Antonio Pierce's season is over

The Giants defense will be without its vocal leader for the rest of the season.

Ten days after the Giants surprisingly announced Pierce was out indefinitely with a bulging disk in his neck, the team placed him on injured reserve Monday.

As Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger points out, this could potentially spell the end of Pierce’s time with the Giants.  Chase Blackburn will start in his place the rest of the year.

An undrafted free agent that first broke on the NFL scene under Gregg Williams in Washington, Pierce proved to be an excellent free agent signing by former Giants G.M. Ernie Accorsi.

Pierce missed only four starts at middle linebacker in his first four seasons in New York, but his play started to decline after the team’s Super Bowl season.  He’s due $4.75 million in 2010.

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  1. “The Giants defense will be without its vocal leader for the rest of the season.”
    If you consider trash talking to everyone and acting like a bafoon all game a leader then I guess you are right.

  2. danielcp0303 says:
    November 30, 2009 5:59 PM
    Good news for my Cowboys
    Remember we play you in Dec and we all know how good you are in the month of Dec
    Good Luck AP doubt you will be there when we open the new house next Sept not a bad player but never lived up to #58 Karl Banks should have had the jersey retired

  3. He’s overrated. He was very talented but all he did was talk trash and blow coverage especially on running backs. Feel bad for the guy but he’s not as good as some people think

  4. Who would they replace him with next year? AP is a true middle linebacker…they’re like nose-tackels in that there are simply not that many good ones.

  5. @ bigbluefan
    What happened last December doesn’t matter sir. In fact this Sunday will be a nice change of pace for the “Decembers” as D. Ware will surely break what’s left of Eli’s foot.
    Pierce always sucked, in fact he was only known beause he ran his mouth. Had he never spoke you never would have heard of him.

  6. I wish he was still able to play, he sucks at covering tight ends/crossing routes and i’d rather have him out there trying to cover my Eagles than Blackburn.

  7. Dallas beat the NYG’s last December. But to be fair, it was the only game they won. They lost to Pitt, Bal, and Philly.

  8. To echo what everybody else is saying, Pierce has never been that good. He’s one of these guys that media hacks think is good just because he does a lot of talking and, along with Strahan, was the unofficial spokesman for the Giants, so whenever they needed a quote from a Giant they’d go to him. The difference, of course, being that Strahan was a top-notch player, while Pierce was just a guy out there who routinely could not match up athletically to some players, especially in pass coverage.

  9. I’m a Giants fan and as such qualified to crtique AP.
    What he WAS was an aggressive backer who ranged all over the field in his early years. Never a Great Dane. More like a Pit Bull on the leg.
    What he IS is a coach with above average football ability. Hate to look at any injury as good news but there is no other way TC and One and Out Sheridan would have made a change there. Even if they had somebody better.

  10. Pierce made the team as an undrafted free agent when Marty Schottenheimer was the head coach with the Redskins. Kurt Schottenheimer was the defensive coordinator on that staff.

  11. KARMA ,should have left the gun with Plaxico. Maybe he can now have more congugal visits with him on Sundays.

  12. Dallas fans talking trash? Win a playoff game dudes. Pierce was a gamer, even if he was slowed his last couple of years.

  13. @ Bavaro
    Anyone can talk trash about Antonio Pierce regarldess of playoff wins. The guy was a fat slow loud mouth with absolutely no class. He sucks and always has and hopefully never will paly again to show us that he sucks even more.

  14. I wouldn’t say Pierce had exceptionally less class than anyone else. He may have yapped a little, but so do a ton of players in the NFL. He had 3 very good years with the Giants, including one that led to a Super Bowl win, which probably drives most of the folks here cray. He is fat and slow now.
    If anyone wants to get on him for the Plax incident that is fair.

  15. i feel bad for Pierce, but it’s about time the Giants began looking for their next ILB. their LB corps has been a disaster for a few years now.

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