Vince Young leads Titans to thriller over Cardinals

Today’s installment of Vince Young vs. Matt Leinart wasn’t quite as significant as their classic Texas vs. USC Rose Bowl battle. But it was almost as entertaining a game.

Young led the Tennessee Titans to a 20-17 win over Leinart’s Arizona Cardinals, marching Tennessee down the field on an 18-play, 99-yard drive in the final 2:37, concluding with a 10-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Britt as time expired.

Young was nothing short of sensational, completing 27 of 43 passes for 387 yards, with a touchdown and no interceptions on the day. He was calm and poised throughout that final drive, never taking any unnecessary chances, throwing short passes underneath against the Cardinals’ prevent defense, and using his feet to keep plays alive.

Leinart, playing in place of the concussed Kurt Warner, had a decent game. But in completing 21 of 31 passes for 220 yards, with no touchdowns and no interceptions, he was overshadowed by Young, his fellow member of the 2006 NFL draft class.

The Titans (who also got 154 rushing yards from Chris Johnson) are now 5-0 with Young as their starting quarterback after opening the season 0-6. It’s hard to imagine a team starting 0-6 and getting to the playoffs, but the Titans are now only a game out of the final wild card spot.

At 7-4, the Cardinals are still in first place in the NFC West and still a likely playoff team. But they’re heading into December having suffered a heartbreaking loss in a great game.

24 responses to “Vince Young leads Titans to thriller over Cardinals

  1. I’m no fan of Young but what that dude did today was amazing, capped off with a 99 yard drive to win the game.
    This was a hell of a game all the way through, they were smackin each other around like they were bitter rivals.
    The Titans have to feel like they’re invincible now.

  2. Vince knows how win games. And he showed it here again. Remarkable drive he led down the stretch when the game was on the line. Hate em all you want, he knows how to win. He’s going to give my Colts a hell of a game next week. It will go down to the wire, hopefully Indy prevails though.

  3. I will admit, I lost faith in VY as a viable quarterback in this league. I stand corrected – what a finish. I still doubt Tennessee makes the playoffs, but it sure looks like Vince will be the QB of the future for them. He had to use his arm to win the game today and proved he learned a lot during his time off. Way to go, VY.

  4. 99 yard drive, three 4th down conversions, game-winning touchdown throw as time expired. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Vince Young.

  5. Watched the game as I finished dinner (the woman loved that) and I can honestly say Vince Young looked as if he has fully matured into a great QB , it was a pleasure to watch.
    The poise he had (all game actually) was amazing, absolutely amazing

  6. Huge week for AFC wildcard implications. Houston loses. Jags lose. Miami loses. Steelers have a good chance of losing. And Titans win.
    I’m watching this team thinking they’re a team of destiny. I think they’re gonna run the table. It sounds nuts and they’ll have to win pretty much from now on, but looking at the schedules of all the teams in play I think they have a chance.
    And unreal composure by this team. Unreal.

  7. I beg to differ any NFL game even Browns vs Lions is more significant then every college game even the championship. If NCAA gets a playoff system then maybe the championship game will mean a little more but as of right now it doesnt.

  8. If Arizona loses to the Vikings and the 49ers beat the Seahawks, then the NFC West is up for grabs on Monday the 14th.

  9. I love all of the people that were convinced Vince would fail and laughed at him are now saying how great he is after his time off. Vince always had, “it”. All he does is win.

  10. Sad thing is the officials quit doing their job. On the final for example, the referee can be heard telling the titans to stop holding, yet the right tackle horse collars the dt. Watch the replay. This was a blatant hold that gave young extra time to complete the play. Should have been one more play ten yards back.

  11. VY is a winner. No doubt about it. Its too bad he had that emotional breakdown during week 1 last season. If Kerry “I’m a JAG” Collins could lead that team to 13 wins, how far could they have gone with Vince Young?
    I wonder how many more weeks we’ll be seeing the owner giving the birdie to Coach Fisher for his stance on Young? If they miss the playoffs b/c Fisher waited too long, I suspect it won’t be his finger but his foot kicking Fisher’s @$$ out the door.

  12. VY kicked butt. Like seeing him do well (but not against the cards).
    Chris Johnson is an mvp candidate, but if the Titans win out and VY does as well as he has, then so is he. Johnson was there for the 0-6, and he ran for all those yards even in those games. So it could be that Vince is the difference. As for pocket passing, he proved it…he can. He was really good.

    As a huge Titans fan I hate to point this out, put the Titans are actually 3 games out of the final playoff spot/wildcard spot. Every scenario but one of these has to occur: Pittsburgh has to lose 3 games, the Ravens 2, Jacksonville 2, and either Denver or San Diego have to lose 3 games.
    It could happen. Denver could lose to KC (one or two times), @IND, and @PHIL, SD could lose to @DAL, CIN, @TN, PIT could lose to @BAL, GB, and BAL, BAL could lose to PIT, @GB, CHI, @PIT, and Jacksonville could (and probably will) lose to HOU, IND, or @NE.
    So, yes, the Titans are in the playoff conversation. But they are, unfortunately, not one game out of the playoffs.

  14. The Vince Young haters and doubters have been silenced. VY has always been a winner, and this game should at last put an end to the endless, nonsensical comments about ‘Vince Young not being an NFL Quarterback’. VINCE YOUNG IS A WINNER. PERIOD. END OF DISCUSSION.

  15. Osterhouse says:
    I love all of the people that were convinced Vince would fail and laughed at him are now saying how great he is after his time off. Vince always had, “it”. All he does is win.
    Vince may have always had “it,” but even he has admitted he didn’t study film and work as hard as he should have his first few years in the league. He has spent more time working and studying film at the Titans facility since he got benched and that is what has made the “it” evolve to a QB who can win games with his arm and his head in addition to his legs.

  16. gotta hand it to vince
    he looks like a completely different more mature person
    he made a pass facing a blitz late today that was the best pass i’ve ever seen him make in the face of pressure
    he looks like the game’s slowed down for him and is ready to put it all together
    tenn is damn scary right now

  17. Hats off to VY for that last drive. I will say this though. Had Warner played this game it wouldn’t have been close. The Cards may have won by 20!

  18. I demand to know why Fox refused to let us watch the end of this game. The Vikings game was 37 to freaking 10, and they wouldn’t cut away. I have been cut away from games all year, and Fox won’t do it this time? Come on.
    I guess the entire universe would have freaked if Fox took Brett Favre off the air. That’s freaking pathetic. Show some common sense.

  19. I just got home from LP Field, and lemme tell you: no one left that stadium early. Three 4th down conversions on that 99-yard drive, a nail-biter. Fans mentioned calling this drive the ‘Music City Miracle II’, not so much, but this drive will go down as one we finished. No stinkin’ yard short in this game!
    And where’s Florio? Tennessee’s got a steaming pile of crow to serve up, cooked with extry-special # 6 Vince Young Wonderlic gravy. Just the thing for a perennial Titans hater to chow down on!

  20. I was at LP Field today for the Cardinals/Titans game and, wow, that final drive was incredible. The stuff of legend. That might have been the most exciting sports experience I’ve witnessed in person.

  21. what did i tell you you all dought me and vince young i told you he was good and all of you guys who doughted he are stupid and dont now what your talking about

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