Steelers eventually will have a tough decision to make on Dixon

Lost in the Steelers loss to the Ravens and the aftermath thereof were two simple realities.

First, most of the football-watching world had forgotten about Dennis Dixon.

Second, they’ve all now remembered him.

Dixon looked great under incredibly difficult circumstances.  Apart from that 24-yard touchdown run, which conjured images of a young Randall Cunningham, Dixon looked sharp — even if the numbers (26 attempts, 12 completions, 145 yards, one touchdown, one interception) didn’t scream out excellence.

He was, after all, facing the Ravens, with a limited opportunity to prepare.

The most encouraging development might have been Dixon’s demeanor after his overtime interception became a three-point win by Baltimore.  As Tim Brando of Sporting News Radio pointed out during our weekly Monday visit, Dixon was clearly dejected — which suggests that he’s got the kind of drive and desire that will help him get the most out of his abilities and thus develop into the best player he can be.

But where will that be? 

When the Steelers picked him in round five of the 2008 draft, we thought the goal was to use Dixon as a backup for a few years, and maybe to flip him into a higher draft pick if he shows moderate NFL skills.  After last night, the Steelers likely could get a second-round selection in the 2010 draft; eventually, they could move him for a first-round pick.

What if the goal, however, is to groom Dixon to take over for Ben Roethlisberger?  Coach Mike Tomlin likely won’t be leaving before Ben’s career ends, unless Tomlin decides (like Bill Cowher apparently did) that he wants the kind of market deal the Rooneys never will offer.

And while plenty of Steelers fans view the notion of Roethlisberger departing the Steelers before he’s ready to do so as the equivalent of using a Terrible Towel as an alternative to a chain of perforated paper squares, it’s not all that ridiculous to consider the possibility that Tomlin might at least toy with the notion of ultimately picking Dixon over Roethsliberger.

Tomlin drafted Dixon; he inherited Roethlisberger.  Already, the tailback Tomlin picked in 2008 — Rashard Mendenhall — has supplanted Willie Parker, one of the stars of Super Bowl XL.

We’re not saying it will happen.  But we’re thinking that maybe it could.

Whether Tomlin intended to do it or not, the manner in which the decision to not start Roethlisberger was handled will cause some of the players in the locker room to ponder the possibility, too.  And it will make some of them more willing to accept the change, if/when it comes.

Heck, some of them might want it to happen right now.

127 responses to “Steelers eventually will have a tough decision to make on Dixon

  1. If they cut Roelithsberger who I despise but has won 2 superbowls and put in Dixon I am screeming foul and will ask my congressman to immediately open an investigation into racism.

  2. As a Bills fan, I was hoping the Bills would take a look at him and also at Troy Smith, who may be a free agent at the end of this season, depending on the status of the CBA.

  3. This has to be THE dumbest thing you’ve ever written Florio. Ben is a top 5 QB.
    Dixon looked pretty good yes, but his accuracy was not good. He missed several easy throws that could have been the difference in the game.
    Yes, Mendenhall has replaced Parker… BECAUSE MENDENHALL IS THE BETTER BACK! You are truly a moron.

  4. Why is everyone so high on dixon all the time? He’s not that great, and no, the Steelers dont have a tough decision coming. You are crazy if you seriously think Dixon will challenge Big Ben for starting time.

  5. You’ve been drinking too much Iron City Florio.
    The guy had a mediocre game against what has become a mediocre pass defense.
    Just because you’re a super-biased Steelers fan, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is.

  6. In the immortal words of Keyshawn Johnson… “C’mon Man!” I do believe you posted this ridiculous story to get as many responses as possible. Well, it worked! How the hell would anybody ever think about getting rid of Big Ben. He is one of the top 5 QB’s in the game today and continues to improve every season. Dennis Dixon had a fine game but we’ve seen these QB’s before and eventually they all fail because the defenses adjust. The locker was split on Ben because they felt he pulled himself from the lineup. Well he didn’t, and the people that felt that way need to check themselves and realize life is more important that football. Can’t believe I fell for this Florio…we know Tomlin would like keep winning championships and something tells me the new Slash isn’t bringing that to the Burgh anytime soon.

  7. Florio, I have been a lurker here for years. This post was so dumb that I made it a point just to register so I could comment here to tell you. You’re living in fantasyland, Florio.

  8. he wouldnt have looked so good if the ravens hadnt blitzed on the td play.
    they left the door wide open when they should have played zone.

  9. Slow down. At most he takes over for Charlie Batch as the #2. Baring a career ending injury Ben isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Multiple Superbowl winning QB’s in the prime of their career don’t exactly grow on trees and the Steelers know it.

  10. Yep, reminded me of Montana with a Marino type arm, Brady type demeanor, P.Manning type of vision.
    Rush Limbaugh was right; the media is SO desperate for a black QB to do well. Florio is just like the rest.
    Seriously, the guy is “dejected” because he throws an interception that cost him the game and that proves he has “drive” and “desire” that will help him get the most out of his abilities? Really?
    Ryan Leaf felt “dejected” a few times, did that help hiim get the most out of his abilities.
    Are you joking…a second round pick?????? From who, is Helen Keller an NFL G.M. now? He looked average at best, he should get some props for making it a close game.
    But, HE CRACKED UNDER REAL PRESSURE. At the end of regulation, they were afraid to throw the ball and played for OT.
    I hope the kid the best but I don’t think they should carve out a bust in Canton for him just yet.

  11. I think Pittsburgh cost themselves that game by not allowing Dixon to run a few more times. QB draws, bootlegs on 3rd and short. Other than that one designed run, which went for a TD I might add, I thought they totally mismanaged Dixon and what he has always done well.

  12. More of your brillance Florio. Get rid of a two time winning Super Bowl Champion, who hasn’t even peaked yet, to showcase all the talents of a 5th round draft pick, who has started one game.
    Possibly your most moronic post yet (and that is saying something).
    There is nothing to say besides, you’re an idiot.

  13. While I agree that he did play pretty well all things considered, the idea that he’s a young Cunningham or McNabb is laughable. Vince Young is a much more realistic comparison. But I didn’t see anything that shows me that he’s a starting QB in the NFL.

  14. While Dixon played very well last night, and I’ve always felt he could be a viable starter in the NFL, I highly doubt any team would be willing to give up a 2nd rounder based on that performance alone.

  15. I think Roethlisberger is clearly a better QB than Dixon… which is not to downplay Dixon at all, because I think he played admirably. No, Ben is just a pretty damn good QB (I think his strength is shaking off tackles).
    Ben has his off days, but not nearly as many as, say, Tony Romo. I honestly think Ben is the backbone of a Steeler team that can stay in the game to play a full football game. By the way, I don’t like the Steelers much, but one thing I admire is that they know how to play a full football game.
    Either way, I’m a bit torn. I think Dixon has potential that needs to be expanded, and Roethlisberger is still a good QB for at least a few more years, easily. It would be a shame for Dixon to have to live in Ben’s shadow for the next couple years while he just gets older.
    Dixon probably could carry the team, in my opinion, after a year or two behind the helm, but he obviously needs more game time. Oh, and maybe his numbers didn’t look at that great since they were running the ball so much…

  16. C’mon… Ben’s been one of the best QB’s in the league this year and he’s relatively young. He’s probably got another 10+ years left in his career if he stays healthy. I thought Dixon was good and I thought he dropped too far in the draft after his injury, but why trade a proven winner for a still unknown quantity? Makes no sense.

  17. @ Steelcurtain
    Are you Florio posting on your own site? Big Ben is top 10 at best. 5 is laughable.

  18. If they cut Roelithsberger who I despise but has won 2 superbowls and put in Dixon I am screeming foul and will ask my congressman to immediately open an investigation into racism.
    I would like to know what color these individuals are! after all aren’t they both “colored”? Oh well, if you stay on a subject long enough, some one will surely bring up “racism”.

  19. you’re getting a little ahead of yourself w/this article, and the way you’ve already projected Dixon, BASED ON ONE GAME, FLORIO. too bad you’re not a G.M. somewhere in the NFL, you’re nickname would be FLEECED.

  20. I hope the NBC people don’t read this and realize what a bonafide doofus you are Florio. Put down the Schnapps and back away from the keyboard with your hands in the air.

  21. The most encouraging development might have been Dixon’s demeanor after his overtime interception became a three-point win by Baltimore. As Tim Brando of Sporting News Radio pointed out during our weekly Monday visit, Dixon was clearly dejected — which suggests that he’s got the kind of drive and desire that will help him get the most out of his abilities and thus develop into the best player he can be.
    That HAS to be the dumbest thing you’ve ever written……has to be.

  22. this is ridiculous…even for Florio…ONE GAME?!?! The league now has tape on Dennis Dixon as well and after all…he did throw the game ending INT. Big Ben is a super bowl champion QB. Florio clearly has been smoking with some WVU players tonight

  23. I have to say, that’s what is so frustrating about this website. I love the fact that you are smart enough to manipulate sources superbly, and post information that keeps me coming back several times a day. On the other hand, you make these asinine predictions/analyses. Really, Florio, your site would be just as good without the TMZ/rumor-mongering shit.
    Seriously, I have absolutely nothing against Dennis Dixon, and hope someday the Steelers are smart enough to flip him for some value in a draft pick. He definitely proved his 5th round status last night, but nowhere near a 2nd just yet, let alone demonstrating enough competence to take over for an established winner like Ben. I also feel that incompetent Arians and overrated Lebeau are the reasons they lost last night. And I’m a diehard Steelers fan, just not blinded by the mainstream media hype.

  24. Florio,
    League sources tell me that the Patriots and Colts have both offered their starting QB’s, their entire draft next year, for Dixon.
    That is the dumbest thing I have ever written.
    Perfect match for the dumbest thing I’ve ever read from you.

  25. Wait until defenses have some actual tape of the guy to study before saying he’s gonna be great.

  26. Florio, what are you smoking? And where can I get some?
    As a Steelers fan, I like some of the things Dixon did in the first half. Second half, not so much. The Ravens clearly adjusted to Dixon and Arians, as usual, did not adjust to the defense. Let’s not get too carried away with Dixon’s performance, he exceeded expectations, but it is still a loss (I blame the defense and coaching, not Dixon). I also remember Kordell, good at times and awful most times. One game does not make a career, especially a loss. Second round pick? Nope. Maybe a 4th possibly a 3rd rounder, if the Steelers were inclined to make a rare trade.

  27. >> a couple more concussions for big ben and hes gonna be mentally retarded
    He was mentally retarded a couple concussions ago. Have you seen the pictures of that Nevada woman?

  28. And on a side note for all the Pissburgh fans, New Orleans is the only team wearing Black and Gold in the NFL. Your colors are Black and Piss Yellow. Buy a box of crayola 64 so you know what gold truly looks like.

  29. Sorry Mr. Florio but this is one of your most stupid theories ever.
    Dixon was not very good, he sucked in the 2nd half after the Ravens could adjust for him.
    I have seen a lot of QBs do a better job when the opposiotion could’nt prepare for them, than Dixon did.
    Maybe it’s true that Tomlin does not like Ben, but hes smart enough to know, that he would be run very out of town, fast that is, if he just decides to part way with his 2 time super bowl winning QB in his prime.

  30. wow this turkey dixon has only played one game, idiots!
    i seen a lot of guys play one good game and flop, or even one good season and then stink.
    Look at Derek Anderson, One great year, and then he flops to jamarcus russell like play………

  31. I have been waffling on abandoning this site, due to this constant need to stretch a story, or pretty much make up your own news.
    It’s a tough call. This site has a lot of good information on it, and tidbits, that cannot be obtained anywhere else. You should be commended on growing this site. On the other hand, it has no officially gotten out of hand.
    You should be ashamed if you consider yourself any form of valid sports journalist, or think you have any journalistic integrity.
    I can no longer support this site, or you Florio, in good conscious. It is akin to supporting something one is ethically opposed to. Just knowing i am one single reader on this site, and contribute to its success, is no longer worth the embarrasment of what you and this site have become. It’s a disgrace.
    Your rumor-mongering, self absorption, better than thou attitude has finally become to much.
    This story is like you. A bunch of fluff, no solid merit. I thought you reached your low point, after inflicting yourself in articles constantly, showing your overblown ego, but this article has no validity whatsover, and has cost yourself a follower of this site.
    I’d rather read an NFL site that is predictable, boring, that adds little insight, than your mindless dribble, that shows how moronic and juvenille you truly are.
    A now former reader and follower.
    You should be ashamed.

  32. Really? A second round pick after one game? That’s the kind of logic that had Detroit pay a king’s ransom for Scott Mitchell.

  33. I was as impressed by Dixon as anyone last night but Florio is really crowning him . . . time will tell

  34. This is dumb even for Foolio. Roethlisberger is an elite NFL QB, future HOF’er, 2 time SB winner, and only 27 years old. He is also signed through 2015 while Dixon is signed through 2010.
    If anyone thinks Dixon is worth a 1st or 2nd round pick they need a lobotomy. Dixon is Kordell Stewart at best. He could be an ok QB on a really good team like Vince Young, but he’s not somebody you build a franchise around.
    How big of an idiot do you have to be to even suggest anyone would be dumb enough to move Roethlisberger in his prime in favor of a gimmicky back-up like Dixon?
    For the record Steelers haters, Ben is Top 10 ALL TIME in QB Rating, Completion %, Yards Per Attempt, win %, and SB Wins. Yeah, they’d trade him…. This site is so F’ing STUPID!

  35. Although I hope this does not happen….steeler fans have to remember, ben has 4 concussions in the last few years. I have always said, ben is a few hits from a dribble cup. With that being said, wouldnt you want a quality QB such as dixon to take over when a Dr. pronounces bens carreer as over??
    Think about it with the NFL taking a strong stance on head injuries on a per game basis…how long until they step in amd say..time to shut it down, permanently……
    Once again, while I cant stand ben and all of his award winning injury performances, I hope his carreer only ends due to age…..and not injury.

  36. I was disappointed that Tomlin didn’t give Dennis Dixon a chance to pull a Vince Young and instead had him place safe late in teh game.
    Even considering that INT, Dixon has nothing to be ashamed of. He had a real nice debut and showed he can really play.

  37. Well its nice that somebody is finally directing the unfounded quarterback controversies away for the one Pennsylvania team and onto the other. Although your not pushing it as hard as you do with Mcnabb its still nice to hear.
    With Mcnabb you have been saying it will happen for 4 years now and probly will say it for another 4 until your finally right 8 years later, but with Ben your saying “We’re not saying it will happen. But we’re thinking that maybe it could.”
    Which basically means your saying its gonna happen but dont want to make the same mistakes you did with Mcnabb and committ to it. This way you can take the credit if your right and none of the blame when your wrong. Right?

  38. Florio is dumb, but he’s not stupid. He knows the Steelers have the largest and most rabid fan base in all of sports. His formula is to write at least one ridiculous thing about the Steelers per week to rile up their fans and generate page views at his podunk little interweb site. Yay for him, boo for any morons out there who believe his garbage.
    Is Terry Bradshaw still dead?

  39. A 60.6 rating through one game and you’re ready to say that they can get a first round pick or cut Roethlisberger….

  40. Ryan Fitzpatrick displayed similar skills against a comparable defense. He’ll be available on the waiver wire in a year or two as well. Laughable.

  41. Well, Parker has never even been that consistent of a back, so the switch to Rashard (a player whom Tomlin drafted because of, well, lack of depth) isn’t shocking.
    But you’re talking about replacing one of the premier QB’s in the league based on one performance against an overrated Raven’s D.
    Don’t get me wrong; I was impressed, too, but let’s be realistic: that secondary was over-matched and Pittsburgh’s receivers were bound to get open. Dixon did make some nice passes but mainly off of play actions where he had a bunch of time and was able to roll-out like his days running the triple option–an offense that is really only good for a few plays in the NFL.
    If Roethlisberger was playing, that game would have been won 35-17, and we all know it.

  42. Gotta agree. Stupid subject. I guess the Falcons will dump Ryan for Redman. I mean Redman actually won and Dixon only managed an OT loss. If one game is going to determine a desire for a coach to change QB’s….
    And Indy’s new coach will be looking to bring in his own guy next season.
    New owners and coaches are always looking to replace the players they inherit with “their own guys” apparently regardless of their skill level.
    So bye bye Manning.
    Like mentioned above, Medenhall is better then Parker. Beyond that, the Steelers did everything they could to have Parker be the #1 guy. So Tomlin actually targeted the guy he didn’t draft as the starter.

  43. I actually agree with you on this one Florio for once. Big Ben is gonna go down hill this year and for the years to come. I like what Dixon showed last night, especially against a D like the Ravens, i think he has a lot of potential. Steelers are done this season, Go Cowboys!

  44. You bring up an interesting point though I don’t consider Dennis Dixon as trade bait in any sense. No one including Ben R. knows how many more concussions he can take. Recent history suggests that his career will be shorter than expected. Charlie Batch, a fine quarterback, is not getting any younger.
    If the Steelers are looking candidly toward the future, Dennis Dixon is their only option.

  45. Atlanta will also be holding a press conference tomorrow to announce that they will be releasing Matt Ryan so that the star Chris Redman can finally take over this team. Blank also indicated Michael Turner would be dealt for a 7th round pick to Cleveland. Cleveland in return would trade Turner to the Jets for a third string QB.
    Floria this is the garbage that gives you a horrible name and zero credibility. Not that you care.

  46. This has to be THE dumbest thing you’ve ever written Florio. Ben is a top 5 QB.
    Dixon looked pretty good yes, but his accuracy was not good. He missed several easy throws that could have been the difference in the game.
    Dixon had 1 game and he nearly pulled it off.
    But Mike Florio for him to replace been is crazy.

  47. Atlanta will also be holding a press conference tomorrow to announce that they will be releasing Matt Ryan so that the star Chris Redman can finally take over this team. Blank also indicated Michael Turner would be dealt for a 7th round pick to Cleveland. Cleveland in return would trade Turner to the Jets for a third string QB.
    Floria this is the garbage that gives you a horrible name and zero credibility. Not that you care.

  48. @laxer37
    You are correct Dixon will replace Batch and stay with the steelers. He will be kept around for the simple fact that Big Ben holds the ball too long and takes so many hits that evenually his bell will be rung AGAIN and they will need him! The only way that Dixon replaces Ben is through injury! If anyone knows anything about this young man they would know that he did spark the memory of a youg Randall Cunningham at Oregon. I truly believe, if Dixon had practiced all week with the first team he (the steelers) would have won the game! He missed the chance to get better acquainted with his support!

  49. Ravens don’t even have a top 10 passing defense this year. And he still looked terrible throwing the ball. Release point at neck level, wobbly lame duck passes. He’s not very good. Going to be plenty of Dixon level Qbs available.

  50. Formula for all Florio articles:
    1. What happened
    2. A one line (often one word) paragraph. For example “Dramatically.” or “Wow.”
    3. Why its the biggest story of the year.
    4. All or part of a quote, or a stat or information.
    5. Analyzing one or two words of the quote/stat/information.
    6. Concluding by over simplifying or mind reading and making a bold prediction that has no barring on what he will actually predict later.
    Then comments that either think it the stupidest article of all time and Florio’s opinion makes no sense, or think Florio is right on the money (this usually depends on what team the article is on).
    This is why this site has so many followers, because Florio goes all out on every little piece of information which gets people to react. I’m not passing judgement one way or another I’m just pointing this out.

  51. Scott Mitchell??? Rob Johnson??
    If the Steelers didn’t desperately need a solid backup QB they probably could score a first rounder next year. There is always some idiot GM ready to lose his job on a QB gamble…..

  52. Collinsworth summed up the interception well.
    That’s a play(defensive) that is not run in the Pac-10.
    Dixon was befuddled by zone defense, even Tomlin acknowledged this.
    Clearly looking for hits and comments with this article.

  53. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt Florio and assume you are trying to generate comments and views by writing one of the dumbest and most far-fetched theories ever.
    No logical person would say such a thing after one start and a so-so performance. You’ve implied that Dixon could be worth a first round pick in a trade AND that he could replace Big Ben….after one start. Sure we’re talking in ‘it could happen’ type talk, but I would expect that from an Oregon alum Dennis Dixon fanboy. Not someone with their own sports website associated with NBC.
    But like I said, if you are writing this to rile up the crowd and get more traffic, then well played. If you are really serious, this site needs to be shut down immediately.

  54. This is like the all time craziest story. BR is a two time SB winner. The only thing that would give this story legs is if BR continued to get concussion after concussion. CRAZY

  55. Florio,
    Get a grip. Do you seriously believe that NFL scouts and brass keep a close ear to Sporting News Radio for their decisions?
    With Dixon at the #2 quarterback the Steelers should use him in the wild cat. That’s the offense Dixon and Mendenhall are most comfortable in from college. Just a little trickery, a throw back to the Whisenhunt era.
    Anybody wanna bet that Arians does not have the mental capacity to draw up a situational play involving Dixon? While every Steelers fan that watches pre-season football and saw his abilities last night knows how versatile he can be for the Steelers’ offense.

  56. Wow, that is one absurd post. A second round pick for Dixon after one mediocre start? Are you insane? He didn’t show anything to indicate he is worth more than the 5th round pick that he was…so why would anyone give up a 2nd?

  57. cmon florio. another bad and embarissing article. do you read what you write? do you really believe that the steelers can get a 2nd round pick for dixon right now, and a 1st round pick in the future? what drugs are you on? cmon man. you threw the idea of cutting roethlisberger for dennis dixon. why? because dennis dixon played decent in a loss to the ravens. mendenhall is better than willie parker and parkers impact has declined, so parkers benching has nothing to do with the fact that tomlin didnt draft him. damn florio, you really suck at these articles and your ideas suck. whats next florio, chris redman beat the bucs so its now time to cut matt ryan?

  58. I actually just signed up an account just to comment on one of the stupidest cry for attention wannabe journalist idiotic Florio. Basically everyday I check PFT, and I kinda am sympathetic for Florio being constantly bashed for his terrible journo skills. Now as a steeler fan, am just shocked that the idiots at PFT actually have this guy writing for them, or NBC who ever is in charge.
    Berger is 27…and Dixon is 24?…so theres 3 years of difference, 2 superbowl rings but since dixon had a 48% completion rate and a relatively good game, its a speculation that hes gonna replace a QB with 2 rings, a huge contract and at least 5-6 more years of playing. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Tomlin likes Ben as QB, stop speculating, shut your mouth, stop your finger tapping your fingers, and please for god sakes, don’t write a column in for a week, give us a break.

  59. Its an I told you so article. basically if it never happens, its forgotten about, if it does he references this and does the “Everybody thought i was crazy, butI told you so” Come on this was bad, seriously you should apologize for this one florio. You have got to know by the reaction your getting in this articles responses that this is just plain ridiculous.

  60. Kudos to Florio for reeling all you fools in with an over-the-edge post. He realizes this is, after all, an entertainment site, and he has to occasionally push the buttons of readers to keep them coming back.
    His hide grows a little thicker with each “you’re an idiot” comment, ’cause he knows the joke’s on us and the (web) hits will keep on coming as a result.
    So lighten up and broaden your horizons. I, for one, don’t want to be bored and I’ll keep coming back, even if I don’t agree with the Poobah all the time. I just consider the source and it’s cool.

  61. Thought I’d phone in one more comment to help pad Florio’s stats since that is clearly what this article was written to do

  62. ===”The most encouraging development might have been Dixon’s demeanor after his overtime interception became a three-point win by Baltimore. As Tim Brando of Sporting News Radio pointed out during our weekly Monday visit, Dixon was clearly dejected — which suggests that he’s got the kind of drive and desire that will help him get the most out of his abilities and thus develop into the best player he can be.”===
    Florio, you are an absolute JOKE.

  63. The Steelers will do what the Packers did with Brunell,Hasselbeck and Aaron Brooks and flip him for a 3rd which is about right. He needs lots of refinement but the ability is there. Pair him with a young offensive mind and let him grow..he has no future in Pitt but he does have a future.
    This isn’t crazy,,many Packer fans wanted Brunell kept and Favre traded back when Favre was wild…then he settled down in mid 95 and that talk went away. Some even thought the Packers should have cashed out and traded Favre in his prime and kept Hass. Crazy of course but the talk was there.
    Dixon might be a good fit in Oakland where the Raiders can’t afford another #1 on a QB but clearly Jamarcus sucks. Of course the Raiders need a really good coach but that won’t happen.
    He might be a good fit in Carolina where Jake is done but they don’t have anybody. Panthers could be winners in 2011 if they got Dixon into their program this off-season..but draft a college kid and you are likely looking at 2013 before you win again unless you get another Flacco.
    Another spot is Arizona. How much does Warner have left and is Leinart any good? I don’t know.

  64. This is like a master’s course in how to drum up page hits.
    Tomlin inherited Parker and he’s dumping him. Yeah, his injuries and loss of speed have nothing to do with it.
    Tomlin doesn’t like Ben. Nah! That’s why he’s been so supportive in Ben’s legal issues, why he brought his kids to the Shaq v. Ben thing, why he’s indulging the OC Ben wants. They have a better relationship than Ben had w/Cowher.
    Dixon was disappointed in a loss–that’s a sign of a good work ethic. Uh-huh. Hahahahaha. Can’t even try to answer that. QB disappointed w/loss. How novel! Lololololol
    Yet … here we are.
    You. Are. Good.

  65. Mike, I love you man but, um, NO. For a minute there I thought it was an article about Pat White.

  66. NBC is rubbing off on you Florio. This piece is almost as absurd as their news organization’s work. Keep it up. You’ll reach their infamous standard eventually.

  67. Steve Young and Troy Aikman left the game because of concussions. They were still playing well other than that.
    Big Ben and his motorcycle accident — may well have shortened his career. His head had already taken some blows.
    For all the hollering here in the comments, it makes sense that Tomlin and the Steelers would look to the future, and look beyond Big Ben. He’s only going to be able to take so many more hits to the head, no matter how good he looks otherwise.

  68. Wow. He completes less than half his passes and he is suddenly worth a first or second rounder? Those numbers are terrible and he didn’t even show he is worth keeping on the roster much less a high draft pick.
    It’s not like he pulled a Jeff Blake or anything.

  69. Florio, are you a jackass or what? Ben recently signed a ten-year $100 million contract. He’s having a great season. He’s had a great career. Seriously….this is so fu*king stupid that NBC should put a leash on your dumb ass. Parker was replaced because he’s not the same Parker. Parker wasn’t even drafted and is almost 30. Mendenhall was a first rounder and is 23 years old. You figure it out. Seriously… get endorsed by NBC for this junk?

  70. Florio,
    You Sir are an IDIOT!
    The kid has played in 1 NFL game and your talking about 1st/2nd round value in a trade?

  71. Is this a joke?
    What the hell are you talking about Florio? You’re an absolute crackhead!!
    Dixon was mediocre at best and asked to do virtually nothing most of the night. He wasn’t terrible but did throw the game away on an INT in overtime.
    But 12-26 for 145 is a JaMarcus Russell statline.
    How can you argue that kind of game in a critical loss has laid the groundwork for Dixon now replacing a two-time Super Bowl winner and the 5th best QB in the NFL right now (Manning, Brees, Brady, Favre, Big Ben)?
    The only explanation for this insane posting is that you know this is B.S. but are tweaking any fan who knows his a$$ from his elbow in an effort to drive up the posts. If so, well done. If not, this is probably the dumbest single suggestion I’ve ever seen someone who makes a living off football commentary ever trot out for the slaughter.

  72. Man, Florio knows how to churn the page views with troll-bait articles.
    I’m a Bengals fan, and even I can safely say there’s exactly 0% chance of dumping a pro-bowl QB for a guy with 1 career start…a loss too.
    Way to get the Stooler fans all riled up, Florio. By the looks of things, every single literate Steeler fan just commented on this article.

  73. Just like Randy Moss is unhappy in New England so he can finagle his way back to MN and play with Brett Favre right?

  74. Upon further review …
    This article is 100% about driving up hits/postings by pushing the buttons of any football fan with even a sliver of common sense. Florio is not this dumb.

  75. I can’t believe you make money writing off the wall crap like this…..why don’t you go & coach ND…you’d fit right in there,

  76. This is for that fool New Orleans fan, We own your dome. When did you win a Super Bowl?
    Be happy with your team U have been very bad for a long time. The Steelers have 6 Super Bowl and 2 in the last five years.
    You are irrelevant, the sorry ass Panthers should have beat you.
    Drink your milk and eat your Wheaties and one day you will be compared with the “Elite Teams” year in and year out.

  77. So it would appear to be another one of Florio’s conspiracy theories. I remember another one where he thought the Steelers would cut Heath Miller. First off, Dennis Dixon only played 15 plays deep into the playbook because Bruce Arians asked him which 15 he felt most comfortable with. Second, this was his FIRST NFL start, and a lot of QBs do well in the first start until there is film on them. Finally, the idea that Ben could by some non-miraculous incident become supplanted as the starting QB of the DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION PITTSBURGH STEELERS is simply ludicrous. He has 2 rings, is the evident leader of the team, and IS a top 5 QB entering the prime of his career. Having said that, you did a great job of making the site interactive and if your goal was to piss people off and get them posting – I salute you.

  78. Florios just stirring the pot, hoping when Butt Favre retires the Vikings can start tampering with Big Ben.


  80. Trolling your readers Florio? After one game – in which he lost – and a team might give up a 1st or 2nd round pick? I’m sure personnel people around the league are laughing at this joke of a post. It can’t be serious though, you can’t be that dumb. Are you?

  81. You got all this from one game performance,REALLY???? WOW
    Do you know who the ROONEYS are??
    What a dipshit you are.. my goodness.

  82. Florio knows what he’s doing. Over 100 posts on this topic. He subscribes to “the worst thing they can say about you is nothing school.” The Steelers Nation is world wide…because of their success and the loss of population in the Pittsburgh area and the entire Northeast. When you see all those Terrible Towels at away games, they didn’t travel to those cities……they live there! Hence, they can’t enough Steelers news in their local papers. Florio, what’s the over and under on one posts for a Steelers topic? I bet you have the data. You love this. And we do, too.

  83. Dixon really was a bright spot in the loss, very much UNLIKE Pitts comedy act of a secondary. But Ben is still awfully young, so unless the punishment he takes forces him to retire soon, Dixon will obviously be a back up. But my sense is Charlie Batch who has broken two bones in two appearances is done and Dixon will now be the 2QB. Noticed Dixon had a hard time reading through his entire receiver progression before getting nervous and throwing the ball, but that was to be expected. Are any others teams really going to be willing to take a chance on a now 3rd stringer with one game under his belt? Better for P’burgh to keep Dixon “secret.”

  84. Triryche says:
    November 30, 2009 9:20 PM
    More of your brillance Florio. Get rid of a two time winning Super Bowl Champion, who hasn’t even peaked yet,
    You’re referring to Ben as he hasn’t peaked yet? Ben is on the decline. He’s going down a steep hill of tragedy as he will be in a wheelchair by they time he’s 40. It is kinda fun watching the Steelers implode this year (not gonna make the playoffs.) LMFAO

  85. WOW..You’re reaching dude…Hide your bong in the VWbus and come back in the house for a little talk..


  87. Florio is just trying to pump Dixion up in the hopes that some other team might take a flyer on him for a second round pick…
    “After last night, the Steelers likely could get a second-round selection in the 2010 draft; eventually, they could move him for a first-round pick.”
    While i’m not ready to give up a second-round pick, I will say that the player has a good arm and quick legs, if he gets the mental part of the game under control, he could be a starter in the league.

  88. Folks…here’s another interesting point. Maybe they should keep Dixon because how many more concussions is Ben going to be able to take before his career is over? Dixon will be a starter for the Steelers in probably 2 years. This coming from a medical background, usually after 5 concussions, you’re really starting to put your life in danger, especially after you retire. Just a thought…

  89. Dixon couldn’t stay healthy in college, your going to get rid of a 2 time superbowl champion for a guy who did ok in 1 game ? Are you retarded or just desperate for a little buzz

  90. Dixon has a LOT of work to do – can’t read the blitz and not very accurate. He has a lot of potential, but give the kid a break.

  91. Are you kidding me?
    Florio, didn’t you see the “Deer in Headlights” look Dixon had in the second half?

  92. @BengalFaninPittsburgh …
    It’s a little early to say whether we’ll make the playoffs, but if we don’t, I wouldn’t go buying a shovel to bury the franchise just yet. We didn’t make the playoffs the year after SBXIV or the year after SBXL either … still came back to win more trophies. On the other hand, the Bengals won the division in ’05. What’s in your trophy case?
    As for Ben being in a wheelchair by the time he’s 40 … that’s something you’re “LMFAO” about? Dude, that’s screwed up.
    @Mike … about to hit #10. Your evil plan is working.

  93. Although he can be good, Ben is ONE dimensional, painfully one dimensional.
    Pitt D is #1 in the league…hmmmm I wonder why they were losing? Oh, yes, it’s called a faltering, failing OFFENSE.
    Dixon suffers from a very curable disease called inexperience. He’ll get past that, just like Vince.
    His delivery is classic and his arm strength equals Bens. The accuracy will also come with him settling down after more game time reps.
    I hope he gets to play one or two more games this year.

  94. It is not uncommon for a QB to look pretty good in his first few starts after a year or so to prepare. Defenses don’t know what to expect and haven’t had an ample amount of time watch tape and game plan for.
    Remember Rob Johnson’s 300 yard performance that convinced the Bills to cough up a 1st?
    Remember Bruce Gradkowski’s fantastic performances against the Saints and Eagles to start his career?
    Tony Romo had a great 4-5 games at the start of his career and the rest of that season was very average. it wasn’t until he honed his game did he become a truly good QB.
    Once defenses have seen a guy enough, they take away his strengths and force him to rely on his weaknesses. Dennis Dixon has one game on tape, start talking about his value after he’s put 4-5 games on tape. It is way too premature to even consider.

  95. The idea that teams are going to give up 1st or 2nd round picks for Dixon at this point is almost as laughable as him supplanting Big Ben. Guys like Tony Gonzalez go for a 2nd-round pick. Dixon could maybe fetch a 4th or 5th round pick at best.

  96. @PolegoJim …
    The Defense has to take its share of the blame for these losses. You can’t keep giving up fourth-quarter leads and expect to win the game. Did you see the whopping pass play they gave up to KC in that OT?
    Ben is anything but one-dimensional. What QB are you watching?

  97. @Polego Jim
    Faltering offense? How about a defense that breaks in the 4th and a special teams unit that would allows anyone and everyone to score points?
    If the offense doesn’t score then put some blame on Ben but when they are scoring and losing I don’t think you can call that a faltering offense.

  98. Don’t get all riled up about this article. Florio knows that this is an outrageous story. However, a lot of you were impressed with Dixon’s play? I have to disagree with that. All I was impressed with was his speed on the 30 yard run that got called back for holding. I saw nothing else that makes me think that he will be a successful QB in this league. I’d trade him to the Raiders. Al Davis is dumb enough to waist a 2nd rounder on him. I’d rather develop Palko as the backup. That being said, if I have to comment on Florio’s pipe dream that Dixon will replace Ben, I would say…. If that happens…. I would burn every piece of Steeler memorabilia that I have, and I would become a Redskin fan. Because you know Dan Snyder would give Ben another $100 million to play for him.

  99. @stairway27 …
    The only thing that impresses me is that, with little prep time, he came into a game against a defense determined to scare the crap out of him and managed to keep us competitive into the second possession of an overtime period. Did you see what the Ravens did to Sanchez in the preseason. That was a trip. I’m just impressed that he got through the game and didn’t embarrass us.
    @flash3434 …
    Florio’s job is to stir up page hits. He does it well.

  100. roethlisberger has signed for a 8-year 100 million dollar deael w/ the steelers. i dont think hes gonna go away for anytime soon.

  101. Deb,
    I have read many of your posts, and I really respect your opinion. You are one of the few people here that provide facts and info when you make a point. Keep it up!
    That being said….
    I thought he handed the ball off well. I really, really don’t want to have to rely on Dixon to win a game for us. That game could have easily been won. I was so unimpressed with the Ravens D. I saw checkdowns that Dixon missed, most notably on what I believe was the final drive of regulation, when he kept throwing deep. On 3rd and 10, he heaved it 30 -40 yards down field to a guy that was double covered. When they showed Dixon’s view on the replay, Miller was off to the right completely uncovered. He had 30 yards ahead of him. He surely would have at least gotten the first down. That is something Dixon should have saw. Ben definitely would have.

  102. in response to Florio’s T-bagger: if your piss is the same color as the Steelers uniforms then I hope you have either seen a doctor or made an appoinment. Piss that color is not good for your kidneys. Now back to reality….if you notice that the Steelers have been called the Black and Gold since before the saint’s time. Don’t need a box of crayons, just need to know what real men wear….Pittsburgh Black and Gold.
    Why are all the arm chair QB’s downing Dixon? He’s had like a snap or two before Sunday nite? Damn! I thought the guy did decent enough with no more than he had to work with.

  103. “Child, Please!” Tough decision? I don’t think so. While Dixon has skills, he can’t read zone coverage well and seemed mystified by zone blitzing schemes. His practice time, albeit limited, is against a LeBeau defense, so no excuses. He can scramble, he can hand off, and shows ok pocket presence; but tough decision for the Steelers at starting QB. Ah, no.
    Please don’t tie this to a comparison about Mendenhall and Parker. Steelers need a versatile power running back. Willie is quick, but the better back is Rashard for this offense. It’s clear on paper and on tape.

  104. Please, please don’t give me another running quarterback! Notice, I did not say ‘black’ quarterback, I said running quarterback. There has never been a case in the NFL where they panned out over the long term. A VY will be OK for a season, or perhaps even two, but I’m willing to bet big bucks that his current resurgence is a temporary one.
    Dixon seems like a great guy, but even suggesting that he can supplant Big Ben in either the immediate or near future is pure fantasy.

  105. Sarcasm:
    1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
    2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.
    1. sardonicism, bitterness, ridicule.
    See irony, jeer.

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