Jason Campbell says "everything blacked out" after hit on final drive

The Redskins’ chances against the Eagles on Sunday ended with quarterback Jason Campbell taking a hard shot on a fourth-down play, being flung to the ground after throwing a pass.

After the game, Campbell talked about what occurred.

“I tried to hurry
up and give it to [Santana Moss] and the guy actually threw me on top of my head,” Campbell said on Comcast Sportsnet’s Postgame Live (via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post).  “And when he slammed me down on my head everything blacked out, my left
arm was numb and I had the breath knocked out of me.”

Campbell remained on the ground for several minutes after the play.  No penalty was called.

But at least Campbell still has his sense of humor.  Asked whether a flag would have been thrown if Tom Brady had been the quarterback, Campbell said, “Yeah, I think it was a 15-yarder maybe.”

21 responses to “Jason Campbell says "everything blacked out" after hit on final drive

  1. “But at least Campbell still has his sense of humor”
    When asked if he remembered playing QB for the Redskins, he laughed and said “that’s a good one!”
    “No seriously, what team DO I play for?”

  2. All bullshit aside, that was a blatant penalty that somehow, was never called.
    They’ll fine him, like usual, but how they missed that call is beyond me.
    For the record, I was pulling for Philly.

  3. that is a penalty; what a horrible job by the refs as usual.
    the refs screw up nfl games every week in the nfl. every damn week.
    why even watch football the refs will just screw everything up guaranteed? and y is funny that he said brady would get that call [which he would]? y is it funny that one player gets legit special treatment and every1 knows it?? NFL IS A JOKE.

  4. soon to be former deadskin QB….boy…going to have to clean house next yr dskins….org is in shambles and probably need about 10 players just to compete week to week…
    go boys….SB.

  5. stop crying about the officials and win a game….thats a loser mentality and this is tackle football so the refs should put the flags away on tackles….come on.,
    go cowboys SB

  6. Bwa Ha Ha: Kolb and McNabb aren’t going anywhere; everyone in Philly knows this whether they like it or not.
    Rockotica: Learn how to write. PFT is a part of NBC now! They even Florio moved out his mom’s basement as a part of the partnership.
    For the record: Should have been 15 yards, but the throw to the ground was after the ball was thrown, so it didn’t affect the play…

  7. why has the NFL become such a puss league? You think Montana, Marino, and Aikman have never been tackled like that? Campbell shoulda gotten rid of the ball earlier if he didn’t want to get tackled hard. Stay in the pocket and bad things will happen.

  8. JayPhilly- Roughing the passer is always called after the ball is thrown… I’m a huge Eagles fan and bias aside that was clearly a flag. Parker got away with one

  9. Parker did get away with that as he had no need to throw Campbell to the ground. Had it been Payton Manning or Tom Brady I guarantee that flag is thrown

  10. Amazing no flag on that…….Especially in the era where players pull the imaginary flag outta their pockets every game. Bednarik and co. despise this sort of thing, and I agree.
    Seriously that woulda been a bigtime first down and 15 yards had it happened to one of the precious qb’s like Brady or Manning, or Romo. The refs are often subjective and inconsistent, it drives viewers nuts.

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