Source: Weis has cleaned out his office

Though the Notre Dame Fighting Irish might indeed end up beating the Stanford Cardinal, there’s now no doubt that coach Charlie Weis won’t be back.

And NFL source tells us that Weis already has cleaned out his office, in anticipation of being fired when the team returns to Indiana after the conclusion of Saturday’s game.

The clearest indication regarding Weis’ status came when he was informed that he would not hit the recruiting trail promptly after the final game of the regular season, but that he’d fly back to South Bend with the team.

November 30 is the first day of the official contact period, during which coaches may meet with prospects.  With each recruit allowed to participate in six off-campus visits, it’s important for each school to get to the front of the line in the hopes of landing its targeted players.  And the fact that Notre Dame has opted to block Weis from getting his work started surely means that someone else will be assembling the 2010 recruiting class.

31 responses to “Source: Weis has cleaned out his office

  1. Oh man, I’d love for him to come back to the Patriots as offensive Co-ordinator!!!
    Brady/Bill /Charlie all love each other & what a team they make!!!

  2. # Poo Flinging Monkey says: November 28, 2009 10:57 PM
    He’ll have more time now to finish off those Thanksgiving leftovers.
    Dude…..there are no such thing as leftovers at the Weis household.

  3. urbusted says:
    Browns offensive cord. Reunited with Brady Quinn. He can eat on the sidelines, I don’t care.
    Good one. Laughed out loud, for real.

  4. With his buyout he will not have to do anything but I would guess he will be back in the NFL as a OC.

  5. How many days after his fire is made official will he be back on the Patriot’s coaching staff suckling from the Belichick teat again? My guess is 7 days.

  6. Breaking News: Patriots will explore hiring Charlie Weis if he promises to mix in a salad every week and wipe the frozen boogers from his nose in cold weather games.

  7. Offensive Schematic advantage=we had a guy on the sidelines filming the other teams defensive signals

  8. He will be KC’s OC. Worked with Haley and Pioli! Mark it down
    Only reason crennel is already is because he had hip replacement and is taking the year off

  9. I watched ND – Stanford today. ND’s defense sucks. Only time in my life I’ve ever agreed with Brent Musburger — he said the inability to build a solid defense was Charlie’s main failing.
    Certainly had nothing to do with missing meals. Same for Mark Mangino at KU.

  10. Sounds off. He hasn’t even stopped being the coach and he’s already cleaned out his office? Or he’s already called its quits.

  11. I’m curious, has CFT been targeted for cancellation? I ask because you didn’t try to re-direct us to John Taylor and CFT, as this seems to be a college football issue.

  12. yeah, I know this site is run by domers, but a little professionalism would be nice. This is in no way a pro football story. Not even barely.

  13. I think this is a BAD fire for Notre Damn… At some point, realization has to set in. Notre Damn is NOT the top school that they want to be anymore, and by firing coaches left and right, it isn’t doing them any good. It takes a awhile to build your own system at a school. His started year 3, after Quinn and the bunch left… well, he had nothing but 1st year players for the most part.. that’s a lot to ask of young guys with tough teams to play, to win.. well, they sucked, but, they have gotten better over the 2 years after that, and really, the Defense is terrible, and yet still, they lost no games by more than 7 points… My honest opinion, ND fans will be wishing they had Charlie Weis 3-4 years from now…. say good bye to your recruits ND fans calling for weis’s head, and say good bye to any junior with pro eligibility that would have possibly stayed if Weis stayed… Its going to be a nightmare in South Bend.. I wish you luck! no pun intended

  14. Yeah, makes a lot of sense for Weis to return to his roots and be an OC with the Pats, maybe KC… doubt he would carry the laminated play sheet for Mangini, though.
    Ignored in this chatter is the obvious play by Ralph Wilson to bring Weis to Buffalo as HC… a double win, by my count.

  15. Why people see a story they dont think belongs, then read it, then comment about it. If you deem it not Pro-football worthy skip over it fool.
    Its got the coaches name in the title. You know who it is about.
    Next of course is a pro football story. A former NFL coach is losing his college job and it is legit speculation that he would return to the NFL.
    Should any stories or rumurs about Gruden’s future be reserved for until he is again coaching in the NFL?

  16. Hey you whiners wh say this is CFT story and not a PFT story. 1) you don’t have to read it. 2) Technically it is an PFT when it involves Weis.

  17. 6-6 is extremely disappointing with the talent he has. As many have mentioned, the defense has been the problem for the most part this season (although, the offense’s inability to score in the red zone in key situations has also been crucial).
    However, say whatever else you will — Weis has been good for ND. He understands the school. He cares for the kids. He emphasizes the educational advantages of ND over State U and graduates his players. He’s active in the community. So, in a very real sense, I’ll miss him, even while I think it’s time for a change.
    Thanks, and good luck Charlie!

  18. It ain’t his fault his defense sucks. If your Fire anybody, make it the D. Coordinator. Besides, who else are they gonna get to bring in there. Everyones happy with where their at right now (Kelly at Cincy, Carrol at USC, Meyer at Florida, Saban at Alabama, TCU Coach). Good Luck finding a better Head Coach than Weis.

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