Chris Johnson rewriting record book

Vince Young’s epic drive deserves all the attention it gets, but don’t let Chris Johnson’s insane November get lost in the shuffle.

There really is no historical player comparison for Johnson, and now “Every Coach’s Dream” is making sure he’s a part of history.

Johnson tied an NFL record by topping 125 rushing yards for a sixth straight game Sunday.  (Earl Campbell set the record in 1980, Eric Dickerson tied it in 1984.) We like Johnson’s chances of running past those two legends next week against the Colts.

Johnson’s 154 rushing yards also set the record for the most rushing yards in November — by 99 yards over Barry Sanders. 

It’s also worth tracking Johnson’s yards from scrimmage for the season.  After Sunday, he’s on pace for 2,030 rushing yards and 2,458 yards from scrimmage.  Marshall Faulk’s yards from scrimmage record is 2,429. (Before we get too lost in the numbers, watch the video proof.)

The Titans, led by Johnson, are starting to make a habit of making the impossible look possible.  Perhaps Johnson’s prediction of ten straight wins wasn’t so crazy. 

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  1. if i were a coach, he would be my dream.
    he doesnt talk as much as a wr, but you have to admit, the guy backs it up when he does talk

  2. I love me some me!! (chris Johnson) AKA 424 is insane , we are all lucky to see someone like that before the world ends in 2012!! December 21!!

  3. actually he is on pace for 2030 rushing yards, espn hasn’t added this weeks stats into projected yearly stats yet.

  4. Also worth mentioning…. Adrian Peterson is on a team that has a pretty good pass attack which would open up more holes you would think.. Chris Johnson is seeing eight man front probably 50% of the time if not more….

  5. @chingonrungame youre an idiot…florio arent you supposed to screen these posts?
    chris johnson can talk all he want because, quite frankly (see: S. A. Smith), he just became the best runningback in the nfl in my book. peterson needs like 20 carries give or take to get up to 125 yards. johnson needs maybe 10. and yes, peterson fumbles way too much and his knee is a weak point. who knew the other half of tennessees run game was the problem with tennessees run game?
    my prediction was originally that peterson would be the one to dethrone emmitt smith…now i say its gonna be chris johnson

  6. Man that kid is good! I like seeing great running backs that are in the same caliber as AP.
    CJ is backing up his gold teeth thats for sure.

  7. What a absolute beast….it’s his yards per carry average that’s just sick….continues to impress every week….Adrian who???

  8. CJ is a great back so far. For those who
    give him the “better than AD crown” so soon are talking out your ass. I bet if you ask the defensive players of the NFL who is harder to play against bet AD would win hands down. People fear that beast. Let time tell.

  9. “We like Johnson’s chances of running past those two legends next week against the Colts.”
    Not saying he won’t – the Titans are a completely different team than they were the last time the two teams faced. But you might wanna check his numbers the last time the Colts and Titans faced off. Might not be as easy as you think.

  10. @ my nuts hobby, don’t mention my name in your post!!! Quit trying to be somebody !Your probably some 12 year old that jumps on band wagons !! Last year purple Jesus , NOW 424 huh get ur own players chavala! Screen that!!!florio.

  11. Adrian who?? It’s time CJ gets some commercials. He is every bit as tough as Sproles or Jones-Drew. He is sick.

  12. I agree that AP is harder to play against. No doubt. I hope more players keep raising the bar in the NFL.

  13. “skolvikes says:
    November 29, 2009 11:08 PM
    I agree that AP is harder to play against. No doubt. I hope more players keep raising the bar in the NFL.”
    Peterson’s career long run is 73 yards.
    Johnson has had 4 runs this season of 85 or greater yards. Pretty sure the announcers said no one else has more than 3….in their CAREER.

  14. ap may be harder to play against in that he hits people harder, but in terms of production, its hard to make the case that adrian peterson is a better back.
    cj is a more explosive back obviously, a better receiving threat, and just as good of a pass blocker. add all that to adrians tendency to cough the ball up and theres no comparison. hell, the way ap is playing this season, im not sure he’s even the number 2 back in the nfl

  15. … What is wrong with all you AP nut lickers ? AP is/was one of the top 5 backs , but with his play as of late he would slip to 7-10 . Fumbles , not high enough ypc , doesnt catch real well , USED to be able to break out of tackles but he just doesnt have in the last 5 weeks …however , CJ doesnt have to break tackles ( though he has proven he can roll over LB’s , check last week’s footage ) he is THE fastest guy in the league ( Hester is jealous) and has hands of Reggie Wayne . He is THE MOST COMPLETE AND BEST back in the league , I mean shit , Edgar Cayce prophetized his coming and man is it here . . .

  16. A Tennessee_Tyrant ;Sounds like you got a mouthful of CJ’s junk. Hands of Reggie Wayne? Quit huffing glue dude.AD is bigger,stronger,better blocker. CJ faster and isn’t fumbling.
    AD is # 1 yet.

  17. How come you cannot give CJ his props without tearing someone else down? CJ kicks ass and AD is a great back as well.

  18. Over the past five games, Johnson has averaged 160 yards per game, and gashed two top-ten run defenses along the way. (135 yards vs. #6 49ers, 228 yards vs. #10 Jaguars.)
    The remainder of the Titans’ schedule looks considerably easier for CJ.
    Here are the Titans’ remaining opponents and where their run defenses currently rank:
    Colts #15
    Rams #28
    Dolphins #12
    Chargers #21
    Seahawks #18
    The Rams game should be particularly interesting. In the past couple weeks, they’ve given up 130 and 110 yards to Justin Forsett and Tim Hightower, respectively….roughly three times each player’s per-game average.
    If CJ triples his per-game average against the Rams, he’ll have 400 yards rushing.

  19. Hey Titans we’ll trade you Chester Taylor for Chris Johnson. Could you imagine Adrian and CJ on the same roster. Opposing defenses would wet themselves. Probably the 2 most dynamic backs in the NFL right now. I think CJ is taking the driver’s seat while AD moves to shotgun this year.

  20. 424 is one bad mutha!! And to Chingonrungame and Booby my bad Hooby dont take this shit so serious. Sit back relax and watch the 424 show airing every Sunday afternoon!!!

  21. Two quality backs with two different styles. I think AD/AP is not the same as last season, but, I think he may have a minor injury. Plus, I think defenses have learned how to shut him down, by forcing him to move more laterally. But, more importantly are two points: what really gets me about Peterson, during this so-called dry spell, is the fact that he seems determined to cut back into traffic like he desires contact as oppossed to being elusive. There have been many instances where I’m screaming “Cut it back outside!” But, instead he cuts it into traffic. Plus, most of Peterson’s big plays have been on counters in the past. Furthermore, truth be told, they don’t run many of counters now, because they are establishing the play action pass (like how the Colts run their offense), I noticed this during the Monday G.B. game. Thereby running Peterson on a bunch of sweeps which fails to suit his style of play. It’s great for the passing attack, but, the running game has suffered. Has anyone else noticed these facts?
    Now CJ is explosive as can be, and is a quality receiver. Plus, the fact that, other than today, they have literally had to ride him to win their games while the Vikes seem pass happy. The Titans actually feature CJ now more than the Vikes do Peterson. Which I like because I am concerned about Peterson’s longevity. However, Im certain, hands down, any defensive player would claim that Peterson is the most feared back.
    I am a Viking fan, but, would really like to see the Titans in the play-offs, as I thought going into the season that they would be top 3 in the AFC. I hope their run continues.

  22. Before some of you get WAY ahead of yourselves, in order for anyone to break Emmitt Smith’s rushing record, he needs to be healthy and not prone to injuries…cough Adrian cough.
    That being said, I really like Chris Johnson and think he’s a better RB than AP. Just because something or someone is popular doesn’t make them better. It’s like saying Sony or Vizio makes better plasma T.V.’s when in reality, everyone knows that Samsung and Panasonic are MUCH better.
    Look at the Vikings opponents record before they played them and I can’t believe AP isn’t having a better season than CJ.

  23. It’s tough to argue that the kid is good. I’m actually pulling for him and a NE fan.
    The words of Bill Parcells ring in my ears though. “don’t anoint him” after only 11 games. The glowing language here isn’t much different than what was said about Adrian Peterson last year.
    That having been saif I’ll watch the Tennessee games to see him play.

  24. Good thing Chris Johnson is a good rusher. As noted by the broadcasting team, he has size 9 feet.
    Poor guy, wink wink, nudge nudge,

  25. Production, Production, Production… CJ has more yards with less carries for a better average. CJ puts the ball on the ground less and is a threat to bust one open every time he touches the ball.
    It’s not about what a guy “can” do, but what he “is” doing!
    Right now AP isn’t doing as much as CJ.
    Note to all of you guys that are taking this so personally…”If someone says that Chris Johnson is better than Adrian Peterson, they are not talking about you!!!”…If “YOU” are feeling insulted, this would probably be agood time to take up a hobby or find a girl friend.
    AP is a good back. Right now CJ is doing better. Maybe that will change maybe it won’t. I think St. Louis fan would like to take a run at the, “who’se running back is better than AP”, argument as well.

  26. I like how rogers-cromartie still gave him a good chase on that long td play, chris johnson was suprised a bit when he relized he wasn’t alone. Crazy speed right there.

  27. Can Johnson play at this level for a couple of seasons before he gets compared to Jim Brown and “Sweetness”.

  28. This whole conversation is a joke. Crowning”who is the best back” I mean. CJ,AD and Jackson are all quality backs that play on different offenses AD had the title last year. Cj is leading this year. Season isn’t over either.Many intangibles go into being the best back. Just because CJ leads in yards doesn’t make him King all of the sudden.I mean Schaub is well ahead of Favre in yards,does that make him better? Backs must block,catch,run ,score and be durable. Not fumble. How much do they impact how the opposing team game plans around them? AD had D’s stacked on him last year and plenty this year also. I don’t get to see CJ and Jackson but highlights. Why do people say AD sucks this year when he has 1084 yards and 12 td’s? LOL Is he so great that less than 2000 yards is failure? That’s F’n nuts.AD is injured too,cuz he runs through people. Many people love to see that kind of back.CJ is a burner.2 different animals
    CJ is playing great,but lets do it a few seasons before anyone is anointed NFL’s greatest back of the present,too early to tell.

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