Seahawks-Rams one-liners

The Seahawks ran for 170 yards in Sunday’s 27-17 win, their 10th straight over the Rams.

Seahawks CB Josh Wilson snappped a 7-7 tie with a 65-yard interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter.

Rookie Seahawks LB Aaron Curry spent much of the game jawing with Rams RB Steven Jackson, a resumption of their activities in their first meeting of the season.

Said Seahawks DE Patrick Kerney, “Any win is a confidence builder, especially on
the road. We hadn’t done this yet,
so hopefully this will build our confidence and have us that much
better prepared for a big game against the 49ers.”

Seahawks RB Justin Forsett had 68 of his game-high 130 yards in the fourth quarter.

The Rams matched a franchise record by losing their 11th straight home game.

Jackson was slowed by a sore back and the Rams were missing four offensive starters, but he still accounted for 116 total yards and a touchdown.

C Jason Brown became the third injured Rams offensive lineman when he left the game with a sprained right knee in the first half.

Rams LB James Laurinaitis picked up the first sack of his NFL career. 

Wilson’s interception return for a touchdown was made worse by the fact that it came on fourth down after Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo opted not to try a 42-yard field goal.

2 responses to “Seahawks-Rams one-liners

  1. Ill say it again Steven Jackson might just be the best back in the League. Although Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson have SLIGHTLY better numbers then Jackson they cant compare with how he got those numbers.
    He is playing on an offense with argueably the worst passing attack and one of the worst offensive lines. So opposing defenses know all they have to do is stop Jackson. So what do they do they stack the box with 8 or 9 guys almost every play. And still he manages to dominate the defense. Also put into account how bad the Rams defense is. Other teams methodically march up and down the field on the Rams which gives Jackson less time on the field.
    With all that Jackson has stacked up against him and for him to have over a 1000 yards rushing in the first 10 games is amazing. Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson cant say they’ve done what Jackson has.
    And you cant call me bias. I have no connections or loyalities to the Rams and no hate for the Vikings or Titans. I’m just really impressed with what Steven Jackson has done and want to hear him get some credit for it. I just think its ashame that just b/c he plays for the Rams he gets left out of the best back in the league talk. IMO what he has done has far out shined what anyone else has been able to do so far this season.

  2. Agree 100% and I’ve thought so for the last 3-4 seasons. However, I will admit I am partially biased as I am a Rams fan. But I’m willing to admit when another team has the best player in the league (I.E. Payton Manning/Reggie Wayne being the best QB and WR in the league). I know the Rams have ONE win all season, but ONE is better than ZERO, which they’d have without SJax carrying us.

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