New in-game concussion rules coming

With the NFL continuing to display dramatic sensitivity to the problem of concussions in pro football, another new tweak is coming soon.

On Thursday, Charley Casserly of CBS generally alluded to impending change to rules regarding in-game concussions.  On Sunday, Jay Glazer of FOX reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell will distribute a memo this week to all 32 teams, in which Goodell will set forth new procedures for determining whether a player who has suffered a concussion may return to the game.

Currently, a player may not return if he loses consciousness.  The new rules would make players who demonstrate concussion symptoms, such as memory loss, “wooziness,” or general dementia, possibly ineligible to rejoin the action.

As described by Glazer, the new rules will continue to reflect an inherent degree of subjectivity.  So we’ll say what we said the other day on the topic, primarily since many of you weren’t working Friday, and thus might have missed it.

“The problem is the absence of a clear, objective test for determining
when a guy can or can’t come back,” we said.  “Eventually, someone will come up
with a medical device that immediately can be used to determine a guy’s
status in this regard, and whoever invents the process will probably
make enough money to buy an NFL team — and then rig the thing to
consistently give his team’s players the green light.” 

6 responses to “New in-game concussion rules coming

  1. How about a rules change on bullshit pass interference calls?
    I have seen every Colts game this year and no team benefits more from phantom pass interference calls than them (See todays game with Houston)
    Also they seem to be the only team that does not get called for hands to the helmet on a quarterback.
    When will the rest of the league start making some nois about this.
    It is gonna get worse in the playoffs (ask the Steeler fans in 2005 who almost had the game stolen from them by Polians refs)

  2. How do you really tell when a football player is suffering from dementia? Some of these guys can’t say the alphabet if you spot them A-Y.

  3. so now LJ is an amazing RB?? haha 3 weeks ago he was a bum who was a locker room cancer etc etc….which is it? its not both. he had a decent game against a dreadul, pathetic defense. whether or not hes on the roster wont make on bit of diff whether cincy goes far or not. HE’S GOT NOTHING LEFT. 100 yards against browns does not mean he is back. this gossipy, trendy, strike while its pseudo hot reporting is ridiculously sad.

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