Alex Smith excels as 49ers beat Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith had one of the best games of his professional career today in leading the 49ers to a 20-3 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Smith completed 27 of 41 passes for 232 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. For the second straight week he looked like the kind of smart, accurate decision-maker the 49ers thought he’d be when they chose him with the first pick in the 2005 NFL draft — and feared he’d never be when his first four seasons were largely disappointing.

The 49ers’ defense had a big game, recovering two fumbles from Jaguars quarterback David Garrard and keeping running back Maurice Jones-Drew from breaking any long runs. The Jaguars did sustain some long drives, but between Garrard’s fumbles and two missed field goals from Josh Scobee, San Francisco managed to hold Jacksonville to just three points.

With the Jaguars’ loss, the Colts clinched the AFC South. The 6-5 Jaguars are still in the thick of the wild card race, but this was a disappointing showing for a team that has playoff aspirations.

The 49ers, who improved to 5-6, are now two games behind the Cardinals in the NFC West and two games out in the wild card race. They’re probably not a playoff team, but the mere fact that Alex Smith has them in playoff contention is a pleasant surprise for San Francisco.

26 responses to “Alex Smith excels as 49ers beat Jaguars

  1. I think Mike Nolan really stunted his growth as an NFL QB. Hopefully he can stay consistent enough to keep the job.

  2. All that needs to happen is the Cards lose to the Vikings and the 49ers (again) and the 49ers need to beat the Seahawks and the Cardinals, then the division is their’s to lose again

  3. David Garrard Stinks. He is a good backup and dont deserve to start. No Pocket presence, no reads on the defense. I hope Jags get some real QB next year. The offensive line played pretty bad but Garrard shouldnt have fumbled and turned over the ball.

  4. With the Jags having the worst pass rush in the league it’s no surprise he looked good. I can’t wait for Smith to rebuild the defense like he did to the offense.

  5. They need to feed Gore the ball. Didn’t the coach say the offense still ran through Gore? Yet Smith gets 41 attempts? Granted, Gore did only get 33 yards on 16 attempts, but you got to feed the ball to Gore a lot. At least 20+ carries and 5-6 passes to Gore.

  6. Since I don’t have the Offical NFL Rules and Regulations right beside me…someone tell me how regardless of final records if the 49ers sweep the NFC West (already 3-0) regardless of how the Cardinals finish does that not constitute the 49ers winning the NFC West???

  7. The Niners are not out of the West by any means. Assume they lose to only the Eagles the rest of the way. (That would mean wins against the Seahawks, Cardinals again, Lions and Rams.) That would put them at 9-7 and they would own the tie breaker versus the Cardinals. Then, assume the Cardinals lose to the Vikings in Minnesota next Sunday night, the Niners again and the Packers (who will probably be fighting for a playoff spot) the last week of the season. That would put them at 9-7 and out of the playoffs.
    Go Niners!!

  8. “He’s still no Aaron Rodgers”
    He’s not supposed to be. When those two were entering the draft, nobody said, “They’re practically the same, flip a coin.”
    However, if you want to look up what each QB has gone through thus far in their careers, I think you should be able to easily identify which QB had the best opportunity entering the NFL.

  9. @goJags Garrard got hit on his blindside, that’s Monroe’s fault, not his. The interior of the line is old and we have no pass rush.
    That’s the problem over anything.

  10. With a new coordinator every year it’s hard to say if Rodgers would have been any better. If you let Smith play three seasons behind Farve (and a much better team) prior to taking over, he might have turned our better then Rodgers…
    I watched the whole game and although Smith made some nice throws he still appears to force a lot of passes to well covered receivers. I don’t think Smith is the guy. Unfortunately it does not help him that they still don’t have the right guy calling the offensive plays. I doubt Singletary will have the balls to bring in another coordinator…that would be admitting he made a mistake in his choice of Jimmy Raye. There is a reason Jimmy Raye has been around so long without finding a real home or standing out.
    I wish Alex Smith all the luck and hope he can overcome… but truth be told, he has dealt a rough hand.

  11. Looked good last week? He had 5 total yards in the first half. It wasn’t until the Niners were down 23-3 and essentially out of the game with Green Bay in a prevent the entire second half that he started to move the ball.
    Alex Smith is the kind of quarterback that will lose you a wild card game every two years, not make the playoffs the other. If you’re happy with that, he’s your guy. If not, the Niners FINALLY have to admit this just isn’t working.

  12. the NINERS are a year away, they have two number ones, they’ve got holes to fill, but Singletary has them going in the right direction, too bad they didn’t fire Nolan a year earlier

  13. If the Vikes can take care of business next week against Arizona and San Fran handles Seattle.(again) Then the week 14 Monday night game between the Cardinals and 4ers is with 1st place on the line! Come on 9ers! Their not dead yet

  14. SteveC says: November 29, 2009 8:44 PM
    Since I don’t have the Offical NFL Rules and Regulations right beside me…someone tell me how regardless of final records if the 49ers sweep the NFC West (already 3-0) regardless of how the Cardinals finish does that not constitute the 49ers winning the NFC West???
    It goes by overall record first. Then head to head matchups and then to the division record. Divisions just guarantee the team with the best record from the division makes it and not the team with the best divisional record. 9ers have a tiebreaker if they end up with the same record (as of right now). Thats why if the 9ers win on Monday against them and they both have 7-6 records, the nod goes to the 9ers.
    Onderin says: November 29, 2009 8:40 PM
    They need to feed Gore the ball. Didn’t the coach say the offense still ran through Gore? Yet Smith gets 41 attempts? Granted, Gore did only get 33 yards on 16 attempts, but you got to feed the ball to Gore a lot. At least 20+ carries and 5-6 passes to Gore.
    Did you watch the game? The offensive line is doing horrible run blocking. Gore still made a lot of clutch catches, including his super foot placement awareness catch.

  15. excels, are you kidding me, 5.8 yards per attempt against a crappy jags defense without rashean mathis. For five years, the niners have had to deal with the plague of singletary/nolan and alex smith. His crappy throws, his awful pocket presence, his inability to read coverages, his staring down of receivers, his panicking in pressure situations, and well the guy is a bum. Rogers is a real quarterback who should have been selected over alex, the qb who ran a gimmick offense against crap competition. I can only hope that we get rid of that turdburgler after this year. He can be decent against substandard defenses with no pressure, if everything goes perfect, but that never happens in the nfl. We would have been so much better if we had rogers. I just hope crabtree can overcome alex’s crappiness, so he doesnt torpedo another wide receivers career. Like he’s done with antonio bryant, josh morgan, vernon for the previous 3 years, oh, bryant johnson, etc.

  16. kevin you sound like an ass!!! who was rodgers going to throw to in 2005? Alex didn’t do anything with Antonio Bryant, Bryant was having a decent year in 2006 until he got ARRESTED for DRIVING DRUNK and was released from the team and suspended by the league…and do you seriously think Rodgers would have had any more success than smith did under Hostler and that horrible offensive line in 2007? And how did alex torpedo Bryant Johnson’s career when Alex didn’t play a down of regular season football last year? The only year Johnson was with the 49ers.
    be foreal jerkoff, know what you are talking about before you go speaking out the butt

  17. Wait how am an ass if i hate one the biggest busts in nfl history. Of course this is just football, so I don’t have anything against him personally. so rogers would have had rough rookie year. He still wouldnt have sucked in 2006 2007 and 2009 like alex has, the human turnover machine. And bad offensive lines, seriously man, have you seen green bay’s line the past two years. They’re working on breaking the nfl sack record. And they have taht idiot mccarthy as their qb.And rogers has been tearing it up.
    And Bryant was having an awful year in 2006 when he got arrested. what 40 catches, 700 yards and 2 touchdowns are a decent year for a guy who had 1,000 yards playing for whatever horrible browns qb that he was catching passes from. Hell, if i had to deal with alex as my qb i’d probably become an alcoholic too. And i’m sorry, i got my bryants mixed up. I forgot it was good old jto who we had last year. Sorry, these past five years have blurred into one giant beating. He was like the 8th receiver anyway. But now i remember, yes, right after getting his ass kicked in training camp by the great jt osullivan and shaun hill, he got injured. So alex has just tried to ruin vd, antonio bryant, darrell jackson, delanie walker, josh morgan, arnaz battle(who jerrry sullivan compared to anquan boldin, jason hill, and any other receiver who was unfortunate enough to play a game with alexandra smith, or a tackle whos gotten blamed for a sack that alexandra ran into.
    And by the way, how did kevin become my username. Ill figure that out later.

  18. Kevin, you’re either not a real fan, or you’re just an uniformed fan. If you had any idea at all of what you were talking about, you’d smack yourself right now.

  19. @ Gojags:
    Are you blind? You complain that Garrard sucks but he completed 69% of his throws for over 300 yards despite being sacked 6 times and hit about 15. Most guys would be shell-shocked being under that type of pressure all day. As for the fumbles, Eugene Monroe was beaten so badly on the first one that there was no way Garrard could have done anything to avoid it. And the second fumble was a 4th and 5 play that should have been a FG attempt to cut the lead to a 2 possesion game but of course a blitzer comes absolutely free so Garrard simply tried to throw the ball up because it was 4th down anyway. Get it? It was called a fumble but it was essentially a turnover on downs because Garrard had no chance to get rid of the ball. Meester sucks, Manuwai sucks, the jury is still out on Uche and the young tackles will get better but they have along way to go. Brad Meester and Vince Manuwai have been absolutely attrociuos the last two games.
    @ Onderin:
    Do they really need to feed Gore the ball when the Jags have the absolute worst pass rush in the league and have consistenly given up easy completions all year? You are bitching and the 49ers won 20-3 and threw the ball 41 times without giving up a sack and had the second string tackles starting?

  20. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin… It’s fools like you that think the UN, with its black helicopters, are going to take over the NFL and make us watch soccer. I really hope nobody took your delusional, self-important vitriol to heart. Because it’s just plain stupid.
    The bottom line is that Smith was not ready to play as a rookie. In fact, as I like to say, he was as ready to play QB in the NFL as Reggie Bush… That is to say, not at all.
    In his second year, he had decent stats. He threw the ball away a bit to avoid the rush, but hadn’t stepped up until late in the season to going from “avoiding sack through incompletion” to “avoiding sack and making postive play.” His game against Seattle, in Seattle, was his coming out moment where he showed a definate step to the next level.
    In 2007, his pass dropping WRs dropped 13 of his 86 healthy-shoulder passes, including 2 TD. That’s 15% and is a drop-rate that not even Peyton Manning could over-come. And yet he lead the 49ers, with no ground game, no receiving help, to 2-1. Sure, when he blew up his shoulder, he couldn’t go.
    But those first three games were “real NFL QB” games sabotaged by as horrible a WR corps as you could hope to never be on your team. Seriously, you jerks bag him because of his “inaccuracy” when he completed about 55% of passes and had another 15% dropped. (FOr those who don’t know, like Kevin, 4%-to-5%) is the NFL average drop-rate.)
    You factor in the handicap his horrible WRs put on his QB rating, and it was about 88 in those three games.
    As for Rogers, I’m happy for him. But he had the easy road. Good front office. Outstanding WRs. A HOF QB to mentor him.
    Smith had the clowns. Which is a world-of-hurt different. And Smith is showing out. Better and better, week-after-week.

  21. wow seriously did you just come up with something called a healthy shoulder stat. Are you kidding me? So i guess anytime a qb has an injury, we need to just discount any of his stats. Do i really need to say anything more about that. And I remember the 49ers drop rate that year, to be not very good, but nothing that outrageous or would justify a 57 rating. Yes 57 rating. Of course the true showing of his character in 2007 was when he started complaining that nolan wasn’t emphasizing how much his shoulder was bothering him to the press, and got his season ending surgery. So soft. Meanwhile we just saw matt stafford play with a separated shoulder last weekend without complaining one bit. I would address your drop stats more in depth, but i cant find the stats for 2007 nfl team drop percentage.
    And how in hell is a 74.8 rating decent. Especially when the entire year he was dealing with 9 in the box because we had a 1700 yard rusher. They were begging us to beat them throwing the ball.
    And this coming out game against the seahawks was pretty funny too. What would normal people expect to be a coming out game, especially for a #1 pick, 350 yards 4 tds. Well alex smith that game threw for 162 yards and 2 tds. Wow, man what an amazing game. the guy has 2 good drives in the 4th quarter, and he has a coming out game.
    So I’ll just let statistics do the talking.
    2005 21 SFO 1 11 40.8
    2006 22 SFO 2890 16 16 74.8
    2007 23 SFO 914 2 4 57.2
    2009 25 SFO 1267 11 7 84.7
    I mean what else do you want to address. How many more statistical comparisons do you want to make. Because obviously arguing with you on subjective observations is going nowhere.

  22. kevin you’re stupid for comparing smith’s seperated shoulder to staffords lmao…staffords shoulder problem is on his left arm, non throwing arm…smith’s was on his right arm, his throwing arm, lmao…dude just stop, you are pathetic

  23. Just when the young O-line starts to look like they are catching on, they go and lay an big egg against the 49ers. I thought with the complete no show in Seattle, they would take that to motivate them going out west again and….flop. I went into the game knowing they we lose, but didn’t think they would not show up at all.
    One good thing I did take away from the game, when we went to that pass attack to try to get back into the game, we actually Garrard can go through his reads and pick teams apart with proper protection. If we can somehow find a away to do this early with a nice balance of a run attack we might actually have a successful offense.
    As far as Scobee, he is and has been a good kicker, but evertime he kicks whether it be a 20 or 45 yarder I’m on the edge of my seat. Those FG’s should be automatic. And defense needs a major make over in the off season from top to bottom starting with Harvey. Anyway another dissappointing loss that will end in a dissappointing season unless they get their stuff together sooner rather than later.

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