Adams wants credit for Titans' turnaround

Now that the Tennessee Titans have gone from 0-6 with Kerry Collins at quarterback to 5-0 with Vince Young, Titans owner Bud Adams would like everyone to know that he’s the one who called for the switch.

Adams was widely believed to have pressured coach Jeff Fisher to bench Collins for Young, and on Sunday he confirmed to The Tennessean that he’s the one who made the call.

“I don’t get involved with the coaches. I made this move this time because I see we had lost six in a row and we had 21 of the 22 players that got us the best record in the NFL in 2008,” Adams said. “I said, ‘It is time to make a change right now.'”

Adams doesn’t want to come across like he’s bashing Collins, but he says he was confident Young would do exactly what he’s done.

“Not that I was against [Collins], but Vince was ready to go in there and play and he’s played like I thought he would play, too,” Adams said.

Whoever made the decision, it certainly looks like the right one in hindsight — even though, as Mike Florio pointed out in the Morning Aftermath, these five games won’t really matter unless the Titans keep it up over the next five games. And we’ll never know whether Adams would have taken responsibility if benching Collins for Young hadn’t worked out so well.

Adams did take responsibility for giving the fans the finger and getting a $250,000 fine for it, telling The Tennessean, “I don’t use my fingers any more. . . . I [went] a little bit crazy.”

24 responses to “Adams wants credit for Titans' turnaround

  1. vince gets credit for turnaround… the move may have come strongly suggested by adams, but i only give him credit for flipping the bird the other day.

  2. I think Adams would be better served if he had done this in the background to begin with. The Titans came back from their bye week, much healthier and I have no doubt they would have won at least the first 3 games with either quarterback. To give Vince his due, I do feel that it made a big difference in the last 2 games for the other teams to have to worry about his running ability. It shouldn’t matter to Adams who gets the credit as long as they are winning. He just lowered himself as an owner in my view.

  3. “Adams did take responsibility for giving the fans the finger and getting a $250,000 fine for it, telling The Tennessean, “I don’t use my fingers any more. . . . I [went] a little bit crazy.””
    Of course he took responsibility for it, it was on film. What was going to say? Someone else was impersonating him?

  4. How would we know if it didn’t work out, since the team was on a 6 game losing streak anyway? Adams was spot on to tell Fisher to put in Vince, should have done it sooner actually. Vince was drafted what, # 3, what on earth was Fisher waiting for to see if he could cut it as their starter?

  5. Bud Adams wants the credit? What, is Fisher gonna tell the owner, “No” without any wins and an aging game manager at QB, mean while this same owner signs his paycheck. If anything, you could at least showcased Vince as trade bait or see what you have and get another look – so to suggest that VY was made starter B/C Adams called it crazy. For VY to have 380 yds in a game, Miss Cleo couldn’t have predicted that! Funny, if VY falls off the planet again, you will be the first to call for Fisher’s head.

  6. “Vince was drafted what, # 3, what on earth was Fisher waiting for to see if he could cut it as their starter?”
    They already tried and he didn’t do too well, and isn’t a good practice QB. So you tell me what would motivate them to put him in? He stunk it up when he got a chance and doesn’t cut it in practice, I wouldn’t put him in either. To hell with draft status, that’s a crapshoot anyway. It’s not as easy as just putting a QB in to see if he’s just a bad practice qb or if he really sucks.

  7. Fisher will follow the same path as Gruden and the Chin taking a job in the booth for a year before finding another Team.
    Adams only went public with this after Fisher said it wasn’t his choice so blame Fisher for outing him. As it turns out Adams was spot on.

  8. where’s Kerry going to end up next year? Doesn he have much left, or just back up VY and shut’er down.

  9. This is great news for teams hoping to be in a Jeff Fisher sweepstake this offseason.
    Year in and year out Fisher has one of the worst rosters in the NFL and always makes a winner out of them.

  10. I think the Patriots should get credit for the turnaround. After all, they are the ones who embarrassed this franchise like never before, causing them to take drastic action to keep the fans interested. You are welcomed Titans fans. Happy holidays.

  11. “And we’ll never know whether Adams would have taken responsibility if benching Collins for Young hadn’t worked out so well.”
    Of course he wouldn’t have…no one in the NFL actually owns up to making a mistake, but they sure as hell beat their chests when something goes right. Which brings me to my next question…who wants to stand up and takke credit for picking PacMan Jones? Yeah…that’s what I thought.

  12. As a huge Titans fan and I was Kerry Collins supporter, but after the fourth to fifth loss I thought it was just pure stubbornness on the part of Fisher. VY deserved his chance after KC couldn’t finish game winning drives. Not to make the switch sooner was just plain bad coaching. You have to be able to make a switch in challenging situations. Loyalty is good to a certain point but can become sheer stupidity if it’s taken too far.
    Another example, when Nick Harper went out on injury Rod Hood came in and created 3 INTs. We are struggling with defensive turnovers. What does Fisher do when Harper is healthy again? He puts him back in and he gets repeatedly burned and no INTs. Fisher needs to learn to be more flexible and spot talent and game changers when they arise.

  13. The owner stepping in to take credit for his team winning? WTF? I thought one Jerry Jones was enough, and even he’s matured enough that he doesn’t make statements like that anymore. Bud Adams is a tool.

  14. Ridiculious, I’m not a fan of theirs by any stretch but WTF old man..I guess he drove em 99 yards..Some of these owners I wouldn’t trust behind the wheel let alone owning and running a team.

  15. “He’s played like I thought he would play, too.”
    What an ass.
    Good for VY, but no one saw this coming. They may have wanted it to happen, but no one saw this kind of turnaround coming.

  16. Bud Adams says he knows that Warren Moon was the right fit for this Houston Oilers offense. He’s definitely firing Jerry Glanville after this season. And how about that Earl Campbell!

  17. This just in… Tennessee coach is simply a puppet for the owner. No one will want to coach Tennessee since the owner makes all the calls. LOL!

  18. Bud Adams should shut his trap and not pretend he’s a coach. If he wants to take credit, fire Fisher and take over as the head coach. When the team fails, will he take credit for the losses?

  19. I like Bud Adams. Think it was hilarious watching him flip-off the Bills, another old-school franchise with an owner he probably dislikes personally. And I loved the enthusiasm he displayed while performing the two-handed bird dance.
    Mr Adams has won a fan for the Titans, they’re now my official “backup” team. Still a diehard Seahawks fan, but I’ll be cheering for the Titans this year as well. I hope they run the table and beat the Saints in the SuperBowl.

  20. If memory serves me correctly Bud said he wanted to see Vince play before Kerry was benched, and made another statement quoted in the Tennessean “I had to get involved because we wasn’t doing to good this year” and who can blame the man because he needed to see what he had in YOUNG AND AT 0-6 he had nothing to lose. If he’s paying Vince at the end of the year then he has a right to know what he’s got. Besides this isn’t a big deal because Fisher has all the say in Roster decisions with this one exception. It’s not like Bud is not a Jerry Jones getting involved all the time. Fisher is a great coach and the Titans need him so I hope he and Vince can mend fences and move on and let all this in house controversy die down. UNITY WINS

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