Russ Grimm emerges as candidate for Bills job

During the Thanksgiving edition of CBS’s The NFL Today, Charley Casserly ran down the list of candidates for the Bills’ head-coaching gig.

Though he offered up the likes of Jim Haslett and Marc Trestman without acknowledging the fact that those names had been out there for more than a week, Casserly identified a new candidate for the job.

Russ Grimm.

Grimm, the Cardinals’ offensive line coach, was a finalist for top job in Pittsburgh nearly three years ago.  It’s believed that Grimm actually had been told he’d be hired by the Steelers, but that the powers-that-be decided to go instead with Mike Tomlin.

Grimm has since not come close to being hired elsewhere as a head coach. 

That could change in Buffalo — especially if, as expected, none of the “A” listers will be interested. 

21 responses to “Russ Grimm emerges as candidate for Bills job

  1. A listers are interested in money and power, just depends if Ralph Wilson is desperate enough to offer what they want.

  2. I thought Grimm was the hot commodity a few years ago, not just with Pittsburgh. Hard to believe he never landed a HC gig. Maybe Buffalo should hire him. The team and HC would each have a large chip on their shoulder.

  3. That would be a great choice. I’m sure Whisenhunt would agree that Grimm was a major part of the remaking of the well as being a big part of the success of the Steelers.

  4. As a Steelers fan, I never understood why we did not give him more consideration after Cowher left. He will be a good choice for the Bills, he really knows what he is doing and is respected by all of his players.

  5. I like Grimm but he interviews poorly, he comes off like a frat boy. Also, I have to wonder why he’s been coaching since 1992 and hasn’t yet advanced to the coordinator level.

  6. Since one of the big problems on the Bills is the Oline one would assume he could at least fix that problem.

  7. As a Skins fan, I want Russ to be HC next year.
    I also want a front office personnel guy from NE, Indy, or Pittsburgh.
    Finally, I want Danny Snyder to get bilked by a Nigerian e-mail scam to the tune of eleventy billion dollars.
    Russ will be a great hire.

  8. thunderdog: huh?!? did you interview him over beers @ the pub?
    If coordinator were a requirement, then Radio Raheem would still be plying his trade instead of running that juggernaut of a team, the Bucs……

  9. Where’s Buffalo Bill harshing on me for saying Shanahan was a pipe dream and leverage for Shanarat?
    Shanahan has a transcript of his 7 hour interview, and is carrying it around to WASH, DAL, SD and KC, the jobs he wants.
    It puts the interview in the resume.

  10. Florio,
    I love how you had to throw the “as expected” when it comes to the A-listers. Is this what journalism has come to? Nobody knows anything, and that includes you.
    I love how the media just assumes that every coach just wants to go to Dallas or Washington. The truth is any prospective coach the Bills hire will automatically have more control than any coach for those two teams. Washington’s payroll is full of dead cap money, and Dallas hasn’t had much more success than Buffalo since the 90’s. Not to mention that ego maniac marching up and down the sidelines telling coaches who to play.
    I hope Ralph Wilson ponies, and shuts everyone up.

  11. Screw the “A” listers, especially that dork Cowher. He benefitted from working for the Rooneys, who are notorious for their patience with head coaches. Cowher was one of the most mediocre coaches throughout the 90’s and would have been canned anywhere else. Hes going to be only in it for the money the next time around, and he’ll have to rebuild a staff that won’t come close to the one he had in Pittsburgh. Hes going to bomb in Carolina, and the fans will be missing John Fox. Atleast Shanahan’s, Gruden’s, and Holmgren’s teams were ALWAYS competitive. Cowher is a mediocre coach and owes Tommy Maddox for getting hurt in ’04, otherwise he would have never won a Lombardi…

  12. As soon as people forget about how bad Mike Tice was Grimm will get his shot. They seem like the same meat head OL/TE type coach. Not sure he is the best choice. If he is hired, they need to have very good GM in place. You don’t want him having much of a hand in personnel sans the O Line.

  13. There was a lot of talk about Grimm taking over the Browns last year here in Cleveland. Of course Mangini was hired so fast I don’t think anyone else was seriously concidered.

  14. Russ Grimm was a VICTIM of the Rooney Rule. The Steelers didn’t have the balls to hire a white coach because they would look like hypocrites. Tomlin obviously has worked out well but everybody knows he was essentially an affirmative action hire.

  15. Fans in Buffalo would love Grimm. As one of the Hogs….and who knows maybe he’ll get the “Call From The (Canton) Hall” this year….his team would be hard hitting, take no prisoners like the winter weather at Ralph Wilson Stadium. What he’d need is a strong G.M. to scout and sign players. Players don’t seem to breaking down the doors to get to Buffalo. Lately (T.O.) it’s been the Last Rodeo.

  16. Russ Grimm on the Bills for HC with a STRONG G.M. And a superior defensive mind on the other side….. might just work.

  17. Hey St. Micheal
    You are clearly ignorant on the whole Tomlin hire so let me see if I can enlighten you. First the Rooney Rule only mandates that clubs seriously INTERVIEW 1 minority candidate for the top position not HIRE them. In theory a club can inteview 9 whites and 1 Black man, hire a white HC and still comply. Doesn’t sound like fair odds but atleast its better than what the league did the previous 75 years. Second, when Cowher was asked by the Rooneys for his recommendation, he neither mentioned Whiz or Grimm for HC. He mentioned Chan Gailey. When it came down to Tomlin and Grimm as the two finalist, Tomlin simply wowed the upper brass with his football acumen and overall package. They knew and said privately if they didn’t hire him he would be gone. He’s young, bright, and a players coach with a belief in discipline. Discipline was high on the list given the country club mentality that Cowher had developed with some of his favorite veterans. Tomlin is also a young family man that is grounded and transmits the same core values that the Rooneys believe in……family, winning football, community and professionalism. Grimm on the other hand played his cards like the job was his. He showed up in interviews more casually dressed than Tomlin. He drank beer with some his players, frequented bars and he was divorced. This is not the face that the Rooneys wanted to represent the franchise. The message was totally inconsistent with what owners like the Rooneys want. You ever wonder why he is never mentioned for any other HC gigs till now? Are you going to blame 31 other teams for using the Rooney Rule for not giving him a serious look? Wake up and realize that he unlike Whiz was never that hot. In the end, he was spurned and was let go not bc he was white but bc he was the 2nd best choice for the Rooneys. So let go your silly race bias and look deeper into the story. I know of Pittsburgh fans who were torn of Superbowl Sunday bc of that very issue. What a foolish hangup. A guy gets a fair shot at a job, wins the job. Does hios JOB and Wins the Sb and all people can talk abt is this dumb crap. For every Mike Tomlin hire, there are several owners or GM’s who are still stuck in their handicapped biases. If you care to continue believe me I can raise you.

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