Haslett says he has been contacted by NFL team

UFL coach Jim Haslett, who previously served as head coach of the Saints and interim coach of the Rams, has admitted that he has been contacted by an NFL team, according to FanHouse.com.

Though Haslett has declined to name the team that has contacted him, only one team currently is looking for a head coach — and Haslett has been linked to only one team. 

The Buffalo Bills.

It’s also possible that Haslett has been contacted by the Buccaneers regarding the possibility of taking over a defense that previously was coordinated by Jim Bates.

Haslett isn’t the only employee of the 6-1 Florida Tuskers, who lost the inaugural UFL title game in overtime, to draw interest from the NFL.

“A lot of guys have been contacted; myself, a bunch of coaches have been contacted, so we’ll see,” Haslett said.

Haslett was a candidate for the Bills job the last time it was vacant, but owner Ralph Wilson opted to hire Dick Jauron.

11 responses to “Haslett says he has been contacted by NFL team

  1. From a Rams fan, I hope he goes to a team in our division. Haslett has always been a complainer and an excuse-maker and I was so glad he didn’t get the head coaching job here. If it is Buffalo, they’d better get ready for a few more losing seasons. You’ll get a lot of tough talk and bluster, but not results.

  2. Plenty of folks like the man, for some reason. But as a coach, he’s just horrible. Not very bright. Won’t take responsibility for his actions. But the main thing is this: lousy coach with utterly putrid defenses.

  3. Well if it was the Brown that contacted him, I wouldn’t really classify that as an “NFL” Team.

  4. To: Jim Haslett
    From: Stadium Director of Facilities
    Subject: Final Notice
    Dear Jim,
    Please refrain from using the restroom stalls for unauthorized advertisement and posting of flyers by parking lot.

  5. Wow, talk about a let down for Bills fans, Jim Haslett, seriously? I’d rather let T.O. coach the Bills.

  6. Well if it was the Brown that contacted him, I wouldn’t really classify that as an “NFL” Team.
    Hey Cubano Learn the English Language . It’s The Browns and Yes Asswhipe they are a NFL Team with a lot of Tradition and A Very passionate fan base . yeah I Am one of them .

  7. I got nothing against the Browns, I pity their fans if anything, but there is no such word as asswhipe. It’s asswipe. You don’t whipe your ass but you do (hopefully) wipe your ass after you’re done moving your bowels.

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