Report: Weis already being contacted by NFL teams

It’s no secret that Notre Dame will be firing head coach Charlie Weis.

Now, it’s no secret that he’ll have multiple options at the NFL level.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Weis is telling people that he has been contacted by multiple NFL teams, presumably to serve in the position of offensive coordinator.

Schefter seems to think that Weis will be back in the NFL by next year.  We still aren’t ready to rule out Weis re-joining the Patriots for the stretch run.

As we’ve previously said, Weis can sit at home and feel sorry for himself.  Or he can keep his sleeves rolled up and start the process of washing the bad taste out of this mouth.

The most obvious candidates are the Chiefs and the Patriots.  Browns coach Eric Mangini might also be interested in hiring Weis to run the Cleveland offense, in the hopes of getting the most out of former Weis pupil Brady Quinn and, more importantly, securing for Mangini another year at the helm of the hapless Browns.

27 responses to “Report: Weis already being contacted by NFL teams

  1. I can only hope and pray that the NFL teams call for ONLY coordinator jobs and not Head coaching jobs. With all due respect Weis has good offensive mind but but head coaching mind

  2. I’ve been told by someone in the Browns organization that there is “strong interest” on the part of the Browns to re-unite Weis and Quinn.
    Oh and by the way, Eric Mangini won’t be here next year. He’s still in trouble as far as keeping his job goes. Not sure why any media outlet would assume he’d be here next year having any control over any decision.

  3. This just in:
    Florio watches Sportscenter & re-reports
    everything he hears, what legwork, what sources.

  4. What about the Bears? They will need a new O-coordinator and have a young QB who needs guidance. Plus there’s a big Chicago-Notre Dame connection, but I don’t know if that’s a positive or negative.

  5. Charlie Weis knows nothing about the Patriots personnel other than Brady and Faulk. It would make no sense to bring him in at this point during the season. He would be a distraction. There is nothing wrong with the way Bill O’Brien has handled the offense in New England that would dictate a de facto demotion midseason. This is a BS story with nothing behind it.

  6. The Redskins could also use him along the O-Line & with his Notre Dame roots and being a failure he would fit in well with Dan + Vinny as BFFs.
    I’ve seen dumber things from this organization.

  7. If Weis wants a challenge, he’ll go to Kansas City. Heck with Cleveland, their done for many years. That team has no talent. If he wants to win he’ll go to New England. I think he’ll choose winning since he’s already coming off a few losing seasons.

  8. I hear Wendy’s and Burger King called also wanting a chance to hire Weiss in for an ingestion coordinator, he’s over quailified.

  9. Yeah, he’s really going to want to go to Cleveland so Ratgini can throw him under the bus too.
    KC makes the most sense. The Pats offense is dramatically different than the one Weiss ran there and it would be very hard for him to jump right in and take over.

  10. Everyone knows that Lord Florio doesn’t have the ability to get news/information himself. He relies more often than not on ESPN for info he can repeat here! What is bad is that he waits almost an hour before he repeats the news……..

  11. Nice – Weis’s agent spreads the word that “several teams” are already interested. I love how easily people are jerked left and right. Weis is a failure. He bombed. I realize white coaches are often rewarded for failure, but c’mon – this guy couldn’t win at Notre Dame with every advantage under the sun. Could it be that he isn’t really that good of a coach? Is it the Peter Principle writ large?
    By the way, that bad taste in Charlie’s mouth is leftover from him pissing in it for the last four years.

  12. “..washing the bad taste out of this mouth.”
    Or, you know, bad taste of his mouth, instead.
    Just throwing that out there.

  13. Let’s all use our heads instead of our big mouth’s for a second… Buffalo with a interim HC that’s the DC would make the most sense…

  14. You guys aren’t reading or are un-informed.
    Mangini is out. New head coach in Cleveland in 2010. Weis as the Offensive Coordinator re-united with Brady Quinn. What don’t you get about that? Mangini won’t be back.

  15. Browns are going to hire a VP of football operations…this person is going to fire Mangini after this season…Then they will name a new head coach….and if that head coach likes Charlie Weis he could very well end up in Cleveland. But if Quinn plays like garbage these final 6 games I’m not so sure he’ll even be with the Browns next season.

  16. for the morons who saying that he doesnt know the patriots players and system, well, your retarded and uneducated on this subject. THE PATS STILL RUN WEIS’ OFFENSE. The offensive line, qb, line coach and head coach are all the same. Yeah, Moss and Welker werent in NE before, but i am pretty confident that the fat man can figure it out. Why would he do any favors for Mangini either? People think that he wasnt bothered by Spygate? Come on….Chiefs, Patriots, IF he comes back this year. If he waits until next year, maybe add a couple teams to the mix. Keep an eye on Brady Quinn. If Quinn leaves Cleveland, or say Mangini gets fired, Weis will be with Quinn. My prediction- he joins the Patriots staff as a special asst.

  17. I think Charlie sits out this NFl season, but will be back next year somehwere under the Parcell/Belichick umbrella.

  18. Maybe Charlie could go back to the Big Boy chain and stand out front with that tray of food.

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