Steelers-Ravens one-liners

QB Dennis Dixon, making his first NFL start, threw an interception in overtime and the Steelers lost 20-17 to the Ravens.

Said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, “We came up short tonight in a tough environment versus a good football team. They made the plays necessary to win and we came up just short.”

Despite the pick, Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thought Dixon did enough to get the Steelers a victory on Sunday night

LB James Harrison played on the Steelers kickoff coverage unit as the team tried to correct their problems in that phase of the game

The Steelers defense failed to hold on a key fourth down in the fourth quarter, giving the Ravens a chance to kick the tying field goal.

LB Paul Kruger, the Ravens’ second-round pick in April, had the key interception in overtime and finally made a big play after a mostly invisible rookie season.

RB Willis McGahee’s first-quarter touchdown snapped a string of 33 touchdown-less drives in the first quarter for the Ravens.  

The Ravens ran for 132 yards on 29 carries against a Steelers defense that was only allowing 69 yards per game on the ground entering the game.

Ravens WR Mark Clayton snapped out of a slump with seven catches for 129 yards, and had key catches on both of the team’s touchdown drives.

The Ravens used DT Haloti Ngata as an extra blocker on the play that resulted in McGahee’s touchdown.

12 responses to “Steelers-Ravens one-liners

  1. Yeah, that worked real well for Harrison to be covering punts. Someone should have told him to (Leon) Lett the ball die!

  2. I congratulate ppdoc (who eats cock) and all Ravens fans for their teams’ successful whining to the league to get this precious night game played in Baltimore. Clearly the only reason you have lost to the Steelers is because the games were played in Pittsburgh — why this just proves it beyond a shadow! Good job, girls. Your crying would make Lombardi proud.

  3. Shinsnake, I understand your point, but you are wrong. I hate the Steelers as much as anyone, but on that play, the ball hit a Ravens player first. That means, that there is nothing to lose, and everything to gain on that play. If Harrison picked it up, and scored a touch down, the touch down would count. If Harrison picked up the ball and fumbled, recovered by the Ravens, that ball would be awarded to Pittsburgh, at the spot of the fumble…..
    Side note: I think that game last night proves one thing, Big Ben is a successful because of a really good supporting cast, and not the other way around……

  4. Hey Frank B –
    Sore loser much? Steelers fans (including the moderators of this site) are whining about the placement of a FG even though the kick was no good. I guess the Steelers should have gotten the night game 3 seasons in a row huh?
    Oh well Frankie…go hit the buffet with “Big” Ben for a loser’s lunch.

  5. BCC,
    I think you are wrong on this one. Last night just proved that Big Ben has a good supporting cast. They, however, did not win without him. He adds a lot to that game, and it would have been a different matchup had he played. I think it did prove that the Steelers could run the ball if they wanted to. Why Bruce Arians is clearly a moron and will not pick up on that fact is beyond me. Yes his air attack offiense is successful in generating many yards and points, but it puts the defense on the field way to often. I mean seriously, double D completed a few good passes and it seemed like Arians wanted to come out in the second half passing instead of sticking with the run that was working. Bruce Arians has to go. He is the weak link on the team.

  6. Charm Shitty — quite the opposite, I am talking about YOUR whining. I know the Baltimore public school system is lacking, but really, can you not muster the basics of reading comprehension?
    If you aren’t embarrassed by a team that actually goes and cries to the league about night games, then either you’re lying or a total fool. And when it comes to whining, who beats the Ravens for crying in public, whether it’s the head coach or Ray Lewis — always an excuse, always robbed by either the refs, the rules, or the location of the game.

  7. Frank Burns – You my friend, are the definition of idiotic. You come onto a FOOTBALL website and trash the “Baltimore public school system” to get your “point” across… God you must be the biggest hypocrite out there……Please leave this site……go and celebrate the loss with your team, they need a shoulder to cry on……….
    BTW – Maybe you’re just a little upset about your “star” receiver questioning your quarterback’s toughness (and yes, I am aware that Worthlisberger wanted to play…)
    Go Ravens!

  8. Big Fella calls someone else “idiotic” while making this genius statement:
    “Maybe you’re just a little upset about your “star” receiver questioning your quarterback’s toughness (and yes, I am aware that Worthlisberger wanted to play…)”
    Point proven about your school system, I’d say.

  9. Hmmm….play flamewars or let the “genius ” Frank Burns continue to embarass himself…….you’re a tool buddy…..learn to decipher simple statements…..enough said.

  10. Some key plays by the Ravens really highlighted a few good players on the team. Clayton made some really impressive catches, Ray Rice again put on a show that makes me think he’s probably my favorite player on the team, Lardarius Webb played great as well, and Kruger had a really impressive pick. I was glad to see McGahee to get in on the running action, and I think McClain even made a strong argument for why he is valuable to this team. The man is like a freight train at times.
    However, I’m very inclined to think that, while they certainly aren’t playing as good this year as last year, and it pains me to say this, Pittsburgh is still the better team. Put Ben and Troy in the game, and I think Baltimore has a much tougher time winning this game. And given that they pretty much barely won in overtime, I think that says a lot.
    Dixon actually played great, in my opinion. ONE pick? That isn’t bad at all. Granted, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pitt run the ball so much, but I think that’s one of the reasons why they lost. We have pretty much no secondary at all. Running the ball just played to our defensive strengths, regardless of who is QB. If anything, Dixon could probably have won the game had he run the ball himself more often. The guy can move!
    I don’t think Dixon lost this game. I think this game was lost thanks to conservative play calling. It’s a little bit of a sour taste for the Ravens to beat the Steelers when the Steelers are obviously playing pretty weak. But I can’t complain. A loss would have felt much more sour.
    And regardless of which side you were on during that game, I think it was a pretty damn good one. Talk about a nail-biter!

  11. Frank Burns complaining about the Steelers being disadvantaged, having to play a night game anywhere but Pittsburg?
    Irony at it’s best.]
    The steelers have a cupcake schedule to finish out. They will be fine.

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