume. Ottis rushed for 10,000 yards while Craig didn’t. Ottis had 81 rushing touchdowns while Craig had 56. Craig also had one of the most important fumbles of all-time, coincidentally against the Giants in the 1990 NFC Championship game. I don’t understand….

  8. Hey Nelson!
    check the stats son. branch kills lynn swan. and he got in. buncha old school Raider Haters.
    The fact that Hayes isn’t in yet is disgusting. I have no problem with Brown waiting a year or two. As for Stabler, we know Dr. Z has a hate on for him – don’t know why (I emailed King, but he wouldn’t answer) – but he must have po’d someone, considering one of the worst QB’s ever -Namath – is in.

  9. So, who will be the five elected among the players?
    Consider 1) Rice and 2) Emmit are locks.
    Now consider these stats from the top receivers nominated:
    **Carter 1,101 Recs – 13,899 yds – 130 TDs – 8 Pro Bowls
    **Brown 1,094 Recs – 14,934 yds – 100 TDs – 9 Pro Bowls
    **Reed 951 Recs -13,198 YDs – 87 TD – 7 Pro Bowls
    **Sharpe 815 Recs – 10,060 YDs – 62 TDs – 8 Pro Bowls
    No more than three of these four can be elected this year. Not sure who I’d dump.

  10. Well Bob, I’m glad you have no vote. In addition to your anti-Vikings bias, you crap on just about everyone else. Are you upset that there are no Packers on the list? Go back under your bridge.

  11. No Mark Bavaro! I guess in today’s leftist run politically correct NFL anti-abortionists are not wanted!

  12. If Art Modell were voted in, Browns fans would swarm down I-71 to Canton and burn down the hall of fame. After what he did to this town…

  13. As the years go by, dozens of wr’s are going to pile up 1,ooo catches with the pansy passing rules they play under in this era. The only true way to separate them will be with rings. You got ’em you’re in, you don’t you’re not. Branch has rings. Haley has rings.

  14. LMAO @ BobNelson- Doleman-8ProBowls 150.5 sacks
    Randle 7 ProBowls 137.5 sacks.
    Yah,they did nothing.Just cream Packers every season!

  15. – Emmitt Smith
    – Jerry Rice
    – Ray Guy
    Those are the ones who, to me, should get in for sure. Smith and Rice on numbers alone, and Guy because he’s probably the greatest punter of all time. I’m a Chiefs fan, and I hate the Raiders with a passion that might run deeper than the love I have for my family… but punters are players too, and he deserves his credit.

  16. Art Modell is a NO. What he did to Cleveland should eliminate him from consideration. “That being said” (seinfeld/david), it will be hard to keep Al Davis out and he has moved his team twice.

  17. “Based on the number of games Carter played, his numbers are not as good as they seem”
    Hate much? Carter played in 234 games, Reed played in 234 games, and Brown played in 255 games.
    In the same amount of games as Reed, Carter had 150 more catches, 701 more yards, and 43 more TD’s.
    In 21 LESS games than Brown, Carter had 7 more catches, 1,045 yards less, and 30 more TD’s.
    So not only do you look like a dumbass Marv for saying this but this was about as far from the truth as you can get. Plus, even if Carter played in several more games than either Reed or Brown, which he obviously didn’t, why should he be penalized for that? Rice played in 303 games, 69 more games than Carter yet people talk about how great his durability is instead of saying that he fudged his numbers by playing so long.

  18. Maybe they should adopt the standards of the Nobel Committee and enshrine Vince Young this year.

  19. I really think ALL of these people should get in. I may not like all of them(yes Emmit that is you), but they were great football players. Let’s have a Hall of Fame ceremony with 20 or 30 guys. Then the damn speaches will be shorter.

  20. Agreed. How is Mark Bavaro not at least up for consideration?! As the years go on — the Hall of Fame becomes more of a joke! Roger Craig?!!?!?! WHATT!?!?!?!??!

  21. Smith, Rice, Haley, Branch [he was way more dangerous than the other guys that were just numbers collectors] and Lebeau. See a pattern with me? The guys that bring home the hardware get my attention.

  22. Please let this be Richard Dent’s year. As a 49er fan in the 80’s, I say this will all sincerity and respect, the guy totally deserves. Even if he did mash my team repeatedly.

  23. Does Bob Nelson realize what he posted was a complete waste of time?…..You know what they say, opinions are like assholes…..Who the hell cares what you think?….Do you have a vote?…Are you going to be voting on the Heisman, future Pulitzer prize winners or anything else for that matter?..Did you play against any of these guys?..I like how he justify’s things with a comment…As if it matters…Go do something, plant a tree, take a drive, get laid, anything…..Jackass

  24. Al Davis is already IN the Hall of Fame, moron. Just like Modell will eventually be. Quit sniveling Cleveland, it’s old and Modell is not responsible for your current suckiness.
    Clown fans never want to talk about the fact Al Lerner HELPED Modell move to Baltimore and then got Cleveland to bend over and cough up the new stadium they SHOULD have provided Modell with in the 1st place. It’s your dopey city’s own fault – nobody else’s.

  25. I think Tom Brady should show up, nod at the election committee and get voted in on the spot.

  26. Cliff Branch should be in. His numbers cream Lynn Swann’s. And Swann only has 1 more ring. Swann only played well in the Super Bowl. That is great and all, but you cant be below average in the regular season and then play really well in the SB, and then be a HOFer. Branch should be in.
    Stabler’s numbers are almost equal or identical to Namath’s and Griese’s. HE should be in. No brainer.
    Tim Brown should be in. Great top 3 all time WR numbers with almost ZERO QB help. Thats almost unheard of considering most guys on that list had a HOF QB (Moon, Elway, Montana, Kelly, etc…)
    Lester Hayes was the greatest CB of his era. Ask any WR from that time.
    Ray Guy is the greatest punter of all time. As long as its a position on the field, being a punter shouldnt stop him from getting in.
    These HOF voters are so corrupt and bias it ridiculous. Peter King, Dr. Z, John Clayton, etc… They were all a bunch of nerds that got picked on in high school gym class.

  27. I hope Art Modell dies right after he gets word he is no longer on the list of names being considered.
    I don’t care what he did before the move, that’s all it takes. He tore the heart out of an NFL city and fans that supported him for decades.
    You want to see passion? Put this POS in the hall and watch as we all make the trip to Canton. I hope he has a stroke and falls into his toilet and drowns in his own shit. F-You and F-Baltimore.

  28. andre reed should be in there, dont care if he gets in before or after carter and brown. he was simply amazing during his career. if you didnt see him play often then you really did miss out.
    as for rings, he doesnt kick field goals, so its not his fault he didnt win one. he would have been super bowl mvp had scott “ray finkle” norwood made the kick

  29. I think there are more desevering players that should get in Hall of Fame than Steve Tasker. Nothing more then a special teams player.

  30. Jerry Rice was the greatest of all time, but on third down, inside the red zone, nobody is even close to Cris Carter.

  31. Fire Ted, you get a big “Amen” from me on the ridiculousness of Kramer not being in the Hall. Not only one of the best guards in the first 50 years of the league, not only the blocker for one of the most famous plays in one of the most famous games in league history, but he even filled in as a placekicker. Maybe if he had sold popcorn in the stands during halftime…

  32. Cortez Kennedy should get in before Randle… he was the most dominant DT of the 90’s.. won NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 92 on a 2-14 team… 8 time pro bowler… virtually unblockable until late in his career on very mediocre teams…

  33. I hope Carter never makes it. Some great one handed catches but an arrogance and whiny baby in my opinion.

  34. Ray Guy.
    But not just for the reason that the hall needs a punter…. But because he deserves it.

  35. Hey Pastabelly, Al is already in the HOF dumb ass!
    Since he is in now the league is just c-blocking all Raiders. I am sure old bubble eyes Carter gets in before Tim Brown.

  36. Anyone who thinks that Cris Carter shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame shouldn’t waste their time watching pro football. The fact that he was an arrogant whiner nor does his alcohol issue. In fact, it’s a testament to him that he beat his substance problems and became as successful as he was. By the way, his issues occurred well before his prime, as if it mattered.

  37. It never ceases to amaze me that people that claim to follow pro football are either ignorant or derogatory to what kind of impact MIN DT John Randle had on the game.
    No purple Kool-Aid here either – my team is the Steelers – but Randle was a MONSTER. Just blows my mind how so many “football followers” have no clue.
    Heading the list of these dipshits who summed up Randle’s career in 3 words as “never did anything.”
    Play a little football pal, watch a little, maybe even coach a little —– and you’ll begin to understand how valuable Randle was to his team.

  38. Here is a name for you Simms not Chris but daddy Phil
    Has the Ring has the passing record and has the MVP
    Would have had a second if he did not get hurt in 90

  39. Mark Bavaro had two very good-to-great years. Shannon Sharpe’s whole career was very good-to-great. There isn’t much of a comparison.
    The NFL doesn’t select HOF finalists, the HOF committee does. And “today’s leftist run NFL” is pretty laughable when the commissioner’s father was a Republican senator and his wife works for Fox News.

  40. RICE & EMMITT are NO-BRAINERS, LOVE TO SEE Roger Craig & Terrell Davis get in, there are a lot of worthy candidates, ART MODDELLs name on this list sticks out like a sore thumb, an embarrassing, greedy carpetbagger who SCREWED the fans of Clevland, I’ve never been a Browns fan but they deserved better than that, WHY he is HOF worthy is something I’d love to hear, INTERESTING how the league took Al Davis to court when he wanted to move his team, yet douche bags like Moddell & Irsay did the same thing, Irsay snuck out of town like a thief in the night.

  41. Couldn’t agree with you more, frank booth. Cris Carter did more with less athletic ability than any other receiver. He ran a 4.6 or 4.7 4o at best yet managed to amass the numbers he did. And how about the QB’s Carter suffered through?
    Rich Gannon (pre-MVP form)
    Wade Wilson
    Sean Salisbury
    Warren Moon & Jim McMahon (way after their prime)
    Brad Johnson
    Randall Cunningham & Jeff George (both came out of retirement to play w/ Minnesota)
    Daunte Culpepper (first two years starting)
    Not one of those QB’s was in their prime when throwing to Cris Carter, and he made them look better than they ever were by catching anything thrown even remotely close to him. He had the best hands of any receiver to ever play the game. He also set the single season receptions record (at the time) in 1994.
    Lastly, rings should only matter for a QB, because they have by far the most influence on their team’s success. For a WR to be overlooked because he lacks a Super Bowl ring is preposterous.

  42. Would be nice to see Rickey Jackson in the HOF. He was one of the four linebackers who made up the greatest linebacker crew in NFL history. (In one Pro Bowl FOUR Saints linebackers were on the field at the same time.) No Saints player has ever been elected to the HOF. Rickey Jackson is one of the greatest Saints players ever. He has a Super Bowl ring from his time with the Niners, and has comparable stats to a couple of people who are already in the HOF.
    1 Super Bowl Ring
    6 Pro Bowls
    128 Sacks (did not have the official stat yet in his first year)
    40 Forced Fumbles
    29 Fumble Recoveries
    1173 Tackles (More than Dent and Randle Combined!)
    It probably won’t happen, but he does deserve it.

  43. Moonscorch:
    Just because the Commish’s father was a Republican doesn’t mean he is. He is more like a liberal in terms of wanting to take the Super Bowl overseas to London. That alone disqualifies him as a conservative. A Republican possibly…but certainly not a conservative. And so what if his wife works for Fox News? So do other liberals like Bill O’Reilly, Alan Colmes, Shepherd Smith, Geraldo Rivera…what’s your point?

  44. Crazy stuff.
    I think it’s important to remember that every year we’re going to have a logjam at receiver until we realize that just because you played in an era of inflated stats, it doesn’t mean you’re a hall of famer. And it’s just going to get worse in the next 5-10 years as McCardell, Jimmy Smith, Rod Smith, Marvin Harrison, Isaac Bruce, and a bunch of others show up with numbers that dwarf what the older guys did.
    We’re not going to see more than two wide receivers this year. There are too many other deserving candidates at other positions.
    That being said, I think that Sharpe has the edge over any non-Rice WR because of him playing a leading role on three super bowl teams.

  45. Emmitt and Rice are shoe-ins. Beyond that it’s hard to say as there are about 5-7 more deserving but only 3 more spots. And the issue becomes a debate on what made one receiver better than another and there are a bunch of intangibles to consider regarding each of the receivers.
    Art Modell should not get in though ever. What he did to the Browns was terrible and basically cost that city a Super Bowl win. I don’t mind a francise being Baltimore again I just disagree with how it was done. Baltimore should’ve been an expansion team not the Browns coming back as an expansion team.

  46. Even as a Bears fan, I don’t think Richard Dent should be in the Hall of Fame. Ok, he was Super Bowl XX MVP, but what else is he known for? If that’s the only reason, then you might as well put Jake Scott in the hall of fame. For offense, I will say Rice, Smith, Sharpe, it’ll be a match between Carter and Reed, I will say Carter. For defense, it will be Greene and Randle. Greene has the most sacks for a linebacker and Randle’s a 7 time Pro Bowler, 6 time First team all-pro. So i think it’ll be this six.

  47. For the senior candidates in the future, you need to put these four in:
    Jerry Kramer: He blocked for the greatest dynasty in Pro Football History. He had to block for Bart Starr, Paul Hornung, and Jim Taylor, who are already in the HOF.
    Jim Marshall: Most starts for a defensive player. How are Eller and Page in and Marshall’s not?
    Ken Stabler: I don’t know what Dr. Z’s problem is, but this is a quarterback that was selected for the All-Decade team, won a Super Bowl, 1974 NFL MVP, and led his team to 8 Conference Championships. He even has better stats than Joe Namath. Dr. Z, if you read this, this isn’t the Nice Person hall of fame, it’s the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME.
    Bob Kuechenberg: Very much like Jerry Kramer of the ’70s. He blocked for an undefeated team, protected Dan Marino, Bob Griese, and Larry Csonka. He’s a 6-time pro-bowler. You don’t have to put Mercury Morris in, but what would the 70’s Dolphins have been like if it wasn’t for him?

  48. To Quote Peter King • Don’t forget Rickey Jackson. I back Jackson, plus he’s the sleeper candidate of respected voter Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, and for good reason. Think of Jackson’s candidacy this way: Lawrence Taylor played for the Giants from 1981 to 1993. Jackson played for the Saints from 1981 to 1993. In those 13 years, Taylor had a combined total of 152.5 sacks, interceptions and fumble recoveries. Jackson’s total: 149.
    It’s believed Jackson also had more forced fumbles than Taylor, but those statistics are in some dispute. And though passes-broken-up isn’t an official statistic, it’s thought that Jackson led all linebackers in his Saints tenure with 118. I’m not saying Jackson was Taylor. I do think he was an impact player who’s fallen through the cracks of the Hall process.

  49. The last line, “You don’t have to put Mercury Morris in, but what would the 70’s Dolphins have been like if it wasn’t for him.” When I mean him, I meant Kuechenberg, but Morris was a great player.

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