Raiders could sell 10 percent of the team

As a world of children and grown-up children who act like adults so the children won’t get scared begin to make out their Christmas wish lists, here’s a item for consideration.

A 10-percent stake in the Oakland Raiders.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the the team is trying to sell that amount of franchise, in an effort to raise money.

We’ve separately learned that, while a partial sale is possible, the efforts aren’t yet fully active.  No investment firm has been engaged, for example, and no aggressive attempt has been made to scare up a buyer.

Per a league source, the reality in Oakland is that the limited partnership contains several aging members (or, in some cases, the widows of deceased members).  Some of the members might want to dilute their interest in the team.

Either way, it’s not a certainty that any portion of the team will be sold.  But it’s definitely a possibility.

So if you’re a Raiders fan and if your parents or spouse have budgeted $100 million or so for this year’s Christmas gifts, go ahead and put it on your list.

Of course, some might regard such a gift simply as a very expensive lump of coal.

16 responses to “Raiders could sell 10 percent of the team

  1. “Raiders could sell 10 percent of the team”
    ………and the new minority owner would still get change back from his/her dollar.

  2. “a very expensive lump of coal” …….More like an expensive lump of shit. As long as brain dead drooling Al is in charge.

  3. As the losses on the field mount and the number of Al Davis apologists dwindle, the next logical step is a drying up of the cash flow. Whomever buys that 10% better get a clause in the contract to keep Al from blowing the cash on horrible free agent signings as he has shown he apt to do.

  4. You clowns never learn, you report on the Raiders only after the fact if you hope to be right. If you told me the sun was out in regards to the Raiders I would grab my raincoat. You people know about as much about the Raiders, it’s ownership structure or the internal workings of the organization as I do sending a Rocket into space.
    As to all the people with their comments on this page. Big talk coming from 5.00 per hour clowns eating Cambells Soup and a Tuna Sandwich on Friday Evening and calling it Dinning. First come the internet outlaws and now we have the internet elite sitting in line at the Library to post comments on Al Davis and his worth. The dude can by and sell the lot of you. So as you are sweeping out the stock room at work I am sure Al Davis is very concerned in what you think, what a laugh, you people kill me.

  5. you’re gonna have to speak a bit louder snnyjcbs, we can’t quite hear you with Al’s nuts in your mouth!
    long live the Raiders, to hell with Al Davis!

  6. umm..snnyjcbs you may want to do a little more research before slamming all other opinions posted. Forbes has ranked the Raiders net worth at 32nd in the league. To clarify there are 32 teams in the league, that would make the Raiders last. Al Davis’ livelihood is the Raiders so at $797M which he would have to split among other shareholders he isn’t AS rich as you would believe. Plus this isn’t cash in the bank, or as you would say since you are obviously not a $5.00 an hour employee who works hard as hell to feed their family, this isn’t liquid. So to cash in this asset he would need to find a buyer. Not only a buyer rich enough but one that would have any interest in a losing franchise.
    Now lets also mention the half dozen or so pending lawsuits that Al via Raider funds is blowing his money on. Lane Kiffin’s firing which would involve paying him what is left on his contract. Oh and that completely viable suit claiming L.A. is Raider territory. Brilliant move on that one.
    so instead of just flaming others for their opinions try to combat them with factual statements not schoolyard bully tactics. I’d continue but my tuna melt is finished.

  7. Hey, i would love to own 10% of the Raiders. It would be a dream come true to own any part of them. Every team goes through down years, it all balances out. Your pats, your bungles, your colts have all been the laughing stocks at some point in the last 20 years, so it can and will happen again. Just remember all the smack you layed down here, because what goes around comes around.

  8. Hey mike, check out Raiderfans have posted a billboard out in Oakland to try and get Al’s attention that things need to change!!

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