Report: Bears reached out to Cowher

Last week, Hub Arkush of 670 The Score in Chicago created a major stir by reporting that the Bears had made inquiries regarding a possible change at the position of head coach and G.M.

A team source denied it, and many pointed out (privately and otherwise) that Arkush may have an axe to grind because he was fired from the franchise’s radio team several years ago.

(Sorry, but we can’t imagine a guy putting his reputation on the line in the name of spite.)

Now, Arkush reports that the Bears reached out to none other than Bill Cowher

Cowher has said that he’ll talk to no teams who have head coaches currently in place.  But rumors have indicated that he’d be interested in working both for the Bears and the Texans.

Still, we can’t imagine the Bears buying out coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo and then paying Cowher upwards of $10 million per year.

34 responses to “Report: Bears reached out to Cowher

  1. “Still, we can’t imagine the Bears buying out coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo and then paying Cowher upwards of $10 million per year.”
    Most people couldn’t imagine the Bears trying to turn Hester into a WR and I can’t imagine why they’re still trying.

  2. I cant imagine the Bears giving up quarterback Kyle Orton and first-round picks in 2009 (18th overall) and 2010, along with a third-round pick (84th overall) in 2009. But they did so why cant you imagine this Florio? You are watching to much PTI and what Michael Wilbon has to say about his beloved Bears.

  3. It is not that far fetched to think the Bears would buy out Angelo and Smith. Bears don’t have to pay a 1st or 2nd round pick this year. I’m not saying they will look at the situation that way, but it is possible.

  4. “Still, we can’t imagine the Bears buying out coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo and then paying Cowher upwards of $10 million per year.”
    I can’t imaging giving up two 1st round draft choices and other picks for the NFL interception leader, then signing him to a contract extension.
    Or trading away a 2nd round pick — in a deep draft where the team is already without a 1st round pick and has many holes to fill on defense, O-line and WR — on a guy already labeled a 1st round bust.
    Yet the Bears did those, so don’t apply common sense to any operation moves they may make.

  5. As a bears fan, To be honest i like Cowher. but I Believe that chicago will find a new offensive cord. and giving lovie another year before firing him. Ron turner needs to Go. Play calling has been pathetic. No run game because of a Garbage offensive Line. Causing Cutler to throw the ball way more than chicago bear football is used to. when the run games garbage and pass protection is awful of course gonna be a bad year.

  6. They HAVE to get rid of Lovie at least, and hopefully Angelo as well. As a Bear fan, I’m actually rooting for more losses so that Lovie will get fired.
    Not only are they losing, but they don’t even come close to competing. Lovie’s defense gets easily countered by opponents and his boy Marinelli the Savior’s defensive line gets like 4 offsides penalties a game. They had all week, nay all YEAR, to have circled this Minnesota game on the calendar, and the best gameplan they could come up with was to have washed up Orlando Pace one-on-one with Jared Allen. Huh?
    Talk about poor talent evaluation (Pace) coupled with a clueless gameplan.
    They send in a defensive tackle as a blocker on offense and nobody tells him he has to report to the official as eligible. They put tight ends Olsen/Davis in there to double team Jared A and he waltz right by them as they stand around confused as to who was supposed to block him. Just a totally unprepared, poorly taught and poorly disciplined team running Pop Warner schemes that are easily countered by the opponent.
    Not to mention all the replay challenges that Lovie loses. The guy is just a moron.
    Lovie blew a game against Atlanta in the final 11 seconds last year. In ELEVEN SECONDS!!! He got embarassed by John Fox/Steve Smith & the Carolina Panthers in the 2006 playoffs, even though they had already played the Panthers a couple of months earlier and Smith did the exact thing to them that game too (where’s the freaking gameplanning??). He miraculously made the Super Bowl during a very very weak year for the NFC thanks to Robbie Gould booting a 50yarder in overtime to beat a Seahawks team that was mediocre and ravaged by injuries. In the Super Bowl, he was badly outcoached and embarassed even though Devin Hester staked him to a 7-point lead right off the bat.
    I could go on and on. LOVIE SUCKS. I knew it back then, when everyone in the media was praising him and saying he deserved a fat new extension paying him $5mill a year, I knew he didn’t. WHERE ARE ALL YOU MEDIA PEOPLE NOW who kept saying what a travesty it was that he didnt have a big new contract?
    Answer me this, what has he done as a coach in the past 3 years to earn his $5 mill annual salary?
    I was right about Lovie then, and I’m right about Jay Cutler being a good QB now. Get this stooge Lovie and his incompetent staff out of here, bring in someone who knows gameplans, who knows how to build a running game, who knows how to tutor QBs and design effective passing route combinations, who knows how to teach a QB how to audible at the line correctly, who knows how to evaluate talent, who knows who to call when putting together a coaching staff, etc.
    Shanahan/Gruden/Cowher (with the assistance of a good offensive coordinator) or maybe some dark horse candidate like a Jim Harbaugh type.

  7. I can’t imagine people thinking the Bears were going to compete with the Vikings to the the Central Division, but they did…

  8. Unless Cowher was going to be the starting QB, he wouldn’t have made a difference for the Bears. Can we all finally agree that Cutler is/was overrated and isn’t a winner at the NFL level, as was the case in college!?!

  9. @The Notorious V.I.C. …. what exactly has Gruden done as a talent evaluator ? during all those seasons at Tampa Bay, the guy couldn’t draft one decent QB

  10. Sourdough: ===”Unless Cowher was going to be the starting QB, he wouldn’t have made a difference for the Bears. Can we all finally agree that Cutler is/was overrated and isn’t a winner at the NFL level, as was the case in college!?!”====
    No, we can agree that you’re one of these guys who thinks he knows the game of football, but doesn’t. He wasn’t a winner in college, huh? Yeah, Cutler really ruined that legacy of perennial BCS-contending teams that Vanderbilt had going for itself.
    You put Joe Montana on this Bears team and give him this incompetent coaching staff running gameplans and plays that are destined to fail right off the bat and he would look like crap too. So would Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Carson Palmer. The only QB who might actually do something on this team would be Peyton Manning, because he would probably tell Ron “0-11 at Illinois” Turner to piss off and take over the offensive coaching and playcalling duties himself and teach his WRs how to properly find open spots in the defense and make sight adjustments, hot routes, audibles – you know, all that fancy stuff that competent professional football teams do.

  11. No one thought much of Bret Farve his first couple of years in the league either. He was, and remained throughout his career, a gunsligner that made questionable throws. He learned from good coaches that never took that mindset away from him but taught him to harness it and he became great. Jay has a LOOOOOONG way to go to ever be considered an elite QB, but he has the tools. Do the Bears have the coaches to do that? Umm, NO! Nor do they have the front office staff to know how to run a football team and put a good product on the field.
    Unfortunately there are no easy/short-term fixes to the Bears problems. The first step has to be a wholesale change to the front office and coaching staff.

  12. Angelo is useless. To think he thought he had enough talent makes his malfeasence blatantly obvious.
    se28a29 says,
    Can we all finally agree that Cutler is/was overrated and isn’t a winner at the NFL level, as was the case in college!?!
    Excuse me…what exactly did “Bangs” Cutler win at Vandy? He finished with an 11-34 record as a starter. He’s an arrogant douchebag. He’s Jeff George. He’s not even Brian Griese.

  13. the problem the bears is jay cutler sucks he got shanahan fired in Denver.
    and now he may do the same to lovie cutler is massively overrated and is not a good QB thats the bears problem and shanahan cowher or even jesus couldn’t fix that

  14. Shannahan got fired because his teams became mediocre and that wasn’t good enough for Bowlen. Cutler will be fine once he has a line that blocks and real NFL 1s and 2s to throw to. Angelo has done little to replenish this team through the draft, and lovie is way too loyal to underperforming players. Personally Cowher isn’t my first choice unless they bring in the guys who draft for the steelers as well. I’d rather see Shannahan or Holmgren come on board, guys who have developed qbs. They also need another running back, someone to complement forte, but who has breakaway possibilities.

  15. again you gotta love donky fans who hate cutler,those would be the same people who wanted the new coach canned because he traded cutler in the first place.don’t remember all the cutler sucks talk while he was in denver where he was thought of as one of the top young qb’s in the league.the fact he sucks this year proves lovie and the bears have no clue how a nfl offense works.just getting rid of turner is not the answer either,the system they have now does not work and has not for 3 years now that they will not be going to the playoffs again this year.lovie refuses to make any changes in his beloved cover 2 even though teams have figured out how to beat it. angelo has to go also because he keeps drafting guys who can’t play and ignored the offensive line for to long.while I would like to see what a pro style offense would look like in chicago cowher has a proven system that works so will not be disapointed if they get him.but they have to do something other than get rid of turner,who will they get that’s any good knowing they have only a year to make the offense better?granted there can’t be anyone worse than turner but a proven guy is not gonna sign on for just a year.evryone must go!

  16. Doric you haven’t a clue about fb if u believe Cutler is the main problem on the Bears. Go back to your fantasy leagues.

  17. Gautam: I don’t know Gruden as well as I know Lovie because I haven’t seen that many Tampa games, whereas I’ve seen almost every Bear game for like the last 10 years.
    However, from what I do know of Gruden, he’s a guy who knows quarterbacks and knows offense. Also, contrary to what many think of him, he’s not a pass-happy coach. Other guys like this who come to mind are Shanahan and Jeff Tedford at Cal, just to name two – Guys who some people think are pass happy coaches because they have had success developing QBs in the past, but are really run-first coaches who know how to develop a good running game and complement it with effective passing. This kind of approach would work great in Chicago.
    Going back to Gruden, when I meant talent evaluation I meant more that he knows how to recognize the players he has to work with and build a system that helps them succeed. I don’t really know how good or bad he is at drafting players or bringing in free agents.
    But in Oakland, he helped turn a journeyman QB Rich Gannon into a league MVP. He made effective use out of seemingly castoff guys like Tyrone Wheatley and Charlie Garner. That was one potent West Coast offense he designed in Oakland, even a washed up Jerry Rice was brought back to life in it.
    In Tampa, I know his SB was won mainly by the previously constructed defense. However, it was complemented by an effective offense, whereas Tony Dungy’s past Tampa teams never had that.
    Like I said, I’m no expert on the Bucs, but I’ve seen Gruden even get some relatively effective QB play out of Chris Simms – I remember him playing pretty well during a playoff game a few years ago. Brian Griese passed for like 400 yards or something against the Bears last year. Antonio Bryant had a huge year last year in his offense. A nobody like Earnest Graham was looking pretty effective there for a while, etc.

  18. “Still, we can’t imagine the Bears buying out coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo and then paying Cowher upwards of $10 million per year.”
    “smokescreen” to bring in Shanahan to help Cutler.

  19. I just can’t see Cowher in Chicago. I realize it’s a huge market, and perhaps the traditional team image is something up Cowher’s alley, but I just don’t like the idea of him coaching the Bears.

  20. @The Notorious V.I.C: Your rebuttal sounds eerily similar to what was said by Bronco fans before they too realized what an awful QB Cutler is. And the last time I checked Cutler was the QB throwing INT’s to ‘wide open’ LB & DB’s, not Lovie, Turner or whoever else you want to blame for Cutler’s poor decision making and throwing mechanics.
    Be careful what you wish for Bear fans.

  21. When the Bears got their new stadium deal it was with the help of an NFL loan for 100 million. The caveat to the “loan” was if the McCaskeys retained ownership for 10 years the loan would be forgiven. Thus 100 million extra in their pocket if they sell the team after ten years. That date is quickly approaching and its rumored that a sale is on the horizon. However, the Bears are well aware that if they are a legit contender they may have a value over 1 billion. If however they become the Cleveland Browns (and they’re headed in that direction) the value may only be 700-800 million. Eating Lovies 11 million is peanuts when you’re looking at those types of numbers. They are run by the ultimate bean counter in Ted Phillips who’s well aware of the numbers. LOVIE IS GONE !!!

  22. As a lifelong Bears fan, I will have to say that not only does Lovie need to go…. almost all of the players do too. O line needs a complete turnover, and the secondary is slacking big time. Not to mention our little interception machine. We suck real bad.
    If it were up to me I would clean house. Except for Robbie Gould. He kicks butt every week. Give that man a raise.

  23. Dudes and dudettes: 99% of the Bears problems can be solved (for a day) if Virginia sells the team. The 3 yards and a cloud of dust mentality doesn’t work anymore. As much as I respect Virginia for firing her son (ouch) as long as a McCaskey is an owner the Bears will have a great year every 25 and blow every other in between.
    “Mike Florio: The Glenn Beck of MSNBC”

  24. Being raised a Bears fan in Central Illinois, but now a Bronco fan living in Colorado, I want to thank you folks for trading Orton for Cutler. We are 7 and 4….you are 4 and 7, I believe.

  25. rberg says:
    November 30, 2009 5:57 PM
    Being raised a Bears fan in Central Illinois, but now a Bronco fan living in Colorado, I want to thank you folks for trading Orton for Cutler. We are 7 and 4….you are 4 and 7, I believe.
    The Donkeys will be lucky if they make the playoffs at all.

  26. I like Cowher, but that last comment about paying Cowher UPWARDS OF 10 MILLION A YEAR,…has got to be a typo on your part, FLORIO? Even if you cut that amount in half, that’s a lot of money for him, these owners wanted to get out of the collective bargaining agrreement w/the players, yet they can’t help themselves, throwing money at coaches like Cowher? UNF###IN Beliveable!!!

  27. I wonder who the token black coach will be for all these teams looking for a new coach (Cower, Gruden and such) or maby they will finaly forget about the rooney rule

  28. rberg says:
    ==”Being raised a Bears fan in Central Illinois, but now a Bronco fan living in Colorado, I want to thank you folks for trading Orton for Cutler. We are 7 and 4….you are 4 and 7, I believe”====
    Hey Florio, when are you going to start using an IQ test as a requirement for posting on this site? This idiot clearly thinks that the whole purpose of the Cutler trade, the whole goal that the Bears had in mind when they made the deal, was to finish with a better record than the Denver Broncos after the first 11 games of the 2009 season.

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