King: Two coaches say Tebow won't get past them in round one

NBC’s Peter King reported during Football Night in America that he has spoken to 17 coaches and personnel executives over the past month, and that he has asked for predictions as to the precise spot at which Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will be drafted.

The average draft position?  33rd overall.

But King added that two coaches of “winning teams” said Tebow won’t get past their selections in round one.

Our guess as to the two teams in question?  Jacksonville and Minnesota.

Make your own guesses in the comments.

76 responses to “King: Two coaches say Tebow won't get past them in round one

  1. I think it’s tough to say how effective he will be as an NFL QB, but if the Vikes took him I’d be pretty pumped at the possibility of bringing his leadership skills to the table and see how it goes.

  2. I like that, I think that Minnesota is looking to pick up Tim Tebow as well. I definately wouldn’t put it past them, and Chilly can start all over since Jackson doesn’t have enough confidence from everyone. And Sage RosenGoofCopterPick6Fels is old and not good at all.

  3. I’m a vikings fan and I love Tebow and I watch every gator game cuz of him. Though his long wind up scares me in the pros to pass up on such a great leader would be a mistake.

  4. Jacksonville needs to sell tickets if they want to stay in Florida, so Tebow makes sense for them. He’s going to suck as an NFL quarterback, but that won’t stop Wayne Weaver.

  5. With the turnover in NFL coaches, it’s clear that there are two idiots on an annual basis as NFL coaches.
    This proves that there are two more this year.
    Danny Wurawful Jr. will suck in the NFL too.

  6. Jacksonville has a winning record, but bit of a stretch to call them a “winning” team.
    Cardinals wouldn’t be a stretch.
    Minnesota of course.
    Denver, especially since they have an extra first round to pick.

  7. Belichick would be a good guess with his tie to Urban Myer, however I doubt that he would have commented to King about this.

  8. Please Brad Childress, NO!!!!!!
    I’d rather stick with TJack than draft that bum. We’ve already taken a chance on one project QB, we don’t need another project (one that will never fulfill his “potential”)

  9. the only “winning” team that could do this w/out turning into a “loosing” team is the Patriots… but I don’t think they have a 1st rounder. But, Belichick would want to turn him into one heckuva ILB/RB.

  10. The guy might be a good QB but sorry, If im an NFL team im not sure I would draft a guy that is into dudes. The guys sexuality is definitely questionable, I think he likes bros.

  11. I doubt Tebow will be there with the last pick in the 1st round 🙂 Maybe the Bears should look at him in the first round…oh wait… my bad

  12. Wait until the combine. He’ll sink like a stone. His accuracy is terrible and he doesn’t have a good arm. He’s also not fast enough to make the switch to RB.
    I really don’t understand the hype about the dude. He plays in a gimmicky offense that features him. His ceiling is Ty Detmer, his floor is Gino Torretta.

  13. Jacksonville no doubt, Vikings I really doubt. Why would they want a QB that would bring more people into the box on A.P. instead of one who is known to stretch the field and give lanes to their All-Pro RB? Someone like Tony Pike or Colt McCoy would make a lot more sense for Minny.

  14. Isnt it too early for the draft for coaches/gm to start passing out misinformation and smoke screens? That’s all this is. Misdirection. Mark my words, this up coming draft has way to many studs to pass up in Round 1. Tebow goes in round 2 or 3 at best.

  15. God bless Tim Tebow. God loves him and he loves God. God is great. God has blessed him and God is awesome.
    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….I can’t wait to see him bust. CANNNOT.WAIT!!!!one1!!!!

  16. I don’t see him coming to Minnesota. Although, when I was hoping for the Vikings to draft Peterson and Harvin I didn’t think that would happen and here we are.
    With that said I think it is a little early to be speculating on the NFL draft. I think with the season going there might be enough news to not worry about all of this.

  17. I love all the experts that KNOW Tebow will suck an a NFL QB. Well, Tony Dungy and Jon Gruden think you are wrong.

  18. The thought of Tebow as an NFL QB is hilarious. His footwork is atrocious, his delivery is atrocious, he plays in the spread option, he can’t read defenses he lacks accuracy. BUT HE WINS GAMES! Yeah right, and if he tries to run like he does in college in the NFL he’s going to get killed by a LB. Seriously, Tebow is a worse prospect than most top QBs coming out of high school.

  19. I watched a lot of Tebow this year and I just can’t see him being a great NFL qb. His Leftwichesque release is going to be a problem, and he’s not going to pick up 3rd and 2’s with any great regularity in the NFL like he does at Florida. He’s got an ok arm, but he throws too many floaters. And whichever team he plays for next year probably won’t have a defense that gives up 9 points a game.
    You can compare him to Vince Young, but he’s no where near as fast, Young’s delivery is much quicker, and he doesn’t have half the arm that Young has.
    Could be wrong of course, as I have yet to be hired as a scout by any teams, but he just doesn’t pass the eye test for a pro qb.

  20. I would love to have Tebow in MN. His mechanics & delivery is not good at all but that can be taught. You cant teach heart & guts & he has alot & he is a proven winner.

  21. Why would the Pats want this guy ? He’ll demand huge money and I doubt he’ll ever make it as a starter in the NFL.

  22. the way he plays, and the hits that he takes, at the pro level he’d be lucky to make it thru a season, plus the style of offense he plays, always in the spread, never taking snaps from under center, it certainly wouldn’t be worth risking a first round pick on…

  23. King’s sources are way off. As many of you know I work for Dallas and have ALL this inside info. Teabow is headed to Seattle. Lock it in.

  24. Just part of the draft mind games.
    These coaches probably don’t think Tebow will pan out, but want to make other teams think he won’t make it out of the first round, forcing someone to draft him too high and hopefully the player these two coaches really want falls to them.

  25. there are other players at other positions that would be a good fit for the vikes. there isn’t anything wrong with guys that just win, which is what tebow does. People talk like the guy doesnt have a chance, but has he ever been in a pro style offense? if not, then how in the hell does one think he aint gonna make it?
    If there is a decent DT left on the board in round 1, i wouldn’t be suprised to see chilly jump on it. Pat aint getting any younger and I’m not sold on evans and kennedy as a full time starter.

  26. Why would somebody who wanted to draft Tebow tell a reporter that he wouldn’t get past them? They’d be more likely to say he is horrible and they wouldn’t go near him.

  27. Tebow learning from Farve for a year and then hooks up with Harvin just like the old days……Makes a ton of sense and it is very clear the Gator system is a easy transition to the Vikings sytem.

  28. Jon Gruden is hardly an expert on QB’s…or did you miss when he was the HC of the Bucs?
    Tebow is going to bust in such a way that guys like him will enter the combine as a TE.

  29. Being a Viking fan, next year scares me. I doubt Favre will be around for another year, TJack is worthless, No decent QB will fall far enough for the Vikings to pick up (No, I don’t think Tebow is a decent QB, not at the NFL level anyway)
    The Vikings are going to be picking WAY down at the end unless they trade up……..and if they do, I hope they don’t give up the farm…..they are going to be needing decent replacements for the D line in a couple years at most!

  30. “PervyHarvin says:
    Minnesota. Chilly’s sister’s daughter goes to Bible class with Tebow.”
    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo …… you mean his niece, right?

  31. Any team that drafts Tim Teabow anywhere in the draft will regret it, he has bust written all over him. He cannot play QB in the NFL and has already said he refuses to change positions.

  32. I didn’t know peter king still reported nfl news…..has he ever been right? Gruden and Dungy has endorsed tebow…… well, knowing those two geniuses are on board seals it for sure!!

  33. no way the eagles pick.i think minnesota makes a lot of sense,percy harvin college qb with adrian peterson tagging along.a very effective offense

  34. If it has to be “winning teams” as stated, then that narrows it to 14 teams. If you narrow it to teams without a young franchise quarterback (that has the confidence of the organization) that leaves:
    Jacksonville (around #16-20)
    Philadelphia (around #20-24)
    Arizona (around #22-26)
    Minnesota (around #28-32)
    Denver (has the Bears Pick which will be higher than Tebow is projected to go #9-13).
    Non-winning teams that would be candidates to take at or trade into position #21-32 to take Tebow:
    Seattle (from Denver)
    St Louis

  35. What Fan wouldn’t want to see what happens when Tebow throws to Harvin again? That is great T.V. Tebow can be underrated when it comes to his potential in the NFL as a QB.

  36. Yeah Gruden and Dungy sure know a lot about QBs… Gruden has had about 70 and none stick. Dungy had Peyton, he didn’t draft him he just had him.

  37. Mentioning Jacksonville in this story makes a lot of sense, but you are forgetting one very key aspect: Del Rio has ZERO say when it comes to the draft pick. Gene Smith will be making that decision and something tells me he’ll want to improve the worst pass rush in the NFL. Garrard isn’t great (and it’s tough even giving him that much credit after his fumbles today), but he’s serviceable. We need help elsewhere.

  38. Wow. A lot of Tebow haters out there. I am not a gator fan, actully I cant stand the gators, but I have watched almost all of their games this year. The kid makes good decisions, takes care of the football, and has the work ethic to succeed at the next level. Seeing a guy like VY, who has a similar skill set, start to put things together makes me think Tebow can do the same thing. Jacksonville will draft him, and he will be fine.

  39. For all you guys that think all Tebow does is win, I have a story for you. I live in Charlotte NC, and there was a guy here named Chris Leak. That’s what everyone said about him as well. I always thought he was overrated. He went to play for Florida. After he left school, he was picked up by Chicago as a rookie FA, all the while people still saying “all he does is win”. Guess where he is now. Selling insurance here in Charlotte. The lesson of the story? Just because you are good in college, does not equate to being a good NFL QB. Whoever drafts him will have the next Mike Vick. Tons of talent and potential, but never lives up to it.

  40. Everyone in this room is a hater. Who cares about is skills at this point. He is a winner. There is no way he will ever play any other position other then QB(not saying he will succeed). Also, guys like soupnazi are pathetic. You sit there and MOCK god like you have any right to do so? you should be very very ashammed of yourself. Beleive in the big man or not you should never use his name like that. Also, like i said before stop hating on this kid. Jealous because he wins games and you sit there week in and week out and watch tv . The sky is the limit for Tebow…not just in football he will do what he wants in life and be successfull.

  41. 1. To compare Vince Young and Tim Tebow is laughable. Similar offenses, but Vince is way faster, and can run away from NFL defenses. Tebows 4.83 40 yard dash says he wont.
    2. Good point about Chris Leak. Eric Crouch, Jason White, Ken Dorsey, and a host of other “he just wins” people come to mind. Maybe they keep winning because of that defense? (I’m just sayin…)
    3. Jacskonville and New Orleans are the two teams, because of locality(J-ville) and the threat of the wildcat(NO). Minnasota? Maybe I guarentee you that they would take Sam Bradford over Tim Tebow…better fit for the offense, more accurate passer, better release, and I bet Peterson will push for the OU connection better than Percy will for UF.

  42. Tim Tebow is going to blow the doors off every qb at the combines. All you haters are in for a lot of hating because Tebow is the man and he is going to play qb not fullback or TE or linebacker. He is a natural born leader and a winner.

  43. Tebow shouldn’t be drafted in the first round Despite his accomplishments in college he isn’t a pro style QB at least not without a lot of work on his throwing mechanics. At best if he wants to play early he’s either a wildcat qb or transitions to a H-Back position.

  44. it would be very smart for jacksonville to draft tebow.
    tebow’s skillsets aside, jax drafting him would single-handedly turn that franchise around, economically. all of a sudden jacksonville would be relevant again.
    tebow is a lot like vince young in the respect that he’s not the best QB, but he has athletic intangibles that help lead a team. Tebow will just magically make everyone around him play better, much like how young does.

  45. Why are ppl wanting to change him to a RB or a LB? Are you the same morons that said Vick will make a great WR and/or RB? He is a quarterback, who has had a lot of success as a quarterback therefore moving him to LB or RB makes no sense whatsoever.
    Some of you should have to pass an IQ test to post here. Geez

  46. The Steelers (and therefore, Whisenhunt’s Steelers West) have made use of several former QBs over the last decade: Hines Ward, Antwaan Randle-El, Kordell Stewart, Jay Riemersma, to name a few…
    Other than those two, I think Jacksonville is totally plausible based upon their geography and weak attendance. They also have experience converting QBs to other positions, in Matt Jones.

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