Matt Ryan out for Sunday with turf toe

As the Falcons prepare to welcome their former starting quarterback to town, their current starting quarterback reportedly won’t be playing.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Ryan will miss Sunday’s game against Mike Vick and the Eagles due to a turf toe injury suffered against the Buccaneers.

Per Glazer, Ryan will consult with a Charlotte specialist regarding the extent of any ligament damage in his toe.

Without Ryan, Chris Redman will get the start.

Yeah, he’s still in the league.  We were surprised by it, too.

UPDATE:  Coach Mike Smith has confirmed that Ryan will miss the game.

27 responses to “Matt Ryan out for Sunday with turf toe

  1. Mike Vick and the Eagles? Um seriously? Did you see what happened to the Eagles when Vick was put into the game? Their timing and flow was totally thrown off and he didnt do a damn thing positive. How about the Eagles come to town in a pivotal matchup with wild card implications? No one would even know Mike Vick was still there if you didnt talk about him.

  2. this just in: recent studies show that 100% of second year atlanta falcons qbs are pussies.
    he has turf toe. TURF TOE. its serious, yes, but hes a quarterback. its not like hes gonna be doing any serious cuts or jukes, and odds are he wont be tackled very often. not only did he come out with 2/3 and 15 yds but he WALKED OFF THE FIELD unaided.

  3. Redman will be better with more time working with first team offense. i think they win this game because I think they give a little extra to stick it to the vick, even though vick won’t be a factor

  4. If you don’t think it matters that Vick is coming back to Atlanta and the entire city is not aware of it you have your head in the sand.
    Like it or not this is a story, whether he gets 50 snaps, 5, 1 or none.

  5. Too bad Vick won’t get a front row seat to watch Ryan do what he could not: be a field general and a leader on the field and on the sideline. Instead he gets to watch his former backup get more snaps in a game than he’ll get all season. Either way, it’s gotta be a little humiliating.

  6. “Yeah, he’s still in the league. We were surprised by it, too.”
    Even though he played yesterday & won the freaking game, you were surprised by news that he will start next week??
    An Interesting, in-depth look into the mind of the men behind PFT.
    p.s. Most people come here, if not for your lame Seinfeld schtick, than because of your (supposed) football knowledge.

  7. Hooby, please have yourself spayed and/or neutered to that you do not contaminate the world with the fruit of your ignorant loins.
    Oh, and one more thing, Hoobster: the last time I was at the McDonalds drive-through, you screwed up my order. Don’t let it happen again.

  8. @Spyder Monkey:
    Ryan hasn’t taken Atlanta as far as Vick did. Do you like the fact that Vick is playing professional football for a living and you’re not?

  9. the only way the eagles lose is if they miss the flight, chris redman, really, no turner. come on i understand loyalty but the bucs, yes the bucs took you to the limit with redman.

  10. And the Skins took the Eagles to overtime yesterday, eagles_2031.
    lol, what’s your point?

  11. the Bucs took Atl to the limit with Redman yes….but JaMarcus Russell led the Oakland Raiders…yes JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders BEAT the Eagles

  12. @birdmancometh:
    I’m not jealous of Vick. He has physical gifts far beyond me, you, and millions of others who would give their left nut just for the chance to make a roster. What i don’t like about Vick is:
    #1 he wasted his millions and ruined his rep (possibly forever) by what he did (if you had $100 million would you do something/anything that might risk losing it?)
    #2 he set back a Falcons franchise, that has never had back to back winning seasons, by several years. They have a hard enough time winning games without guys like Vick, Petrino, etc. screwing it up even more.
    So yes, i do “like the fact that Vick is playing professional football for a living” and i’m not. i don’t deserve to. He does. Not because he’s paid his dues, not because he dererves another shot, but because he has a talent level high enough to play at that level.
    And as for Ryan, he has done more (not just in stats, but in leadership and, you know, being a decent human being) for the Falcons in his first year alone than Vick’s first two combined. He’s a true quarterback, not an athlete posing as one.

  13. Falcons probably have a better chance with Redman against the Eagles. Ryan get’s terrified when teams rush him. It’s probably best he keeps himself and his sensitive toe on the sidelines and let the grown-ups play.

  14. you gotta admire Peyton & Favre after reading about injuries to QBs over the past couple of seasons(Palmer, McNabb, Big Ben, Ryan & so on) … they never miss a start despite playing in a league as brutal as the NFL

  15. of course I must add Peyton is very conservative wrt his health … he will gladly take a sack instead of taking a hit & screwing the Colts’ season with a possible injury
    of course Brett Favre is a completely different animal

  16. Ok Spyder Monkey, but the fact remains that Vick took them to an NFC championship game and Ryan lost in the first round and now is in danger of missing the playoffs completely.
    Maybe Ryan ends up better, but you can’t say he has been so far. He’ll have to win a few playoff games first.

  17. 1) Brett Favre would play with a turf toe.
    2) The Falcons had a promising season going but things are starting to go downhill as the injuries pile up.
    3) They can still play the role of spoilers and give their fans hope.

  18. This is something. Matt Ryan’s turf toe will stop him from getting out there with the season on the line. The entire season. A loss to the Philadelphia Eagles means no playoffs for the Falcons.
    And being here in Atlanta, the buzz is huge about Vick coming back… even though he’s probably going to be holding a clipboard. It’s Civil War here, one side is solidly for Mike Vick and the other side is totally against. People knew that Michael Turner won’t be on the field, so this was the one chance for Matt Ryan to win a game without Michael Turner playing. This was the one time for Matt Ryan to exorcise the presence of Mike Vick from the Georgia Dome by winning a game with Matt Ryan carrying the team.
    But Matt Ryan can’t go because his toe is hurt. And Mike Vick will be there, looking at #7 Vick Falcons jerseys amid cheers and boos.
    And when he comes back next year, those same #7 Vick Falcons jerseys will be there NEXT year because while Vick was holding a clipboard this game. And Matt Ryan will be holding a clipboard, too.

  19. I’m glad you all know exactly what turf toe feels like, and what it is like to have to plant and throw off that toe.
    I mean, thank god all you played nfl football.

  20. I had turf toe. It hurts badly. And it swells and you can’t wear shoes.
    I had it in high school. I was taken off the field because of it. I played that next Friday, though. One time, I even screamed out loud as a result of the pain. But I played. I wanted to win that bad. A regular season game that I paid money to play in.
    So yeah, turf toe is not a joke. But if you really want to play, you will play with separated shoulders, broken fingers, and a bunch of other things. It’s a tough game.
    But if you don’t want to play, turf toe is a great excuse.

  21. @American
    I like Matt Ryan, he’s been a shot in the arm for Atlanta’s franchise. But look at the following injuries this season and you be the judge:
    Donovan McNabb played with cracked ribs.
    Eli Manning has played with plantar faciitis for most of the season.
    Kyle Orton played with a stprained ankle.
    Yeah, I guess you’re right. All Atlanta fans should realize he has an extremely painful injury and he could never be expected to play.

  22. @mattitude
    Yeah, I don’t want him to play…yeah thats it. I think he should just sit it out if he has a tummy ache.
    MY point was that it is in our (fans) nature to expect a tough football player to play through anything. But, in reality, we have no idea what it feels like and the severity of the injury. If Ryan can’t plant and therefore throw accurately, then he needs to sit.

  23. the eagles did not go to overtime nice fact checking…this game is over by halftime. i hoep vick goes for 2 td’s just to put in your faces too. matty ice..come on really. it is still the falcons. i always like when the eagles take the falcons out of the playoffs……….like sunday.

  24. Honestly, the Bucs are playing pretty good football. If their coach was a little more mature, they might have won a few more games.
    And, Josh Freeman is playing as well as the other rookie quarterbacks if not better.
    Chris Redman knows how to win….if he wins this game, the Falcons would be hard pressed to put Matt Ryan back in.
    Redman might be the best backup in the NFL. He’s gonna play better this week after a good week of practice. He also makes Michael Jenkins look like professional football receiver, something Ryan hasn’t been able to do all season.

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