Eli says foot isn't affecting him

Giants quarterback Eli Manning, whose plantar fasciitis reportedly has become a stress reaction in his foot and could become a stress fracture, says the bad wheel has nothing to do with his recent performances.

“In the games it doesn’t bother me and I don’t think about it,” Manning said Monday, per the Associated Press.  “This
is not something I am overly concerned with.  It has
been the same for probably the last three to four weeks, it’s nothing
new.  I can go out and practice and do all I need to do. . . .

one of those things that time and rest is probably the biggest thing,” Manning added.  “Having the weekend and the bye week and off week helped some. 
Time to rest it is helpful.  It is not something I think will linger or
bother me.”

After a 5-0 start, the Giants have lost five of six games.  In four of the losses, Manning has had poor performances, with passer ratings of 61.0, 47.5, 55.7, and 65.6.

But the Giants can still turn things around, with back-to-back home games against the Cowboys and Eagles coming up in the immediate future.

Even with Manning able to play, it’s an uphill climb to the postseason.  Without him, two words will sum up the team’s chances.

“David” and “Carr.”

14 responses to “Eli says foot isn't affecting him

  1. why not “Jeff” “Garcia” ? isn’t he supposed to be the remedy for any team having an injured QB ?

  2. Im a little confused hear. First you made it seem like he injured his other football b/c he was favoring the one with the plantar fasciitis. Now it seems like your saying the stress reaction is in the same football. Which one is it? Anyone know?

  3. “Without [Manning], two words will sum up the team’s chances. ‘David’ and ‘Carr.’
    So . . . you’re saying that the Giant’s chances of making the postseason wouldn’t drop off all that much??

  4. Hes just been too busy staying up late watching his brothers highlights every night. Lil’ Eli is just tired…

  5. Hey lets see what QB in the NFC East has a Ring?
    Answer Eli
    What QB was MVP of the SB
    Answer Eli
    How many NFC East teams have won the SB in the 2000
    Answer 1 Easy E and the Giants
    So all you haters can kiss my big blue ass
    When they are all done Eli will have more rings then all the QBs in the NFC East Combined
    Screw the Egals and the cowpies
    This week we whip on homo next week mcscab
    Bring on the trash

  6. I’m sure you and your little Eli bobblehead can cuddle under your snuggie and touch each other while your watching the playoffs which your G-GIRLS won’t be attending lil blue….but you can always blame it on the poor lil hurt footie!!! Douchebag

  7. Before the Broncos game he was having the best year statistically of his career.
    Imagine most of that was the first 5 or 6 games, but still an interesting factoid.

  8. PDX
    Your just another hater who’s team has no rings
    Are you a Chargers Fan upset because he had the guts to go to a good team

  9. Unless Gilbride comes up with some ways of getting receivers open — play action, bootlegs, tight-end screens, motion — it doesn’t matter what Eli does. He has played like a rookie at times this year, true, but he has also been the victim of no game plan and no adjustments during a game. The coaching has been terrible.

  10. Ok blue….lil crybaby manning got a ring…I’ll give you that…but your season was based on your defense…not lil eli. And where is your team headed this year?? National tv game on turkeyday and youstunk it up. How’d that SD game at home go for you?? Your time has passed…deal with it.

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