Falcons come back, beat Bucs despite injuries

The Atlanta Falcons needed to win today to keep pace in the NFC wild card race, and that became a tall order when both quarterback Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner were knocked out of the game.

But despite trailing for most of the third and fourth quarters, the Falcons came back and earned a hard-fought 20-17 victory.

Falcons backup quarterback Chris Redman played very well in place of Ryan, coming off the bench to complete 23 of 41 passes for 243 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Backup running back Jerious Norwood also played well, both before and after Turner got hurt, carrying six times for 22 yards and also scoring a 22-yard receiving touchdown.

The Falcons improved to 6-5, and although they’ve still got a tough climb to the playoffs, the win allowed them to stay just one game behind the 7-4 Eagles and Packers in the NFC wild card race.

The Bucs fell to 1-10, keeping pace with the Rams and Browns in the first overall draft pick sweepstakes. Tampa Bay might be the worst team in the league, but there is some consolation for the Bucs in knowing that if they do get the first pick in the draft, they won’t have to worry about picking a quarterback.

Tampa Bay rookie Josh Freeman had a great game, completing 20 of 29 passes for 250 yards and two touchdowns. The Bucs appear to have their quarterback of the future. Now they just need to surround him with some good teammates.

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  1. Did you know the Eagles also came back despite injuries. That should be more news worthy then the Falcons seeing that you said 2 weeks ago that the Eagles and specificly Donovan Mcnabb cant come back in the 4th quarter to win a game. Now they have done it 2 weeks in a row.

  2. …and there’s turmoil in Falcons land.
    There’s a lot of people in Atlanta that’s not completely sold on Matt Ryan. They see him as an average QB with a lot of hype.
    Now the blogs are buzzing that Chris Redman went out there and did something that Matt Ryan has never done: Win an NFL game without Michael Turner in the backfield.
    And they’re blaming him for Turner’s rushed return to the field- and the eventual returned injury.
    But here’s the worst part: Chris Redman took over the game. He was beat up, but he didn’t throw one pick. And, when the chips were down, he drove the team downfield and threw a perfect pass- complete with poise and composure.
    For all of the hype and efforts regarding Matt Ryan, he has never took over a game and won it like that. I hate to say this, but the last QB that actually took over a game when the chips were down and won the game for the Falcons was that guy that fought dogs.
    And what makes it worse is that he’s coming to town next week. And Chris Redman stops the slide for the Falcons while our franchise QB sat on the sideline? It’s not a good look down here.

  3. @Tian
    I know a lot of people have wanted to see what Redman can do since Ryan has been struggling a little this year. And even though people will say ” it’s just Tampa Bay” it doesn’t matter. Redman went in and did what he had to do. And for Ryan to be sitting with a hurt toe is just ridiculous unless it was cut almost in half.
    This will definitely add fuel to the fire in the ATL fanbase.

  4. Well now, A stud running back, a huge D tackle ,and a new slow talking coach with some real football sense might get us back on track for 2010. With the great draft talent available this year, some smart picks should be able to fix alot of ills in the Bucs offense and defense.

  5. And yet no mention of Aqib Talibe and Torrie Cox out late in that game especially on the last drive. Not saying it would make a difference but if youre making it a point to mention how Atlanta won despite injuries atleast note some of the Bucs injuries. Michael Turner didnt even do anything prior to exiting the game.

  6. I’m sure Rah will take full credit for the improved defense, ignoring Atlanta’s key injuries and lethargy. When it came down to the end, the Bucs choked. Rah is going to spout the “we played hard and we’re improving” line. Rah is a goofass (see jumping around on the sidelines after every decent play), but he’s not dumb: He did not replace Bates before the Saints game. Rah’s secret crush, Barber, looked like he had rheumatoid arthritis, sidestepping Norwood to avoid making a tackle. But, that is vintage Barber. Biggest fraud on the team.

  7. We lost to a backup QB and a backup RB. Now I am convienced that the only reason we beat the Packers was because they had a bad day and really beat themselves. When will the Bucs owners finally decide to take out the trash and clean house for some quality talent to FINALLY come in?!

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