JaMarcus Russell's mysterious pants accessory

Several of you have forwarded to us throughout the day this image from the Raiders’ November 22 game against the Bengals.

Most insist that the item tucked inside the waistband of Russell’s pants is a pack of Skittles.

We think it’s not nearly as clear as many of you have suggested.

Our guess?  It’s a folded up bag of David’s Sunflower Seeds.

Besides, Russell doesn’t strike as a Skittles guy.  He’s got more of an extra-thick gravy and entire-carrot-cake-in-one-sitting build.

68 responses to “JaMarcus Russell's mysterious pants accessory

  1. leave the guy alone already, he plays for a crappy team wtih crappy players, coaches, and owner! if he wants some skittles to brighten up his day let him have it! go russell, go be a backup somewhere else

  2. I agree..its sunflower seeds. Not as bad as a guy from my high school ball days who replaced the pads in his pants with bags of seed…

  3. When you’re sitting on the sidelines bored I guess you get the munchies. Which means his level of food intake is about to go way up.

  4. First we have Hotdogate, and now Skittlegate?
    Has the NFL ruled what food products a player may consume between the coin toss and the end of the game?

  5. I dont know if their skittles or not but thier deffently not david’s sunflower seeds. I gotta a bag of the Ranch flavor ones in my room right now and they dont match up with picture. I tried folding it in a bunch of different ways but none of them match the picture.

  6. To Lights Out:
    You’ve got to be effing kidding me. Russell was the number 1 overall and STILL sat out and missed most if not all of training camp because he wanted more money. He got a 61 Million dollar contract, 32 of which was guaranteed… He took his money like a thief and simply does not grasp the gravity of how much the raiders gave up to get him. His worth ethic is more than questionable and he directs blame away from himself. Statistically, he actually got worse compared to last year. Some have said he is the best example for why a rookie salary cap should be set in place – yes they refer to JaMarcus Russel by name, most likely because not only was he a total bust, but what differed from others is that he really doesn’t even seem bothered by it. He was drafted to be the face of the franchise, and sits out of his rookie camp, and gets 32 Million without playing a down in the league – and into the 3rd season since 2007 draft, he is on the sideline eating candy while his team is 3-8 (1 of which he didn’t even play in).
    Give him a break? Wow…Really? Hmmm….

  7. The thing I miss most of the pre-NBC PFT:
    Intellectual content in posts.
    You guys are debating what a guy is snacking on the sidelines of a game of a 2-9 team.
    The sun has set on my PFT planet.

  8. It’s not nice to make fun of fat people, Florio.
    Mark Mangino, Charlie Weis and Bill Parcells

  9. My vote goes for large McDonald’s fries. Ill bet under his hat there’s a pair of apple pies. How do you think he put on all that weight in the offseason?

  10. You really have too much time on your hands Florio! Who cares?!?!? Where’s the pic of Sanchez and the hotdog . . . the punter and the snickers bar. . . who cares!??!!??!?

  11. “I wouldn’t mind having a night alone with Jamarcus Russel’s mysterious pants accessory!” – my mother.
    AWK. WARD.

  12. It’s not Skittles – the text on Skittles bags is white, not yellow. Could be a pouch of sunmaid raisins.. filled with butterscotch milkshake.

  13. Hey guys, if you don’t find the story interesting, then you don’t have to respond.
    Florio an Co. is doing a bang-up job and I’m excited as hell that I don’t have to rely on BSPN or several other sites to for my football info. I’ve read stories on here that I haven’t seen anywhere else, keep it up Florio!

  14. Tiger Woods and JaMarcus Russell.
    Why is it that people have to drag these exceptional athletes down.
    It is a conspiracy I tell you… It is a conspiracy.

  15. I normally don’t mind a good Raiders ribbing, but this seriously has to be the stupidest **** I’ve seen on this site.

  16. It’s a bag of beef Ramen noodles. He crunched up the noodles then poured in the beef seasoning and shook it up. Then he ate them like chips. Duh!

  17. Well Darrell Green claimed a tootsie roll in his sock made him run fast….
    Side note: I love skittles…

  18. The idea is to ridicule or light a fire under the no. 1 pick overall in the 2007 draft. Seems like eons ago. Russell is an indicator of the decline overall in the draft. Since 2004 the draft has churned out less pro bowlers than in previous years.
    11 pro bowlers in top 20 of 2004 (including 2 Super Bowl winning QB’s Rothlisberger and Eli Manning)
    since then…
    5 pro bowlers in top 20 of 2005
    4 pro bowlers in top 20 of 2006 with 2 declining this year – Cutler and Antonio Cromartie
    7 pro bowlers in top 20 of 2007 – including 2 directly after Russell (what were Raiders thinking!?)
    1 pro bowler in top 20 of 2008 (Jake Long, Miami)
    It tells you more unprepared, erratic, less polished but talented players are coming out for the money but not delivering…and bad teams are staying bad longer.

  19. It clearly says “Trojan”…I am guessing ribbed for his enjoyment in rainbow colours. Raiders don’t expect to lose – they expect to get royally buggered!

  20. Whatever it is, it must be a diarrhetic because he’s holding himself like a 6-year old that has to pee really badly.

  21. Remember when a Snickers wrapper fell out of Nate Newtons pants one year?
    And as then… who cares? I will carry a snack with me at work and so do all of you. You know it’s true.

  22. kosarsmyidol says:
    November 29, 2009 1:06 AM
    I was so afraid I’d open the story and see a pic of Jamarcus packing a chub.
    Thats funny as hell

  23. davids are amazing. try to drive on a trip that is 3 hours or more w/o these seeds of deliciousness! u can’t, it’s impossible! they are a gift from above. i have no problem with JR toting a bag of salty goodness around…but why the winter hat in CA?

  24. Why is it this fat pig gets away with eating on the sidelines and Sanchez can’t eat a hotdog?????
    Why hate the mexican-american? but allow the fat black-american?
    this seems like a case a racial hate towards us mexicans! or some racial favortism to the black qb’s as us mexicans get put down for eating a hot dog! WTF?
    this guy should be chewed out, like Sanchez was, but it wouldn’t be good for the media hype that so many idiots fall for

  25. Somebody should check Jamarcus bloodstream to see about the liquid codeine,sprite and vodka mix he is drinking all the time..the reason why he is slow… probably was skittles sometimes they put that in the concoction

  26. Joe in toronto, go back to your igloo…
    woody paige, imitating other people is ridiculous, and you can pimp slap me all you want, cuz I will punch the shit out of you!
    but keep on slappin like the women you are, or the gay you are, either way… don’t come to a gun fight with a spoon you fool!

  27. Leave this guy alone? Fat Albert, aka, JUNKmarcus deserves what he gets. He should’ve thought about the criticism that he would get before he decided to be lazy & NOT put out the effort to succeed.
    The Raiders are a mediocre team when Russell doesn’t play. They’re a bad one when he plays.

  28. It’s a trinket of some sort. A red tiger with yellow eyes?
    Maybe his way of showing that he misses his college days because the tests were taken for him?
    BBQ cornuts.

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