Haslett hasn't been contacted as a candidate for NFL job

Despite a FanHouse.com story indicating that UFL coach Jim Haslett has been contacted by an NFL team with an interest in hiring Haslett, a league source tells us that Haslett hasn’t been contacted regarding himself.

Per the source, Haslett’s comments to FanHouse.com related to NFL interest in UFL players.

Here’s the full quote from the FanHouse.com story:  “A lot of guys have been contacted; myself, a bunch of coaches have
been contacted, so we’ll see. . . .  So, I am sure there will be a few others from these two teams.  DeDe Dorsey is a heck of a player on the Locos, and we have a bunch of guys who I think will be contacted.”

Haslett has been mentioned as a potential candidate for the head-coaching job in Buffalo, where Haslett was a Pro Bowl linebacker during his playing days.

3 responses to “Haslett hasn't been contacted as a candidate for NFL job

  1. Any team that hires this retread will deserve exactly what they’ll get….losing. What in his first stint as HC proved that he could win a Super Bowl ?

  2. Florio has always had a major mancrush on Hasbeen, which explains how it is he so badly misinterpreted and spun the earlier story. (Remember when Florio picked the Rams to go to the Superbowl a few years ago? Yep, that was the year Haslett was hired as DC, and in the end, the Rams sucked.)

  3. Drat:
    The Rams had many problems beyond Haslett the last few years. That being said, I was so glad he didn’t get the gig here. I always thought he whined and made excuses too much to be an effective coach. The Rams are bad this year, but that’s due to years of poor drafting and poor free agancy decisions. I see promise for the future and I believe in Spags. I don’t think I’d feel the same way if Has’ was our coach.

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