Jets play "red light, green light" with Sanchez

Jets coach Rex Ryan wants rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez to be more careful with the ball. And he’s stressing that to Sanchez with a simple instruction before each passing play.

According to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News, Ryan will give Sanchez a code word before each passing play to let him know how cautious he needs to be.

Described as a simple red-yellow-green system, the color codes will tell Sanchez he needs to be cautious (red) or aggressive (green) or somewhere in between (yellow) on each pass play.

At first blush, this sounds more like the kind of thing you’d get from a Pop Warner coach than an NFL coach. And it comes across as though Ryan doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in Sanchez’s decision making.

But Ryan insists that he has plenty of confidence in Sanchez, saying that the rookie is coming off his best week of practice.

“This is the time that usually the rookies hit that wall, but he’s doing just the opposite,” Ryan said. “He’s breaking through that wall . . .  I think he’s going to have a great game.”

35 responses to “Jets play "red light, green light" with Sanchez

  1. Why would they release this information to the press?
    They could of just released a statement saying they think Sanchez is an idiot.

  2. Watching the demise of the Jests has been enjoyable.
    Rex Ryan has no business being a HC. Good DC where can talk smack.
    Sancherception is having his confidence destroyed by coaches that do not know what they are doing.
    Speaking of that Tannenbaum continues to make dumb trades and will leave The Jests in salary cap hell for years to come.
    Kerry Rhoades thinks he plays for the Hollywood Jets as his focus is obviously not on football. What a joke to put Rhoades in any conversatiion with Polumalu or Ed Reed. He’s not even in the top 10 at his position.
    Braylon Edwards, he just sucks.
    So another season as Firehydrant Ed cheers
    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason

  3. “This is the time that usually the rookies hit that wall, but he’s actually moving backwards,” Ryan said. “He not only hit the wall, he bounced back like rubber ball … I think he’s going to cost me my job.”

  4. And it comes across as though Ryan doesn’t have a whole lot of faith in Sanchez’s decision making.
    Gosh- you know all other coaches throughout NFL were perfectly comfortable with the decisions their rookie QBs make. This is so strange for Ryan to do….

  5. Problem is – in red light green light you can call out yellow light as a diversion. Poor kid is just gonna get all confused . . .

  6. kind of a creative idea, but what qb is actually while dropping back to pass thinking oh i cant throw this route or this one because this play is a red. hopefully their rbs can catch

  7. Pure hilarity. This isn’t Pop Warner, this is Sesame Street. How hard is it to know 1st and 2nd down are always red because, even if it’s a long 3rd, there’s another down. Inside the opponent’s 30 or your own is red because you can settle for the FG or risk an easy pick 6. Everything else is yellow unless they are down by 2 scores with 5 minutes remaining when you’ve got the green light to try to take the elad back. So if the Jets have long drives, does it really help to be told: red, red, red, red, red, yellow, red, red, red…?
    And isn’t the Defense this team’s (and Ryan’s specifically) strong suit? Why would they ever need to “green light” a high risk pass with the D’s ability to keep them in the game?

  8. This story – IF accurately reported – is mind-boggling.
    The Head Coach who selected an NFL QB by drafting him near the very top of the first round and signed him to a $40M contract — has now elected to DUMB IT DOWN to levels of common sense understandable to 9 year olds????? Then, word leaks out?????
    Wow. And by that, I just mean WOW.
    Poof — there goes the locker room respect of BOTH QB and HC in one fell swoop of pure idiocy, not to mention that of the fandom known as Jet Nation.
    So much for swaggar. Maybe Sexy Rexy should be kissing Bill Belichick’s rings — considering the enormous chasm between the two in professional aptitude.

  9. A QB understanding just how “cautious one needs to be” going into a play is one of the basest levels of understanding imaginable. It is brain stem material — not frontal cerebral cortex. It is reptilian.
    The levels of understanding necessary for a QB sooooooo far past that pea-brained grasp that make this story seem unimaginable. Can you imagine an air traffic controller “instructing” the heroic airline pilot Sully Sullenberger, “Now this part involving the crash landing is where you need to be cautious. Try not to phukk it up, Sully – this is important here.”
    One of the league sources relied on here HAS to be yanking someone’s chain. HAS TO BE.

  10. @ WICK
    The story believe it or not is accurately reported
    I actually saw the press conference with my Own two eyes earlier today on NFL Network and just like CUNN9305 I thought the same thing you got to be kidding. LOL the irony is Rex Ryan says he is very confident in Sanchez but this red light, yellow light and green light stuff says the opposite if you really think about it

  11. FireJerryJones says:
    November 28, 2009 5:13 PM
    I hear Mark Mangino could be looking foe work soon. Rex should hire him to call the offense.
    LOL, could you imagine the weekly food bill? They’d have to double thier PSL costs.

  12. It should also be pointed out how poorly this reflects on Brian Schottenheimer. I mean, maybe, just maybe… if you think your team has all the pieces in every other way, an OC can have a system and call plays that allows a rookie QB to put himself and the team in danger, but at this point, it’s clearly not the case. So the first and only things on Sanchez plate should already be: check-downs, knowing the reads, high percentage passes, sequences that slowly move the ball but keep it moving — with a focus on ONE OF THE BEST running games in the league. But apparently no one on the offensive staff understands how to slowly bring along a number #1 draft pick to make him successful. You can still have faith in the kid and not put him through trial by fire.
    This amounts to Ryan pointing out to Sanchez that Schottenheimer has called a risky, stupid, low-percentage play (in my book).

  13. Hmm…Rex Ryan is an idiot that is more in love with himself than he is with his team. Hiring Ryan was a big mistake that needs to be rectified.

  14. did the onion publish this ? because I do not believe any QB in the national football league needs color codes to make this decision!

  15. This might be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard a coach do.
    It makes me feel good about being a Raiders fan. I didn’t think that was possible.

  16. Niner did you say rectum fied?
    We all know Rex is an ass but why does the owner get a free pass with the Jets
    Blame many coaches blame the tree but never the owner?
    Do not understand I am sure woody has his mits in this and has a lot to do with what is another bad year for the jets
    Woody is a bigger asss the Jones is this guy has people stop traffic so his Rolls Royce golf cart can drive over to the helipad after a game
    If he got his rich ass off the cart he could have walked across with out stoping the traffic that was barely moving to begin with
    Never saw a Mara or Tisch do any of that crap

  17. Wow I can’t believe the criticisms I’m seeing.
    Sanchez is a rookie.
    Lots of young QBs play it overly safe. Lots of them don’t. Lots of them waffle. It’s called adapting to the pro game. Do you think Big Ben was given the green light a lot during his first 2 years? He wasn’t. They got him comfortable with doing the basics first, until he learned how to cope with the speed and complexity of pro defenses. And then they loosened the reigns. How is this any different? And why is it a bad thing for a coach to, um, coach. Even the great Favre had to be told to play less aggressively at times depending upon the situation. That’s what coaches do – they get their players to play within a game plan.
    Sanchez has a bright future. But he’s still a rookie and he’s still learning. These criticisms are ridiculous.

  18. “They got him comfortable with doing the basics first, until he learned how to cope with the speed and complexity of pro defenses. And then they loosened the reigns. How is this any different?”
    VonClausewitz, do we really have to point out how it is different for you? I mean, you did say it yourself. Oh well, guess so…
    It is week TWELVE, not day one.

  19. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this seem like something a quarterback would know automatically? Shouldn’t he be able to figure out based on the situation and the play called when something is high risk and when it’s not? Any one of us could probably figure out on 3rd and 8 that a pass is probably going to be high risk because everyone knows it’s coming. It seems like he needs to figure out what to do in those situations when the high risk play breaks down. It would worry me that he has to be told when something is high risk or not. Just seems so basic.

  20. VonClausewitz – Says
    Sanchez is a rookie.
    ******** Thank You, Well Put ********
    He will be around and in time he will be a helluva good QB, just give hime a little time “HATERS”

  21. Pete Carroll “He’s not ready for the NFL!”
    Rex Ryan, “Don’t worry, we got the code!”
    Carroll, “The code?”
    “Hey Pete this is the NFL, and with the code anybody can play QB!”
    “What code, says Carroll?” “OK Pete, I’ll let you in on this one.” Ryan. 1st We’ll do redlight, greenlight and if that doesn’t work?” “We’ll try the kick the can!” Ryan.
    “Rex what if that doesn’t work?” “Right now I’m working on (whispering) Simon says..” Ryan

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