Shaun Rogers on crutches after game

There is no official word on Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers’ injury yet, but it doesn’t look good.

Rogers was seen on crutches after the game and he was unable to put any weight on his right leg.  He was described as “distraught” after huddling with teammate Robaire Smith.

The Browns defense, led by Rogers, gave a great effort against the Bengals Sunday.  They couldn’t stop the run, but pressured Carson Palmer nearly every time he dropped back to pass.

Three other Browns starters left Sunday’s loss: Kenyon Coleman (knee), linebacker Kamerion Wimbley (knee) and safety Brodney Pool (head).  Cleveland has been losing defensive parts all season.

Pool has had at least three previous concussions. 

7 responses to “Shaun Rogers on crutches after game

  1. If you get paid to write for a living, you should know that “has had” is poor grammar.
    They are two different tenses of the same verb.
    That’s like saying, “he runs ran a 4.4 in the 40.”
    Either he HAS at least three previous concussions, or he HAD them, depending on which tense makes the most sense.

  2. @RobNoxious:
    “Present perfect tense describes an action that happened at an indefinite time in the past or that began in the past and continues in the present.This tense is formed by using has/have with the past participle of the verb.”
    Unless “run” or “ran” is a form of has/have, your analogy is an utter failure, albeit a clear demonstration of your ignorance.
    Go back to remedial 7th grade english, jackass.

  3. Hey.. who could’ve predicted a grammar pissing contest in a thread about the Browns!
    In any event, while I’m not saying any of these guys are faking, if I’m a player on the Browns, a team who’s getting beat around like a beauty queen in the ring with Mike Tyson, I’m thinking that if I go down, I’m gonna stay down for the count.
    I mean what’s the point of playing out the season and risking a “real” injury?

  4. Good point, Joe.
    Maybe their contracts could be laced with “snaps taken” or “minutes played” like they did with Quinn. (Can you imagine how little the Brown’s offense would get paid?!)
    I’m a long haul truck driver, and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Of course, that’s the real world.

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