Bears' passing game sees tough match-ups with Vikings

The Chicago Bears’ passing offense has struggled this season, with quarterback Jay Cutler leading the league in interceptions.

To hear the Bears tell it, they don’t think it’s going to get any easier today against the Minnesota Vikings.

For starters, Bears left tackle Orlando Pace thinks he’s got a tall order ahead of him when he matches up with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.

“Jared’s going to play hard, and he’s going to play to the whistle anyway – run, pass, whatever,” Pace said. “That’s just what he’s going to do. I don’t know if you can necessarily take him out of the game. You just have to get on him and stay on him.”

Staying on him won’t be easy for Pace: The only time Allen and Pace ever went head-to-head was a 2006 game when Allen got the better of the individual match-up, recording two sacks against the St. Louis Rams. And although he has started all 10 games this season, the 34-year-old Pace has at times shown his age, looking slower and less agile than he did a decade ago, when he was one of the league’s best left tackles.

And then there are problems for the Bears in the Vikings’ secondary, where the expected return of cornerback Antoine Winfield could give Cutler trouble as he looks for his favorite receiver, Devin Hester.

“If he’s playing, it affects things quite a bit,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said of Winfield. “He’s one of the best corners in the game. He brings an awful lot to them in terms of toughness.”

If the 4-6 Bears are going to have any hope of making the playoffs, they’re going to need to upset the Vikings today. And the Bears don’t sound very confident in their ability to move the ball against the Vikings through the air.

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  1. I can’t wait to see this game. The Bears don’t want to play today. They’ve already given up. Allen gets 2-3 sacks, Cutler throws at least 2 picks, and the Vikings roll!

  2. Pace is washed up and not worth a damn. Allen will most likely destroy him. I actually fear for Cutler’s life. At the least, he’s going to take another serious beating today.

  3. The Bears will be playing all-out, full desperation mode football.
    The Vikings will win if they play their game and execute.

  4. Bear’s season is officially done with loss to Minnesota today…..probably still toast even with the upset.

  5. This loser CareBear team has given up before they even take the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Probably a good choice. I wouldn’t want to have to play the Vikes either!

  6. I don’t think this Viking team is prone to be upset with Favre at QB.
    They are very focussed because everyone constantly reminds them not to look ahead.

  7. should be a easy game for viqueens and anyone who plays the bears.thir defense has to stuff the run up the middle the first 2 plays and then wait for the screen to hester on 3rd. down.and who ever is the qb they are playing that day just has to look and see that everybody is lined up where they always are since lovie refuses to make any adj. and then score at will same as it has been all year.listening to qeen fans brag all year about having a packer as thier qb will make watching them choke in the playoffs all that sweeter!

  8. Allen has been shut down a few times this season alone, check his game stats.
    Bears off-season o-line acquisitions are working out about as well as Hester is as #1 receiver.
    Olsen and Forte were top receivers last year, don’t know why they push the ball to their bad receivers when they do simple hook routes, hardly throw down field or slant routes to utilize the receivers only asset – speed.

  9. The Vikings better be careful. Favre has been very bad the last 6 games against the bears. I think he is like 1-5 with only 2 TDs and 13 INT. However, Adrain has been very good against the Bears so something has to give. I guess we’ll see. Should be a good game.

  10. I expect Jared Allen to have a big game. He’s a shark and when he smells blood (aka is lined up against a tackle he knows he can beat) he kicks it into an extra gear. Orlando Pace is someone Allen knows he can beat, so I think he we’ll see the calf roping routine a couple times.
    SMVU says Allen’s been shut downs a few times, but he either hasn’t watched those Vikings or is a biased Packers fan (I think both). No one gets a sack in every game, otherwise they’d have 16 minimum and most likely have 20-25. Allen does get sacks in multiples, but he conistently gets hits and pressure on the QB in the games he doesn’t get a sack. He also requires the other team to ether double team him or at least chip with a RB. That has freed Ray Edwards to have a career year so far. So anyone would be an idiot to just look at stats to determine how much of an impact Jared Allen really has on the game.
    That said, I don’t think this will be a blowout. If Jay Cutler plays a good game (part of being inconsistent is playing good games at times), and the Vikings play uninspired, this could be the kind of game the Bears stay in the game until about midway through the 4th quarter.

  11. Vikes will lose. Favrah will get hurt. Minnesota “fans” will go back to ignoring their team. And all will be well once again in the NFC North.

  12. Vikes will roll, Favre will sit out the fourth quarter, Minnesota “fans” will be making their arrangements for visiting Miami in February (man, doesn’t THAT sound nice), and Gay4Himself will crawl back under the rock to where he belongs…

  13. You can’t be too critical of a Vikings fanbase that has seen a “kick ass offense” made of essentially the same staff and players work up a .500 record leading up to this season.
    Brett Favre is the obvious difference maker, so why has Childress been dicking around with the likes of Brad Johnson, Gus Frerotte, Koy Detmer, Tarvaris Jackson, et al for the past three years?

  14. @Gae4Brett-
    If manure were music, you’d be a brass band.Your mouth is getting too big for your muzzle douche!

  15. After winning the Super Bowl this year then losing in the NFC Championship game next year all these morons will be saying “I told you they would fall apart eventually!” as loud as they can and claim they have been right all along.

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