Shaun Rogers lands on IR

As expected, Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers has been lost for the year.

Per Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Rogers has been placed on injured reserve with a lower leg injury.

It’s apparently a broken ankle; coach Eric Mangini said that Rogers will undergo surgery.

Cabot also points out that safety Brodney Pool has suffered another concussion.  It’s the fourth or fifth concussion of his career, and Pool’s career could be hanging in the balance, especially in the current environment.

Without these players, the Browns will have a hard time keeping their playoff hopes alive.

41 responses to “Shaun Rogers lands on IR

  1. Got what he deserves!! That was a cheap shot on Palmer at the end of half and the sorry fat ass was smiling on the way to the locker room, it was just to bad his own player did it and not a Bengal.

  2. florio you asshat, was that jab really needed? i hope i get the chance to kick you when you’re down like you just did to my team…

  3. “Without these players, the Browns will have a hard time keeping their playoff hopes alive.”
    Just mean… GO BENGALS!

  4. “Without these players, the Browns will have a hard time keeping their playoff hopes alive.”
    Florio, you’re an arrogant untalented piece of human garbage and a horrible journalist. Your humor is weak, pathetic, and your repeated knocking down of a team that knows they are a terrible mess shows unoriginal writing and self insecurities. You sir are sad…..

  5. “Playoff hopes?” Are you high?
    I’m sure there are enough former “athletes” on the streets of Cleveland to keep the team stocked. Hell, with Mangina as coach, what does it really matter???

  6. “Without these players, the Browns will have a hard time keeping their playoff hopes alive.”
    Haha what a D1cK lol

  7. I’m as diehard of a Browns fan as anyone, but that last line was great, you can’t deny that.

  8. As a Browns fan, it was cold, but it’s still funny. We need to laugh as this season is just abysmal. I really can’t blame Rogers though. The heat of battle and such, the smart play was let him get out of bounds, but instinct says make a tackle. He’s one of the few on this team that can tackle.
    It’s a terrible blow to the Browns as he was probably our best player.

  9. Wow Florio, you’re a dick. Cleveland bashing aside, you just followed a comment about a players career being ended because of injury with a cheap punchline. Seriously, I’d ask if you had no dignity but you’ve pretty much proved that one. Go back to chasing ambulances.

  10. I agree with the others… that last sentence made me laugh out loud. Hysterical.

  11. The last line makes me think of that Coors Light commercial “Play-off’s… Wha… The Play-off’s!?”

  12. Hey TD85,
    Way to show class, wishing injury on a guy cause he played football. Two years ago, that wasn’t even a flag. You just like other Bengals fans, keep your hopes up, choke in the playoff’s and enjoy your off season, it won’t be in Miami!!
    GO BROWNS!!!
    We are the most true fans in the league!

  13. Browns fans have no sense of humor, they’re like Steelers fan’s that got past the denial stage…

  14. For you Browns fans on here that saw the humor in this, good for you. I’m a Bengals fan, and the majority of my life has been reading jokes about our team as well. When your team sucks (as both our teams do with regularity) you have to roll with the punches. It sucks your guy got hurt. Believe me, us Bengal fans know all too well what’s its like to lose a star player……(Palmer). And so that’s also the reason some people have no sympathy for your tackle getting hurt after he horsecollared Palmer yesterday. Either way, our teams both stink most of the time, and so you expect no one to crack jokes at you? Get used to it guys, we’re Browns & Bengals fans. Just hope our teams prove them wrong every chance they get!

  15. Tough time keeping their playoff hopes alive, eh Florio?
    Kinda like your beloved Stillers, huh?
    You slack-jawed Yinzer hypocrite.

  16. way to pick on the fans who have had nothing much to cheer for the last 15 years…. lame.
    that said.. it was kinda funny

  17. Settle down, Browns fans. It’s a joke, I figured you’d be used to this by now!
    Either way, that’s without question the funniest thing you’ve ever written, Mike.

  18. i like the 1st line.
    IR must really be in pain now. what with all that 350# big baby landing hard on poor ole IR.

  19. Florio, you’re a steelers fan? Hows that working out this year!?! Nobody expected the Browns to be any good this year but those steelers, swept by cincy, back to back losses to KC and BAL and your always smiling wr calls out your big hearted tough as nails qb! No, you guys are fine

  20. HA! HA! HA! The Browns playoff “chances” were screwed when they hired the “Man-jinx-us”. What a disaster! Week after week, it is one embarrassment after another ! Whether its Mangini’s “guess my starting quarterback” routine or Braylon Edwards punching out Lebron’s circus midget buddy, the comedy continues… You can raise a toast with your 1700 dollar bottle of water and salute “THE PROCESS”.

  21. 1) Think positive. The Browns are tied for the 1st pick in the draft, aren’t they?
    2) Rogers probably wishes he adjusted that roster bonus date that prevented Cincy from signing him.

  22. Florio, Thanks for the laugh – as a long-suffering Browns fan, it’s time to quit pretending that things will be better “next year”. This team is a disaster and we need the national media to continue to make fun of them so that maybe, just maybe, Dandy Randy will actually do some thing with this team.
    He may actually be either the laziest, or dumbest owner in the NFL. All of the talk about him bringing in a football “Czar” to run the organization has produced zero to date. He’s resorted into using two of the most revered former Browns (Kosar and Brown) into being shills for him. Rag on Mangini all you like (he deserves it), but it was Lazy Lerner who hired him.

  23. Browns fans, you do know that your outraged comments directed at Florio only fuels his fire. Yes, he is a grade A douche that I imagine has no friends or talent to speak of, but he lives for this stuff. Have any of you noticed that anytime a reader makes a posting stating that he has misstated facts (happens approximately 1 in every 4 posts) it is corrected within a few hours? That is because after he writes these “articles” he sits around and giggles with his high school buddies (and by buddies I mean the boys that are still in high school that he gives beer to so they’ll hang out with him) while reading all of your heated comments. He is the Perez Hilton of sports and you all eat it right up.

  24. Michael Scott on Ryans cell phone voice : “Hey Mike Florio, were the Browns fans and were MAD!”

  25. With that last (funny) line, aren’t you risking your own karmic comeuppance, a la Mr. S. Rogers?

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